Everyone can operate it. Newbies have a stable income of 300-500. Learn about the book opening project


Today, let’s share a——-Open book project

Everyone can operate it. Newbies have a stable income of 300-500. Learn about the book opening project

The pace of life in modern society is getting faster and faster. Young people are under great pressure at work. They occasionally read books to relieve the pressure.

But it is not realistic to read a book in a short time. In addition, too thick books will lead to forgetting the front after reading, resulting in knowledge layerThe fault of the surface. Therefore, the book dismantling project came into being.

1、 Why does reading become more and more difficult?

There is no end to learning. We should learn and grow at the same time. We usually take time to read and learn. Because of the pressure of work, less time, and a book on the sleepy.

Even if there is time to read, it is also very efficientLower, many people can’t understand, even if they understand, they forget.

So it is difficult to read books. How can we solve this problem? The emergence of the “book dismantling gang” is quite natural, and it is also a popular group among office workers.

2、 Principle of book opening

To open a book is to put the contentThe essence is extracted, and then the central idea and essence of the book are clearly expressed, so that people can understand the ideas conveyed in the book at a glance.

The manuscript must be easy to understand, and must have a certain logic, so that everyone can understand, read, which can meet the requirements of the manuscript.

3、 Open book mode

1、 A Complete Collection

How to operate this project?

We should read the whole book intensively, have strong reading ability, and be able to understand the content of the article.

To operate the book dismantling project, the book disassembler must deeply understand the contents of the book. To understand the meaning of the book and the purpose of the author’s writing.

There are many people who have read many books in the world, althoughAlthough a thousand people have a thousand Hamlets in their hearts, the content of the book and the meaning the author wants to express are always the same.

It’s easy to see if the things you take out of the book are the meanings you want to express in the book.

Therefore, there is a certain threshold to operate this project, which is suitable for those who love reading, can read and are easy to readPeople who operate books.

2. Memo Reading Method

Memo reading method is a method proposed by people in the industry to open books. According to my own understanding, it is to write reading notes, mark some difficult places, and then write the sentences after understanding.

The basic step is to restate theKnowledge, then describe your own relevant experience, and finally how to apply it in the future.

Isn’t this just like taking notes at school? Many children have the habit of taking notes when reading. They can operate such projects and make money while reading.

Doing ordinary things with extra income is really a good thing.

four. Method of realization

1. Platform settlement

Now there are many platforms for opening books. You can search a large number of books online, screen them, and then make money by writing and opening manuscripts. I’ve sorted it out for you, and get it at the end!

Many platforms also have the list of book disassemblers, which ranks according to the quality of the book disassemblersAfter the book disassembler signs up for the platform, the completion of the book disassembling task will have corresponding benefits.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the task of opening books, some platforms also have small tasks such as opening test papers and questions. However, generally speaking, such small tasks receive relatively little reward.

The book dismantling is a big project. Some people dismantleThis book can get tens of thousands of rewards. Therefore, the project of opening books can be operated!

2. A book splitting tutorial

Sell the book opening tutorial to make money. Operate the book opening project, and earn Q by selling the book opening tutorial. Many newcomers want to operate the book opening project, but they have never contacted before, and they hope to make money online with the industrySome excellent people learn from experience.

As we all know, there is skill in opening books. If you want to learn from others, others will have to charge corresponding tuition fees. This is also where we can earn Q.

Record some videos by yourself, or directly purchase unpacking tutorials from other platforms to earn money by charging a price difference.

A treasure has appearedThere are many stores that sell open book tutorials. Although the sales volume is not high, some people still buy them, which shows that there is a market.

According to the sales volume, there are still many buyers, which shows that many people have a demand for this aspect. Where there is a demand, there is a market.

The book opening project needs to have a certain book opening ability, but the success of the operation projectBen is very low.

It can be said that this project is a little difficult in the early stage, but it will naturally come into being in the later stage. However, this is a project with accumulation, which is very suitable for long-term operation.

If you have the ability and ideas in this field, no matter you are a college student, office worker or housewife, you can tryOperate this project.

With the development of the times, I believe that the prospect of this project will also be greater.


All major platforms dismantle manuscripts and submit and sort out listening manuscripts

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Everyone can operate it. Newbies have a stable income of 300-500. Learn about the book opening project


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