Share a reliable sideline, account sharing network project to understand!


Hello, everyone, today I will share with you a reliable net to earn a side business!

This is an online profit project about “account sharing network”


The project is simple and easy to use. It only takes one to two hours a day to complete. It is very suitable for beginners and you can accelerate your own growth while working on this project.

What is account sharing network?

Take a look at the following website examples:

There are a large number of members of each platform in these websites. These accounts are issued by the webmaster for free. When we do this project, we can also take them as our good reference object.

How does the site make money? They have four main modes of liquidation:

1, sell a variety of members, the customer precipitation in wechat, convenient secondary transformation

Basically each website will put their own wechat, this we all understand.

Then see here may have a small partner will ask: there are so many free membership accounts on the website, how the user will buy?

This is because most of these accounts are not real, some are made up at will by the webmaster. If you are now looking for members in Google, looking for a long time, finally found a free, but try, found that can not use, you will not add wechat purchase?

If it were me, I would, because I finally found the channel, will definitely try, because I don’t want to find again, and there is an obvious warning on the website: the share account will soon be posted by someone to change the password or freeze.

Another scenario is that when you find a free account and find it works, will you bookmark the site and add customer service wechat for later use?

I think I will too.

Of course, there is a question of probability, and we can’t guarantee that every customer will be converted, but someone will pay for it.

2, do the public number, through the public number traffic main advertising cash

Like this website, it forces users to pay attention to the public number, and in the public number reply keywords to obtain verification code, you can see the shared content.

Public account cash, can do traffic main cash, can also cash advertising, can also push their own products, can also get income.

3, website advertising cash

For example, this website is cashing in on advertisements. The IP of this website is over 500, so it is certainly no problem to earn 3,000 dollars a month.

Customer purchase, how to find a low price account?

There is a platform called Kaka gift net, which has a low price account.

It is cheaper than the official VIP price. We charge a little less according to the official price, but there is also profit room.

In addition, like a treasure, a fish have a low price account, when customers need, they can also place orders in these platforms to buy.

What are the advantages of making this kind of website profitable?

Compared with other websites, this website is very suitable for beginners, because its profit model is very direct, the users of the website are accurate users, direct cash can be.

There is a lot of people can not solve the problem, is the original, and this site does not need you to try to be original, only need to update the content of the account according to the template content can be, and the site traffic time is very short, these three advantages is that most sites can not compare to the bubble net income.

Finally, how do you build a station?

When it comes to building a station, many friends may have a headache. In fact, it is very simple, and this is a one-time operation. You only need to set up and then use it.

The new station is set up without traffic, to do this project, is bound to do seo optimization, because of the traffic, cash is all possible.

Those who need to learn website building and seo skills can recommend the following courses:

Thousand dream net earn 36 first one hour quick site SEO, mixed in the technical circle to earn 200,000 a year
“High-flow Station Project 1.0 2.0” to create a daily ip10W high-flow station, the early stage is very tired and the late lie to earn

SEO search engine optimization Director actual combat VIP class [Dialysis 2020 Latest cases] Rapid realization of New Year 30w(the 9th phase)

Of course, operation or learning process do not understand can also add my wechat 603 to communicate with me!

The above is to share the content, I hope to help you!

Share a reliable sideline, account sharing network project to understand!


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