Emoticon passive part-time project: over 10000 dollars per month, stable income, simple introduction, selfless sharing to you!


Today, I recommend a part-time project, which has stable income and is easy to operate. It can be operated at home with a mobile phone or a computer. It is very suitable for youNoviceWe operate.

Emoticon passive part-time project: over 10000 dollars per month, stable income, simple introduction, selfless sharing to you!

Before sharing, please show us some pictures:

This is called a cute baby facial expression bag. It has a cute image andHow popular is the cute baby’s expression pack? The number of downloads of the clever baby series is 150 million at present, and the number of transmissions is close to 5 billion. It is said that this expression pack has brought the entrepreneur the first bucket of gold, about 500000 dollars.

In fact, as early as last July, someone followed meHe said that the emoticon package project was designed by himself, and others would benefit from downloading it. The effect was good, but the designer’s ability was limited, and it didn’t work. See the picture:

Therefore, if you have the ability or a team, you can make fun of this facial expression package project. It’s really profitable. Maybe someone will say they won’tPainting, how to make money from facial expression bags?

Let me give you a brief introduction to this project:

Basically, if it is a difficult part-time project, will I recommend it to you? I can guarantee that it is very simple to operate. You only need to have a little creativity and do as I say nextMake money by making facial expression bags.

I suggest you look down carefully:

Want to know how to make money from facial expression packs? First, we need to know the types of popular expression packs!

Category I: real human

These are funny and cute real person expression packs that we often see. They are very simple to makeYou don’t need any skills,

For example, make some strange expressions. If you are bringing a baby, you can capture the wonderful moments of the cute and funny side of the child, and then add some simple popular online words or languages to make an expression pack.

Category II: Movie stars

Some variety shows and TV programs we usually seeYou can capture the pictures or their expressions in a play or movie, and then add words to make a dynamic expression package,

However, this kind of facial expression package has a certain risk of infringement, but there are still many people in the production, so you can pay a little attention to it.

Category III: Animals

Animals and real humansIn fact, it’s almost the same. You need to capture some lovely and wonderful moments of cats and dogs, and then add funny and interesting words to make expression packs.

If you are a pet owner, you have a congenital advantage in this respect.

Category IV: Cartoon

Cartoon needs to be made more skillfullyThe foundation of painting. For example, the post-90s kid above, but this type of expression pack is the most popular and popular on the Internet at present. So what software or apps do we use to make expression packs? Personally, the best is Ps.

If you really don’t know how to make it with ps, you can also do it on the computerWe use some software such as Meitu Xiuxiu and Pictorial Monsters to make facial expression packages. On the mobile phone, we use facial expression factory, facial expression kingdom, Qiaoxiao, Meitu Xiuxiu and other apps,

You can also use the clip app to edit videos and then use the computer software pr to export motion pictures. If you are a noviceNoviceI recommend what I said earlierThose apps or software are used to make expression packs.

Next, let’s talk about a question that many people are most concerned about. Where can we make money by publishing a good expression pack?

At present, as far as I know, there are three platforms that can publish videos to gain profits, namely WeChat expression open platform, Penguin original platform and Sogou inputFrench expression platform. I also recommend that you publish the produced Bubble Online Earning expression package to the WeChat expression open platform.

No threshold is required for the created expression. You just need to register an account on the three platforms I just mentioned, upload your expression to the corresponding platform according to his requirements, and wait for the approvalYes, after the audit is passed, there is a chance to gain benefits.

The principle of making money with facial expression packs is that the most mainstream mode is to reward your facial expression packs by users, that is, users who like your facial expressions will reward them to gain profits.

The amount of reward varies from one$To 50$Not equal. Each group of expressionsThere is a reward number under the package. These facial expression packages range from hundreds of people to tens of thousands of people to hundreds of thousands of people, and the income is continuous.

As long as your facial expression bag has always existed, you have always had the opportunity to be rewarded by others, so it is a long-term stable income. If you work hard,It’s easy to earn USD120000 a month.

Another way to make money with emoticons is to pay for emoticons. However, few people use this way, so I don’t suggest that you just use the default reward method of these platforms.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing. Smart, you can seeDid you? If you see it clearly, take action immediately and try to make a set of facial expression bags. This is a super stable part-time project that can be done at home.

Emoticon passive part-time project: over 10000 dollars per month, stable income, simple introduction, selfless sharing to you!


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