Unusual sideline, a small project to pick up money from behind


Whenever someone wants to know about the strength of an enterprise, whether they decide to cooperate or not will be inquired through a third-party platform in advance.

Unusual sideline, a small project to pick up money from behind

If the company is blacklisted, the trust will be greatly reduced.

At present, the platforms that can be queried are generally most used for enterprise check and sky eye check.

However, in order to query information for 1-2 times,It’s not worth hundreds of dollars to open a new member, so we will solve it through Amazon.

The information behind this is full of bad routines. I also went to one or two stores to find out the price of the day.

The two stores I checked have good business. The customer price is 1.8-3.49 dollars/order, and the monthly cash flow is more than 20000 dollars。

This virtual campaign has been well done. After the actual consultation, Fengzi gave inconsistent prices.

After consulting the first company, I got the following reply:

Enterprise inspection: 3.38 dollars per day

Tianyan Inspection 7 days 1.8 dollars

Most of the following monthly cards and annual cards will not be considered, and the account will be opened for one day at most temporarily.

The second store,Price givenIt is 3.49 dollars per day for special enterprise inspection.

From this, we can calculate the price difference, 3.49-3.38=0.12

The price difference will be higher if you consult more companies. Even a few cents a single business can earn thousands or even tens of thousands a month.

I remember that I had a wool roll in February。

At that time, Tianyan Zha just had a limited time to lead members to try out activities, and I relied on this operation to pick up 1000 dollars or 2000 dollars for nothing.

During the 15 day trial period, we will make money to put fish on the shelf directly, and then copy the copy price of Amazon to compete with the merchants in the evening.

One order of several pieces can be used for 15 days, but it is too late to reply when the demand is large.

When you look on AmazonWhen a person issues a day card, the other person tells you that they will give you a few dollars for seven days. If you think you have missed something, you will be cut a wave of leeks.

The underlying logic is as follows:

01. Merchants use a large number of numbers to get it “free for a limited time”

02. After receiving successfully, there is a separate activation code

03. The customer pays for the trialXX day account

Some people open stores first, arrange relevant baby search keywords well, wait for traffic to come up and someone wants to buy, and then go to the same industry to get a low-cost annual pass.

Then, it is sold to various users for use, and one number is realized many times. This is a way.

Someone set up a website to sell this service.

Nominallymeans[Free VIP account sharing]In fact, users’ desire to pay is aroused through the prepared copy.

The mode of sending a batch of free accounts first(Actually, these accounts can’t be logged in, and they will guide you to place an order with scripts)

The picture above is a copy carefully designed by a colleague.

At the beginning, I said I would send a batch of Tianyan VIP account, indicating that these are free of charge.

It looks tempting to throw out 8 more accounts.

Then, the script guide: If it fails, you can click here to temporarily pay for a single query.

Play idea: Be a good person first, then follow the routine.

If it is said to pay for the account at the beginning, many people will immediately open the pageClosed. The reason for this is that the other party has mastered the user’s psychology of white whoring.

After clicking along the guidance of the other party, it is such a conversion page.

The above paragraph is the real idea of the user, and the copywriting design is in place,It is emphasized that 60 minutes can be spent for 5.9 dollars.

Some people have a head attackHot, I used to pay.

This kind of play is actually a routine of buying at a low price and selling at a high price. Feng Zi also mentioned that Amazon bought a Tianyan search for less than two members a day. Maybe there is a cheaper price compared with several other stores.

This guy is very smart. He sells for 5.9 dollars for 60 minutes. The other guy only needsAmazon can earn more than 50 dollars a day by buying a member.

Some people pay every day and go to Amazon to buy a VIP of several dollars a day. It’s really a small project with low cost and high return.

Moreover, the demand for this account is also every year.

It can be seen from the drop-down of Google search directly, so this business can always be done.

Tianyan checks the VIP account, and there is one in the drop-down menu of the corresponding official account[Lead Member]Function of.

Leading members to click here is a limited time trial activity. The platform will provide such benefits from time to time. Smart businesses can always find a leak every time they catch it.

Use the originally free trial benefits to give away a few days for a few dollarsTo be packaged for project realization.

There are other channels.

For example:Post it, people often post this kind of posts.

Some people use this script to guide target users.

The following replies are all the users you want. You can add as many people as you want to leave WeChat. The idea isSo.

It’s good to post such posts in the post bar.

Because it was originally a platform owned by Google, no matter which posting bar you went to, it ranked well after it was included.

When others follow Google search and see your posts, the traffic will naturally come.

With traffic, even if there is no account, Amazon will simply connect and the merchants will sell 2We sell it for 4 dollars a day, which is half the profit.

How many people will come and how much money will be picked up.


The same idea can also be used to sort out platforms with high demand from all walks of life. As long as Amazon has a high demand, you will be able to find out what is missing.

Subdivide to each industry and different occupations to explore the third-party platform with high demandIn case of daily rent and monthly rent demand, just integrate them to make money.

This kind of play is a typical empty handed white wolf. You can understand nothing, as long as you can use your head, you can dock.

When you know how to draw inferences from one instance, you can learn everything.

Unusual sideline, a small project to pick up money from behind


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