Project sharing: The most detailed Amazon no source game on the whole network, with average people making 6k profit a month


Recently, a friend of mine told me that he had established several Amazon stores without supply last year, which made a lot of money. One store can create thousands of net profits a month.

Project sharing: The most detailed Amazon no source game on the whole network, with average people making 6k profit a month

In fact, Amazon’s lack of supply was very popular in the training circle as early as nineteen, but most of the things they talked about were just words on paper, and most of them just sold classes without practice.

It’s just thatWe will talk about Amazon’s no supply project in this article. After reading this article, you can get 6k profit a month without saying much.

First of all, what is Amazon’s no source store group model?

There is no doubt that there is no need to stock up, no need for art works, no need for a lot of promotion fees, and no need forTo package. All sources of goods come from the platform, even cross platform sources.

Fast selection, precise blue ocean words.

What is a blue ocean word is nothing more than a product with less competition and more traffic. However, we tend to overlook that another feature of blue ocean words is their rapid growth, such as the Dragon Boat Festival (as shown in the figure)

thereforeAs long as we find this festival and all the root words, your data will not be too bad.

Like this table, we list the most important festivals in the year, and upload the goods in the title about 30 days before the festival.

For the corresponding festival, we can imagine what goods can be comparedConform to the public. Here, Brother Chive provides this link. You can choose the corresponding festival.

For example, Qixi Festival, I downloaded the wireless words about Qixi Festival from this table.

After we get these words, we don’t have toSearch popularity or indicators based on words, because the festival has not yet arrived.

There are only a few holiday related items. We open Amazon to search for the largest common word

According to the order of sales volume, remove the big brands of brands, such as bad sales and ugly ones.

In the end, the following results will appear, and this product willIt is a high-quality product.

We can use it when we search for pictures The plug-in can quickly implement the image search function.

Here are some notes for the following title: first, the link attribute must be met; second, the 30 characters specified by Amazon must be filled in; third, if the root word is repeatedIt can be omitted. For example, when I send a gift for Valentine’s Day and a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, this word is repeated. It can be combined into a gift for a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. (Don’t make up your own words. We believe in big data.)

To upload goods, you can use the first makeup assistant (you can find a treasureTo), if we want to issue orders quickly, we can set the price to 1.3. In the early stage, we mainly issue orders.

How can we solve the problem of store visitor takeoff and optimization? If this festival is of great significance, we can start to launch products 45 days in advance, basically maintain the rhythm of launching new products every day, and basically finish 200 productsBecome the goal of this festival.

After finishing the above, we will start selling. We use “one to pull n” for mobile marketing, which means that one person can shoot several links. It is most reliable to suggest that one person shoot six links.

After the sales visitors are available, we will make a buyer show, and we will directly copy it from the comments area of our home. In this way, the sales will increase.

Such a festivalNext to a festival, your natural flow will be stable, basically around 2000 visitors. What needs to be done here is to optimize the product.

After shipment, we can directly find the home to place an order, and fill in the order number.

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Project sharing: The most detailed Amazon no source game on the whole network, with average people making 6k profit a month


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