No brain violence play, Tiktok IP slicing project, if you are willing to work, daily entry 500 (with authorized address)


It’s a very mindless and violent game. Tiktok IP Slice is easy to understand. When you look at Tiktok, you find that there are many accounts that are not Yang.

No brain violence play, Tiktok IP slicing project, if you are willing to work, daily entry 500 (with authorized address)

However, they authorized the account to send out the content. They sliced Xiao Yang’s live studio directly, and then brought Xiao Yang with themYellow cars directly carry out domestic goods. You are curious. How do you do this account?

It seems very simple. When you really do it, you can cut the pictures of the young brother, and you can cut some photos of the Internet celebrities. You will find that your account has been closed, and your account has been complained about. What’s going on?

Why do others sendIt’s all right. How about a haircut? There is a lot to be done here. Young brother Yang has many visas in the market. Young brother can be said to be a very mainstream IP chip player. Of course, there are many similar to young brother Yang. For example, Huang Shengyi and Hao Shaowenna, including the recent Oriental selection

It’s all very interestingSo my friends in the circle inquired about it. The backstage is very exaggerated. This is real data. I have verified that the daily commission is hundreds of thousands, millions. Is it very exciting?

In fact, this game is very practical, whether you are an individual or a team, a studio or a large companyI suggest you understand this game well. You can enter the game. It is very persistent. The core of this game is authorization.

It doesn’t have such high cost or complicated things in it. You don’t need to produce any original content, but you just need to get authorizationAs long as the authorization is obtained, the editing will not happen to anyone. So, I think, whoever can catch this wave will eat meat.

It’s no exaggeration for me to say that I’m making this slice.

What are the advantages of Tiktok IP slicing? I think there are four points,

firstThis game is mindlessWhen it comes to mindless operation, it means that the whole reproducibility is very strong. One person who can edit will start to copy a batch, and one person who can edit will copy a batch. The core thing is still in his own hands, so he can authorize what he is afraid of in his hands.

So don’t worry Don’tPeople run when they finish their work. Don’t worry about others leaving after they learn.

the secondIt’s your own traffic. For example, if you do a good job of sharing things, you take the trouble to introduce how good and high quality this product is, and then find a way to introduce this product and transform it into a mess. The key is no traffic.

butIt is this kind of big network popularity, this kind of IP, they bring their own traffic. You can naturally get a lot of traffic by cutting their videos, because they have a strong accurate group.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about the transformation, because they have a strong multiple of trust in celebrity online celebrities, and their blood brand will not be tooPoor.

ThirdThe upper limit is very high. You can expand a lot and copy it. There are so many mainstream Internet celebrities that they can copy it online as long as they get their authorization, so the upper limit is very high.

Fourth, play for a long time. Many people say that the playing method is lasting, but it is not lasting,Because online celebrities don’t seem to have a lasting popularity, but I tell you that if you master this game, you can keep looking for hot online celebrities.

We all know that there is no such thing as a hot Internet celebrity, which is normal, but we can always find hot Internet celebrities, such as Hao ShaowenAt that time, he was very, very popular, and he caught a lot of traffic, so we can directly take his authorization to do his content, make front films, and carry goods.

What if one day he loses his temper? There must be a hotter one down there. Next, you just need to focus on the next one and find a wayIf you get the authorization, you can continue. So the core point I just mentioned is delegation. If you take this delegation seriously, your team is very stable and continues to move forward.

The current situation is different from that of sub domestic service. In this industry, we learned that Brother Yang is nowThe distribution is changed to 3:7, that is, the profit sharing of the goods. You account for 30%, and he accounts for 70%.

This is very similar to Huang Shengyi and Hao Shaowen. It seems that some other talented people are 50% or 50%, and the MCN organization takes up 50%. Then you can do this on your side, accounting for 50%,Right?

In addition, we have been paying attention to Oriental Selection. The recent big newspaper of Oriental Selection has broadcast all the video content about Oriental Selection very well, and many of our community partners have done it.

But there is a very serious problem. You don’t get the official authorization. When you do it, you will complain about aggressionIt’s really troublesome. We are also trying to set up the Bubble Online Earnings Method to connect with the East Selection Department, and try to get authorization. But now people don’t give it, and they don’t give it to others. It is estimated that after the establishment of their own system, they may authorize it.

We are also keeping an eye on this area. You don’t have much to prepare for the play of IP Slice,It is basically an entry-level preparation

First of all, if you are a fan of 1000 fans, you can tell that you can brush them. The second is to open the window. The third is that your account is unlimitedIn terms of flow, if you receive a restriction notice, you will not use this account. In addition, you need to enable aggregate payment.

In terms of technology, it is not complicated, that is, prepare a simple clip, and then, if conditions permit, play the multi numbered matrix. The success rate will be directly increased. Anyway, if youXinhuobao has earned me a lot. Now we are going to do the IP chip of the IP authorization. This method is absolutely no problem. Whether it is an individual, a team or a large company, this project is quite good, and it is very stable at present.

In addition, many people are a little confused about IP authorization. I haveI have prepared it for you. Authorized address: Go directly to authorize!

No brain violence play, Tiktok IP slicing project, if you are willing to work, daily entry 500 (with authorized address)


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