Valuable share: the year into 50W second-hand out of print book project analysis!


Dry goods share: the year into 50W second-hand out of print book project analysis!

This article is more detailed, illustrated analysis of the second-hand out of print book project details, key and practical operation.

Because I have written some articles about the book project before, but many friends should not read it carefully, or just read it in general, without further consideration, or do it personally.

Money this matter, after all, is still to rely on their own, others can only give guidance and advice.

These days have nothing to do, the project brother decided to write an article, the second-hand out of print books of this project details, key, gameplay, all sorted out and analyzed again, enhance operability.

Another important point is that out-of-print books will be available as long as people read them. Therefore, this is a project with a long life cycle. I hope the friends who read this article can have a good understanding of it.

Next, I will introduce two different ways of playing the used out of print book project, as well as a detailed analysis of shopping malls and people.

Without further ado, let’s go straight to the valuable:

Used out of print books of no supply play

First of all, let’s introduce the first way to play, no source of goods, is not their own supplies, then, the first through different ways of poor information, to do the collection of products on the shelf.

And we use the way, the first Jingdong and Confucius old book network, Amazon these three ways.

We should all be very clear about Jingdong, which is basically an old book e-commerce mall. Coupled with the positioning of the way itself, the customers are relatively strong in consumption power, and often the price of customers will be relatively high.

Amazon is the domestic way of e-commerce Junyan, the largest flow, the most complete product varieties, so this is also a way to make money through product information.

Confucius Old book network, should be a relatively small existence, many people who do not read, do not buy books basically will not know its existence.

In fact, this is a very old website, attributed to the subdivision category of the king, the time of fortune and Amazon is basically similar, more than a decade ago history, relatively low-key, attributed to the kind of dull sound made a fortune.

Well, the primary way to introduce to us is finished, smart readers should be able to directly understand, in fact, is the use of software, the Confucius old books online out-of-print book information, collect and transport to Jingdong, Amazon these ways, through the price increase to earn a certain difference in profit.

Give us the picture above, for example.

For example, “Light Cavalry on the Roof,” look at the price of Confucius’s old books online:

Then compare the price through Amazon:

Finally compare the price of Jingdong:

We can compare the price, Confucius old book network is the cheapest, and Amazon and Jingdong the lowest price also have dozens of pieces of profit, the highest price is basically double the profit.

In the picture above to show us, for example, we can also see some do not have the figure of the store.

See where this red arrow goes? This is a Amazon out of print books without a source of stores, through the collection of Confucius old book network products to do.

Why is it so necessary?

Because of the collection of watermark local, it is the Confucius old book network to add the mark local.

When some products of the hole net are written, the picture will be edited and rotated twice, resulting in a watermark in the upper left corner. Therefore, in order not to reveal the watermark mark when collecting products, it will be marked twice, just in case.

We use this way, in fact, we can find many stores to do out of stock.

There is also a very important problem to do out of print, is how to find the policy stores that sell out of print books and collect?

Because you want to be a friend who makes money, maybe you don’t often read books. Here is a very simple way to find peers.

The above has given us a way to introduce, we can follow the path to find these stores, and then, randomly find a relatively high price of the book, and then go to the Confucius old book network to find, sell this book stores are in the shop, if found to be high price books, that is a good collection target.

Like this one:

After all, the store and the revenue.

Jingdong shop requirements are strict, the demand of the company and authorization, book operation license, publishing qualifications, etc., suitable for friends with conditions and funds to play.

The cost of Amazon is very low. You only need to apply for individual license and publication operation license to open a shop directly. The deposit of 1,000 dollars is OK.

In fact, there are a lot of software to collect, I recommend a software – magic hand, this is before I do the project without supplies, with more than one software, support many ways, among which there is Confucius old book network.

After all, talking about revenue, how much money does this really make?

Just give us two pictures:

These two pictures, are out of print books no supply of players, in the Confucius old book network buyer account.

Why do I have access to their information?

Because I also have a shop on Confucius Used Book network and have dealt with many out-of-print books.

These buyers promise tens of thousands of people, basically are daigou, that is, do no goods to earn the difference, because ordinary people will not buy tens of thousands of books a year.

And probably in multiple ways, multiple stores, multiple buyer accounts.

The first chart is a year with over 40,000 transactions, and the second chart is a half year with nearly 30,000 transactions.

In the meantime, we can calculate the profit by ourselves, according to the most preserved, the average profit of ten dollars per transaction, in the first year is more than four hundred thousand dollars, in the second half year is nearly three hundred thousand dollars.

However, the profit of out-of-print books is not only a mere ten dollars, so we can think about the degree of profiteering of this business.

Valuable share: the year into 50W  second-hand out of print book project analysis!


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