Net earn project: use QQ group operation goole mailbox to earn 100 small projects


It’s very simple, just selling a “google” email account. Because of the special situation in China, many foreign websites and accounts can not be registered.

What’s more, direct access to foreign websites, but in the Google email account verification of this link is always difficult, because the Google official does not support the Chinese mobile phone number to receive verification code.

As long as you register a domestic mobile phone number, it will be displayed as “This phone number cannot be verified”, which sets an insurmountable threshold for those who want to register a foreign email account. You can’t buy a foreign card for a foreign email account.

As a result, buying and selling Gmail accounts has been seized by a few smart people and turned into a profitable business. Why make money? Because someone directly in a QQ group operation. Even if no money is made, the other party does not directly hog the word “Gmail”.

In the QQ group search results, the keyword “Google email”, ranked the first, second, third, fourth QQ group, are all done by the same person. And I, because of the direct search “Google mail” to see the other QQ group of the top four, also directly placed an order.

How does the other side make the deal? Believe it or not, in the QQ group to buy things, are afraid of being cheated. Therefore, the seller is very clever, directly in the group introduction place, put their own Amazon store link address.

In this way, many people click “apply to add group”, will see the other party’s Amazon shop purchase address, will no longer choose to join the group consultation, but directly into the shop to buy. Because, they know, through Amazon to buy, it is difficult to receive black money.

After entering the store to pay, you will automatically receive a message, which contains your purchase account, password, affiliated email, affiliated email password. There is no human involvement at all, and the whole process forms an automated chain.

I even bought the product from the seller’s email account. I didn’t have a word with the seller and just made the payment. Another store, only one baby, that is, “goole” email account, and the transaction of more than 1,000.

In addition, the friends who bought a lot of accounts below all gave high comments to this seller, with almost no bad comments, which also made a bonus for the transaction of the seller.

As far as the whole project is concerned, the whole process is simple, but at least we can both make money. Imagine buying five or six thousand dollars worth of items. How much money do you make?

This is another operation flow:

Traffic entry: QQ group.

In the QQ group to do ranking, the word “Google mail” in the QQ group in the first four places, as the flow into the pool.

Solution Message: Group description.

Directly placed on the surface of the group 24 hours automatic transaction link, not only to avoid the other party afraid of accepting red envelopes psychological shadow, and reduce their workload to accept consulting.

Receipt and delivery: Automatic delivery.

Only the other side of the payment, you can automatically deliver bubble net income. So both make themselves easy, and let the buyer operate simple, get what they need.

After the analysis of this project, in fact, we do not have no projects to operate to make money, but our own heart is too high, many money-making projects, are ignored by their own pair of higher than the apex “eyes”.

When our ability is not enough to make millions of dollars a year, we will start from a small project, do a small project with our heart, and make 50 or 100 dollars a day, which is several times better than those who only know how to buy money.

Net earn project: use QQ group operation goole mailbox to earn 100  small projects


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