Festival money method, 100 dollars starting to earn 1,000 dollars a day small project


This year’s National Day is quite lively, the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day in a day.

Together, the two festivals are bound to attract a large number of people.

Where there are people, there are businesses.

Talk about a few common daily profit thousand dollars small projects, interested can go to try.


Holiday offline consumption is just need, positioning to find the right, easy to make money.

1. Sell unusual products:

There’s this little instrument called:

“All-purpose mouthflute”.

This product has several features that are popular with tourists: it is simple and anyone can learn it in one minute.

It’s amazing. It turns people’s voices into saxophone music. Compact, the product size and a cigarette lighter is about the same, easy to carry.

Of course, there are several features that are very popular with businesses:

Many colors, can meet the needs of different people
The profit is large, the capital turnover is fast, the threshold is low.
Repurchase high, dizi need diaphragm, can be sold single package to send.

Dizi are generally made of three materials: metal, wood and plastic.

The plastic costs less than one dollars, but the market price can reach 15 dollars.

Where do I stock it?

Search keyword: Kazoo

Where do you sell them?

On holidays, we go where the people are.

Scenic spots, squares, subway entrances, temple fairs…

A small box, a scenic spot, a day to find dozens of buyers can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars.

【 Two 】

2. Sell cute decorations:

Chicken, long grass potted plant, windmill, Christmas corner hairpin….

This is something you’ve probably seen when you travel.

The cost price is 0.5 dollars, the selling price is 5 dollars each, 10 times the profit.

Holiday tourists travel together, a buy is several.

It doesn’t take up space. Bring a box. You can pack a lot.

【 Three 】

3. Sell confession products:

Every festival will be accompanied by flowers.

Florist’s flowers, about 2-3 dollars each.

Wholesale, the unit price will not exceed 1 dollars.

A flower can be sold for 10 dollars in a busy scenic spot during the holidays.

The more exquisite the packing, the higher the price.

Women don’t like flowers,

Of course, the couple of men will not be reluctant to the tens of dollars.

【 Four 】

4. Selling fruit products:

When all eyes are focused on snacks and drinks, it is good to change the Angle.

Sell specialty fruits such as coconut, mango and pomegranate juice.

Asked a runner a day’s sales, he said at least 200 a day.

Search keywords on 1688: coconut, mango, pomegranate…

The unit price of 3 dollars per piece is 15 dollars per piece in scenic spots.

The run-around guy makes at least $2,000 a day.


There are a lot of different ways of looking at this, but think about your own experience.

No matter how much money the project can make, as long as you do it, there will be opportunities.

Adapt to local conditions, choose their own small projects to operate.

Don’t downplay it. Let’s think about efficiency.

Some people will shout, half a day sold out.

Some people will sell a few carts of goods.

Some people will organize, please do part-time.

Do what you want to get results.

Of course, what’s the biggest downside to such programs?

Be a little harder.

In essence, these businesses are all rivers and lakes, and they need to be shot and moved.

But when it comes to holidays, a place can make a lot of traffic.

These small projects are also a better way to earn extra cash on the side than get-rich-quick myths.

Hard is hard a little, but win in simple, no threshold.

If you don’t have a project to work on during the holidays, try it.

If you don’t want to, but it’s a business move worth investigating.

People who have spent years of face-to-face marketing, who have sold out every single day,

Better at understanding human frailties than you or me in front of a computer.

Festival money method, 100 dollars starting to earn 1,000 dollars a day small project


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