Two long term side jobs that allow you to easily earn an extra 6000+ per month at home


Two long term side jobs that allow you to easily earn an extra 6000+ per month at home

Assuming you’re not too lazy, it’s still easy to make money on the side.

The worst type, write soft text and even do inquiries, Ann ornament APP can make money, because now it is too easy to find a sideline online.

During the epidemic, I could do more than 100 orders at home every day to make a small thousand dollars. Now there are countless part-time projects to make money, such as brick moving projects, projects that rely on skills to eat, we media operation, drainage and delivery, etc. These are occupations that can be cultivated, and now it looks good.

Now the distance between people is “after work, what are you doing”.

If it is a sideline, I still recommend that we do some projects with a stack, moving bricks to make money is relatively brainless, information poor money is also, is to make money, such a brainless project is not necessarily a stack spread, and poor information may not let you encounter, so when we do projects, the choice is very important.

I often tell my company partners that to make money is not to work hard every day to make money, but to work hard for a while and continue to make money every day. This is our policy, commonly known as “lying to make money”.

So today, I would like to recommend two promising aggregation-type occupations to us. The projects may not be the latest, but they are the most suitable for long-term holding. In the process of operation, they can not only handle your wealth freely, but also increase your income in the later period.

I. Short video operation

No matter how much we deny it, there is no doubt that short video is now the most popular online entrepreneurial projects. With the presentation and popularization of 5G, I believe that the money-sucking service of short video will be more intact.

Take the popular TikTok for example, the daily traffic of several hundred million, a random video exposure is hundreds of thousands. Isn’t such a way of “we media” fragrant?

Many people want to do but can’t do, mainly tangled in a question of how I should do, in fact, our own practical operation is no problem, the first person to eat crabs, must be more daring people, so we can’t do the first, imitate others is also difficult?

1. Account registration and maintenance number

As for the account registration of TikTok, here I will not elaborate too much. The mobile phone number can be registered. After the account is formed, the real name is suggested.

What I want to tell us here is that it is wrong not to think that just because you have a lot of mobile phones, you can register a mass number of TikTok accounts to operate, or that you can only get one or two accounts in the future based on probability.

If you don’t know how to recommend Tiktok and how to attract customers, even if you register 100 Tiktok accounts, you won’t be able to do it, and it will be impossible to make money. So I suggest we start with one to three TikTok accounts.

Here about raising the number, I have a set of their own unique skills, not simply to raise the number is finished, but to develop the number with a high weight account, send the same video, weight account exposure will be greater.

2. Content positioning and production

The content positioning here is very crucial. I suggest that we do not post the content first after we have sorted out the contents, because the official of TikTok will label you with image for your first few contents. In this way, it is basically a kind of classification.

For example, you love luxury cars and plan to dig deep in this field, but you basically don’t see luxury cars every day or even in the same circle. Then it will be very difficult for you to do content. For example, if you plan to operate a fishing Tiktok account, but you don’t know how to fish. If you’re not even interested in fishing, will your content be good?

Here to give us a little skill, false planning which field, you go to pay attention to at least 30 peers, in the peer content to see what they output every day, and then consider asking yourself can do so, assuming that you can, this category is more suitable for you.

In terms of content production, photography of course we all know, if possible, we are still expected to use mobile phone photography, because this is a beginner’s word, relatively simple arrangement.

It is still suggested that we learn the arrangement, which is very useful. If we want to learn the common sense of short video arrangement here, we can reply “arrangement” on the public account to get the video tutorial of TikTok cut film for free.

The rest of the content is the title and label, this is relatively brief, a word is can cause others to agree on the title is a good title, it is best to mix some emotions, social hot spots.

Second, wechat mass number

We may be surprised at this, why now in 2020, they bring this out.

In fact, it is very brief, I have seen too many rely on a mass number alone on the end of wealth comfortable for example, although the surplus period is now over, not as high as the initial turn rate, but still safe to make money.

Do we think the social networking sites is over surplus? Still some people in the way to make money, so Douban surplus period? The way above the group every day advertising all over the sky, e-commerce has passed the surplus period, Amazon shop is now more in preparation for the double 11 audition.

I told us that there has never been any surplus period, just a bad calculation of information, some old ways retained users are more accurate, as long as we can operate well, these ways are the easiest to make money.

1. Account positioning

For the positioning of the account, you can refer to the above mentioned TikTok, because after all, it is the operation of some “we media”, while the mass account is based on the operation mode of article. The invention content is more simple, and the novice is more simple to practice.

In the beginning to find a good positioning, when doing content can be vertical, so that the drainage is more useful. ,

2. Content label

The name of the mass number is very dainty. A good name not only brings in more traffic, but also intercepts it.

For example, a mass number lilac doctor, this we all know, very well-known, its name is the brand word + field, lilac is its brand word, and the content is the doctor, again such as fat house fitness guide this mass number, its theme we see, fat weight loss class, simple and clear.

As for the avatar, you can find many online. I suggest that our avatar can be our own brand words, which is conducive to recall, and when you update the content every day, it will also help others choose to read it. If you really don’t, you can go to some online planning pages and make one yourself.

3. Leave messages and respond proactively

This message, personal old account is a message function, but the new account is not, unless you registered with the business license of the mass number, the official said is registered before 2018 account has no message function.

Active reply here can refer to the reply of peers, three kinds of active reply can be set up to increase the interaction between users.

4. Content invention

In fact, I think the most difficult mass number is the invention of content, what many content materials, your peers are provided to you, what we have to do is to leave the collection, and then in the muddling, typesetting out.

Of course, the layout here must be beautiful, let people continue to read the good impression.

I suggest that if you have confirmed your own style, the layout should be carried out in accordance with a template, and the personal IP recognition is relatively large.

The operation of “we media” is actually like training a game account, which is a collection of projects. Although the early stage is not as fast as those projects to make money, it is a long-term thing to do. Even many novices use it to do online business, which is a very good choice.

Two long term side jobs that allow you to easily earn an extra 6000+ per month at home

Two long term side jobs that allow you to easily earn an extra 6000+ per month at home


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