The game gift package project is difficult and not simple.


Is our business sense sharp? I can say that 80% of them are insensitive and even have no concept.

The game gift package project is difficult and not simple.

As for the question often discussed, we all look for opportunities to earn Q on various platforms, which may be narrow.

But there is no denying that there are many good opportunities in the huge traffic pool.

For example, various game benefits and game gift packages. But most people may not be so sensitive to it.

But then again, no matter what benefits, they are just a way for the platform to increase user viscosity.

With the popularity of games, each game will match the correspondingGift bags, but the way to obtain gift bags here is different.

Some can only be obtained by completing tasks, and some can only be obtained by spending money to buy.

Their role in issuing these gift packages is to revolve around the platform, in order to increase user viscosity and sense of belonging.

With more games in recent years$Cultural development, game equipmentThe market for virtual N gold coins is extremely hot.

There are many people who operate game studios and earn a lot of Q. Others can earn a fortune by being an intermediary dealer.

Personally, I rarely play games and am not a loyal gamer.

However, I often study this type of platformPractice.

For example, some famous game platforms. 7k7k, 4399, their relationship with manufacturers is direct, and they are a community of interests.

You bring me traffic, and I bring you traffic of trading rules and trading products. It is mutually beneficial.

Therefore, these equipment platforms often haveMake some gift packs with exclusive advantages. Some are even customized.

For these platforms, a number center is set up. To send a gift package to create momentum for the game and get more players to join.

However, not everyone knows where to get the gift package, and not everyone is interested in studying itClass platform, then, there is business.

A simple gift package can reach 1000 sales, 4.68$One, that is, can earn 4000 a month$About Q.

This is very tempting for many gaming parties.

A keen person will think of another question, thatHow do I get these gift pack exchange codes?

This game is also very simple, that is, selling exchange codes. That is, 4.68 above$The exchange code can be obtained at the price of, so that you can exchange gift bags.

This is more exaggerated, 18$Money can be exchanged for 12 exchange codes. Overall, it is very worthwhile.

It’s also very profitableWhere do they get these exchange codes?

It’s easy to understand. In fact, many game platforms send exchange codes for free. What they do is to aggregate these exchange codes into a product.

The picture above is the content of a gift package, which is the content of a certain exchange code,After exchanging, you can get the above items.

In the 7k7k game, I also found this gift package.

It’s the same as his gift pack exchange. Obviously, he collected some of them from here. And then aggregate them together.

How to achieve mass gift package aggregation?

Because only when it becomes a product can it be finally producedGenerate profits.

Many people try to get CDK gift packs in batches. You can only batch operate through multiple accounts.

Gift bags can be received in different ways. Some can be received directly by SMS or registered.

Therefore, if you want to obtain exchange codes in large quantities, you can use software to replace manual operation, which also saves time。

In fact, they are official free gift packages. However, many players did not receive it. They found that the gift package disappeared in a short time once it was online.

The reason is that they have already been received in large quantities by professional players using R pieces.

Writing this kind of software does not require any technology at all.

Write a simple program with the key wizard to completeThe whole process operation, the price is dozens$Q。

There are many technical experts in these forums.

How to say, this kind of play is also troublesome for novices, because it requires certain resources.

It’s hard to get into the business in a short time. Therefore, it is not easy for beginners to play.

There is also a simple way,It is the acquisition of HuaQ. Buy other people’s resources.

On average, one activation code, a few cents to one$It is also a way of playing to gather money in batches and make them into gift bags.

For example, Amazon platform is selling the gift package we just saw.

The content of the gift package is basically the same. His advantage is quantityLarge can also be aggregated in this way.

If the consumption is large, you can go to the online merchants to talk about the price, which will certainly be much cheaper.

The game industry can generate many wealth generating projects, and such projects can generate an industrial chain in a very short time.

Gift bag for many toursFor drama players, it is not only the fun of playing games, but also a kind of capital to show off to friends.

For the platform, giving free game packages is a way to increase viscosity. This is also a business of making Q for those who master these resources.

Thought decides the difference, execution decides the profit, and many people follow me every daySay no direction, don’t know how to practice.

I don’t know how to practice the project, because you have seen too many projects, leading to confusion, and then more and more confused.

I said before that if you want to survive in the Internet industry for a long time, you must choose a field and continue to work hard. Only in this way can you get results.

EveryoneThey are smart people. Sometimes they look at problems from different perspectives, and the final results are different.

Why do you see a lot of big guys making Q as soon as they do a project?

Behind a Q earning project, it takes a lot of time, money and manpower to test it.

There is a good saying: the market will give the mostreturn.

You think it is simple, not simple, not difficult.

It’s a long way to go. If you stick to it, you’ll get what you want.

The game gift package project is difficult and not simple.


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