Tiktok virtual realization project: teach you to make money by using information difference for virtual realization, and others will dismantle and share paid projects with you


Share a part-time project todayHow to make money by using the information gap of Tiktok? There are many training institutions that use projects to sell money. I will share with you directly for free what is making money by using Tiktok information. Let me show you a case. This is the Tiktok account. It sells some learning materials, such as learning materials for primary school students, middle school students and college studentsAll materials can be sold.

Tiktok virtual realization project: teach you to make money by using information difference for virtual realization, and others will dismantle and share paid projects with you

The number of fans is quite high, that is, some videos, learning materials, such as notes, wrong questions of primary school students, examination points are made into materials, made into videos, and sent to the private domain through introduction. We all know that Tiktok has a lot of traffic. If someone brushes this video, they will contact us if necessary.

Because sendingIt is really a useful material that can earn money. It is equivalent to a part-time job. Besides, videos are all words. You can make money by turning pictures into videos. This is a simple case.

Some people earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars on this day. Next, we will take apart this project and tell you what it isHow to do it, ordinary people or novicesNoviceHow to make money,

The following is a detailed breakdown of the project notes:

First, where does the information come from?Go to spell the sunset directly or search some treasure to find a lot of learning materials$About money, just buy it.

Many people will ask people who watch videosWon’t you go to the sunset to find it? This question is very good, but for example, when 100 people see your video, they will directly go to the Xixi store to buy how many.

Like I told you now that you can buy materials from the end of the day, but I don’t say you know? Some people know, some people don’t know, right? This is an information gap,

placeDon’t worry that others will go to the sunset after watching your video, but you can’t guarantee that everyone who watches your video thinks so. It’s just making money by taking advantage of information gap.

Second, how to operate,It is to select one of the materials and put them into a video, or simply provide an audio, video and video drainage.

In the early stage of Tiktok account maintenance, no matter how many 500 players play, if you do it for a long time, there will be a large amount of traffic once the number explodes. If there is a large amount of traffic, you will be worried about the order conversion.

Third, how to make money,At the beginning, it was introduced to the private domain. In the brief introduction of the case just now, it was written as 9$9 YesTo download a full version of the electronic materials, many people will think about 9$9 Buy it, add WeChat and pay 9$9, but add the following 9$9 is only partial information,

If you want all the information, it is 99, that is, 99 is sold in a package. You can set up a bubble online to earn money, such as the first free, if you want allHow much does it cost to pack? This is to channel video to your private domain, so as to achieve higher customer price conversion in the private domain.

Fourth, consumer psychology,The people who bought the course materials may all be students. Parents of students, especially parents of primary school students, do not have mobile phones, so it is impossible for them to brush these thingsIt’s very helpful for my children. It’s very cheap$Money may be more than ten$Money will do it.

Parents have a mentality that they will not hesitate to pay for things that are helpful to their children’s learning, even if 99% are willing to buy them, and the investment in learning is still necessary.

Next, let’s talk about the advantages. Part time is very simpleAs long as you buy some materials and send them as videos, you can work full-time or part-time, whether you have a job or not, especially housewife can work part-time.

A large profit is a sum of money for buying materials. As long as one order goes out, the subsequent order is pure profit. After one order is made, it will be soldAll is profit.

And there is no after-sales service. This is very good. People will not come to you for after-sales service when they buy materials. It is a one shot deal. In the future, if they have new materials, they can sell them to them again. There is basically no after-sales trouble.

In addition, it can also be copied. After Tiktok, it can be copied on other platforms, such asSocial networking sites, Kwai can be sent againOnce, it can be simply copied and magnified, which is suitable for students and housewife to operate,

At present, there are many operators, who can really earn a little money. It’s a sideline. In addition, we will extend our selling points. Just now, we said that we can sell learning materials, not learning materials, but career materials.

For example, accounting related information,The information related to civil servants and teachers is OK. For example, the recipes of various snacks in the country can also be bought and sold to others. They make money by using the information gap,

This project is charged by others. I will disassemble it for you directly. I hope it will be useful to you. See you next time.

Tiktok virtual realization project: teach you to make money by using information difference for virtual realization, and others will dismantle and share paid projects with you


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