Overseas online earnings: For the project of purchasing US dollars, the bill number can be purchased for US $150 per month, which can be operated in batches


In the past two years, although domestic Internet projects have also made money, there have been an endless stream of projects to promote US dollars.

Overseas online earnings: For the project of purchasing US dollars, the bill number can be purchased for US $150 per month, which can be operated in batches

Are foreign projects really so interesting? The answer is yes. Otherwise, how could there be so many practitioners.

All the projects we share should be legal and compliant. After all, we don’t want to make too much moneyForce, it is the premise to be able to land safely, slow is also fast.

I have prepared this article for a long time, because I may encounter some people’s jobs, so I suggest collecting it first.

We talked about site checking before, and a reader asked me if there is a similar operating platform. (www.clixsense.com)

The average commission of the questionnaire on this site is very high, so there are naturally many people playing.

I would like to share a few important insights here. First of all, we understand that these business surveys are only available to high-value people, so we will naturally pass.

How to disguise high-quality human?That is to say, the creation of human facilities. (These points are very important, otherwise the commission and questionnaire distribution will be affected

1: If you want to choose the city or zip code to live in, be sure to fill in the big city, Washington, Los Angeles, Shenzhen, or the provincial capital city.

Because it is often a commercial survey, many of which are regional, and the screening rate of large citiesHigher.

Then remember that if you fill in Washington, when these contents appear in the formal survey, do not contradict each other, or the survey will be ended directly.

2: Some people do not ask you to fill in the zip code, but directly choose the city. Generally, there are two situations.

There are not many options for cities. They are all big cities, so choose big citiesIt doesn’t matter if you’re not here.

If there are many options, including cities and all provinces, it is hard to say, because these surveys are not necessarily for big cities, so you can fill in according to the actual situation.

3: The age of birth, not too young or too old, about 23 to 40.

4: This is very importantDo you or your family work in the following companies. Because they do not want to have colleagues among the relatives and friends of the investigators.

5: Did you take part in a similar survey recently? This one will never be chosen because they like fresh man.

6: I asked you about your income, but I definitely didn’t ask if you chose the highest oneAt least one of the top four items in the list. Sometimes it’s a paradox. How can people who earn millions a year make a survey of your online earnings. Maybe the world is big. The survey list of the survey company is not only paid, but also has other opportunities for some people to investigate

7: Try to choose such questionsMany; For example, your company size? It’s OK to select more than 50000 people. What is the company’s income? I’ve chosen $50 billion$

8: Does your company work in private places? No! You should know why. People don’t want to ask about enterprises that work at home.

9: Is your company a chain of large companies?No! This is related to the issue of purchasing power. If you are a chain company and the product procurement is uniformly distributed, it is meaningless to investigate you.

10: Ask if you are the decision-maker or co decision-maker of home purchases. Select the sole decision-maker.

11: Education: at least bachelor degree; Housing: Yes; Yes NoCar: Yes; Whether there is a loan: No; Is there insurance: No.

12: Your position in the company. If this problem occurs very early, it is usually over to select junior employees. At least the person with decision-making power, such as the manager, vice president, project director, etc., wants to investigate some opinions about your purchase of this product. NoThe decision-making power is casting pearls before swine. In fact, this is also a paradoxical question. How can the company’s president and manager do your research at that time. Of course, if you are asked some regular questions at the end of the survey, it doesn’t matter what you choose.

13: Such questions: For example, at the beginning of the survey, you were asked how many brandsLess is very familiar, a little understanding, a little understanding. Don’t choose too many familiar ones, because they are asked separately next. Choosing too many can kill people.

14: Measures to prevent robots. Fix the answer to a certain option. Be sure to look at what people ask you to choose. Otherwise, it’s not easy to do half of itIt’s sad to stop.

Whether these are oral or site checks, the shaping of the staffing is often the most important thing for the reviewers, so we must pay more attention to the registration process.

What are the ways we can get US dollars from the clixsense site?

1)Survey questionnaire

thismodel$This project is the most profitable. Some of the questionnaires can be done countless times a day, while some can only be done once. Therefore, you can view the questionnaires that can be done at different times of the day.

2)Offers Third Party Questionnaire

This is a third-party company, which will insert some differencesThe type of offer includes registration information or downloading apps, so it belongs to the task type.

3)Tasks Crowdsourcing Tasks

This means that when you click the Task button or a job on the website, you will be required to register on their website. After registration, you canClixSense makes money by doing all the tasks from this company. There is no limit to the tasks here. You can do as you can.

When you are free, you can log in to the ClixSense account twice every day to see if there are any surveys, offers, and tasks you can doAll done.

A single number can cost 150 dollars (about 1000 dollars) per month, so if you can operate 5-10 numbers at the same time, the minimum is 5000, and if you can operate 10 numbers, the minimum is 10000$/Month.

Some children may have a high error rate at the beginning because they do not master the answering skills wellQiao, ha ha. Like domestic questionnaires, some questions or pitfalls are universal.

After finishing, don’t leave the survey page prematurely. Wait until the final settlement page or the all red “congratulation” page to get paid.

In conclusion: In addition to the above problems,Our answer idea follows the investigator’s idea. For example, do you smoke? Draw! Do you drink alcohol? Drink! Are you sick? have Can you fly? can’t! Just pay attention to the obvious trap question!

Finally, I offered a sentence: site check, relying on boring perseverance, there is no other way.

One project, moreMost of them are learning the underlying logic and framework of the project.


Overseas online earnings: For the project of purchasing US dollars, the bill number can be purchased for US $150 per month, which can be operated in batches


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