The experienced basic project makes beginners earn 300 dollars a day easily


yesterday$I wonder if you have seen fireworks on the Lantern Festival.

The experienced basic project makes beginners earn 300 dollars a day easily

I went to see fireworks with some good friends while I was busy.

To tell the truth, I haven’t seen fireworks for several years since my house was demolished. I miss it very much.

When I was young$During the night, we should buy several boxes of fireworks to set them off$There will be trouble soon$The look of the night.

$After the supper, the next step is to relax and make money.

Those who are studying should study hard, while those who are working should make money. Don’t think so much. It’s easy to worry if you think too much.

The above is my summary.

Next, please read the regular sharing projects carefully, so as to strive for the new yearYou can make more money.

Today, I would like to share with you a project with strong practicality. The brick moving project can earn two profits.

Just upload and copy every day.

The principle of the project is summarized in one sentence: use the second-hand platform to sell goods and earn the price difference.

Where can I find the goods?

Search on a treasure and PDD. After finding the goods, directly hang a fish, turn around and other second-hand platforms.

Let’s see the comparison chart. This is a seller who sells keyboards in a certain fish.

The picture on the left above shows the price of a keyboard I found on a fish, and the picture on the right is the price of the same keyboard I found on the PDD.

The same keyboard PDD only needs 23.9$, the selling price of a fish seller is 50$

In fact, this kind of play is a simple way to earn a difference. You go to a certain fish and buy it. After the purchase, he places an order with the PDD. He gets more than 20 profits directly and makes money easily. Besides, the goods are brand new and unopenedA simple process.

Is this difficult? It’s not difficult at all.

This project can also maximize the benefits.

How to enlarge it? It is to buy through Taoke sub commission links and earn a share of Taoke commission income.

Let’s take a treasure for example: when you sell goods on a fish and are boughtYou just want to place an order with a treasure, right. We can also play like this, that is, first go to a treasure to find products and copy the product link, and then use the Amazon Alliance of a treasure to search.

After searching, copy the link and then buy it. You can earn a commission of 0.18 to maximize your income. Isn’t it beautifulZizi.

So how should we operate? I mainly talk about the free fish method, which is the same for other platforms.

1. Preparation of Second hand goods trading platform account

If you have an account, you’d better use an old account. Because old accounts have a high weight, those who have been registered for more than one year should pass real name authentication and be sub authorized. Because leisure fish is a second-hand product of Amazon Amazon Amazon AmazonIn the product trading market, the weight is shared with the payment system, so the weight of your Amazon account and the real name authentication affect the weight of your Xianyu account.

After solving this problem, set up the account information, which is very helpful for the transaction, and also very intuitive to know what you do.

This is very intuitive, veryGrounding is also easy to make people feel good, and the account problem is solved. The next step is to locate the product.

2. Positioning products

Product positioning is very important. Once it is positioned, it should not be modified at will. Disorderly products will affect subsequent fans’ purchase.

The general positioning is also in several aspects: daily department stores, digital products and seafood, fruits, clothing, household appliances, games, etc.

It is suggested that we should draw some money, that is, find affordable and low-cost products. Why? Because it is difficult to start, there is no flow at all, so it is very important to choose the drainage fund.

There is an important factor of drainage money, which is related to the weight of your shop. Second hand goods trading platform system defaultThe higher the number of product views you send and the more people you want, he will assume that you are a high-quality seller.

3. Source channel

The most simple and direct source channel, such as PDD, Amazon, 1688, World Factory Network, etc. The price of goods collected through these channels is also cheap. If you think other channels are troublesome, I willIt is suggested to find goods quickly by direct PDD and Amazon. Don’t think that no one buys things. The information gap is very magical.

4. Pay attention to details

① The title must be filled with 30 words. Traffic comes from search, big words come first, long tail words come last, because users on Second hand goods trading platform use keywords to search for you. IfIf not, the simplest way is to directly imitate the peers.

② Persist in polishing your baby. It is very important to polish your baby, which can bring you traffic.

③ Do not delete a product that has not been browsed. Edit it several times and re publish it. If it has not been browsed, delete it again. When editing, change the title to avoid platform detectionUntil you re publish.

Finally, I want to say that we must choose a long-term project to make money on the Internet. Today’s project can be said to be an enduring one, which has been going on for many years.

If the project can exist for a long time, it must be profitable. Understand.

Today’s sharing ends, roll up your sleevesCome on!

The experienced basic project makes beginners earn 300 dollars a day easily


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