Simple and rude, quick to take effect. Today’s headline music account earns 200 a day+


Today, let’s talk about today’s headline music number. I hope you can have more choices for your sidelines.

Simple and rude, quick to take effect. Today’s headline music account earns 200 a day+

I have been publishing videos on the headlines since June 21 to make profits. It takes me less than an hour to make videos and send them to two accounts every day.

Because I prefer simplicity to complexity, I just want to simplifyI didn’t expand it. Therefore, the daily income is not much, nor is it included in the video. Two numbers of pure Buddha are issued, and the daily income is 100-200.

The following figure shows the benefits at the beginning:

Here are the August earnings:

Here is the current benefit:

I work as a music horn. At first, I didFor pure music, such as piano music and hypnotic music, there were too many people doing it in July, the homogeneity was too serious, and the platform was limited. Later, it will be changed to Buddhist music. Since October, Buddhist music can’t be done any more. Some videos will be directly blocked. After October, it will be changed to festive songs until now.

Rules of the platformIt has been changing all the time. If we want to earn profits on the platform, we must comply with the rules of the platform.

Of course, everyone’s operation is different, and the results are also different. Even if the same person does two music numbers at the same time, the benefits will be different. We always believe that one pay, one gain. Maybe you’re hereStand out on the platform.

At present, there are more and more people working on the music account, and the competition is fierce. The traffic has declined compared with the previous one. With the decline of traffic, the revenue has also declined. There was platform subsidy before, but now it has been canceled. So the music signal can’t be done?

I’m sure we can still do it. The headline project is still better thanStable, although it can not make people rich, it is good to increase additional income as a sideline.

Of course, there are many fields that can be selected by the headlines today. For example, if you don’t like music accounts, you can also do emotion accounts, popular science accounts, and supernatural stories. If the videos of those fields just mentioned are popular, they will definitely benefitIt’s much bigger than the music horn.

Let’s talk about how to get the music number:

1、 Identify areas

Select the type of music you want to operate. I do festive songs, as well as classic old songs, DJ hot songs, sentimental songs, red songs, etc. After selection, the content produced later will be vertical,If the account number is not vertical, the income will not go up.

If you don’t know how to choose, you can go to the watermelon video first and search for feelings.

This is another mention of “Watermelon Video”. Today’s Toutiao, Tiktok and Watermelon Video belong to the same company. The videos released on today’s Toutiao will be released on Watermelon Video.

Choose a good directionLater, we will look for benchmarking accounts, which can be found on today’s headlines or on watermelon videos. The main aspects to look at are: frequently updated, released content with tens of thousands of inserts and releases, and often broke money within a week or two. These are the accounts worthy of our benchmarking.

After finding the benchmarking account,Just analyze the content he made, the songs he found, his video materials, his cover, and the timing of his release. The Internet project is to find the benchmark account of Bubble Online Earning, copy it first and then exceed it, and then form its own style. Don’t start with a unique innovation, it will be photographed on the beach, and then say noOK, the project is not good.

2、 Account settings

Name: Let’s first look at the peers who make music numbers. What are their names? If you follow them, they are just XX music, XX music sharing, etc. Music accounts must be music related, so that users can know what your account is and the platform can know your internalWhat can I do to recommend you to the users you need.
Avatar: refer to peers, you can find it online, or find a design website to find one you like.
Introduction: It is better to use keywords related to your own field, such as XX soundIt’s fun to relieve your worries. It’s simple and comprehensive.
Register account records to download today’s headlines (don’t use today’s fast version of headlines), real name+bind personal bank card, one ID card can only register one today’s headlines, you need to operate with multiple accounts, just find a family member to register. If you want to find someone else, thenIt’s OK to give you some income.
After registration, remember to open the basic income first, and don’t send it up. There will be no income.

3、 Source of materials:

1. Video material: it can be landscape videos, or beauty dance videos, depending on your type, let aloneThe video content of your red song is beautiful dancing, which is definitely not good. If you look at more peers, you will definitely have a score in your mind.

The video materials go to stations B, watermelons, YouTube, good videos and other places. Why should they go there? Because the videos in these places are horizontal, that is, 9:16,It can meet our material needs.

Remember to download the high-definition ones, some with watermarks, and remember to remove the watermarks.

2. Song material: Go to the peers who have good playback and high reviews, follow the song list, and then go to Cool Dog to download. If you find it too troublesome to download songs one by one, you can spend a little money to buy moreFind more$A lot of money.

4、 Video production:

Through Pr or clipping, the software will perform the final video synthesis, set the basic video parameters, and then drag them into the folder of the song library and the folder of the video material in turn to generate the MV video.

The specific production will not be mentioned here, there areA lot of the tutorials are up to standard. I can do many in an hour.

5、 Published content:

It mainly depends on personal sense of network

1. Selection of cover (words on the cover, some words are not, clear 1920 * 1080)

2. Title (can imitate the title of the benchmarking account video Or content related to your music type)

3. Find benchmarking accounts to imitate and sort out at the release time

4. Topic selection (choose watermelon video benchmarking)

matters needing attention:

1) The new number does not need to be maintained. I uploaded three videos the first day and three more the next day.

2) You can upload 5 videos every day,Each video can be released at regular intervals of about 1 hour.

3) Title form: It’s still benchmarking, depending on how others do it, copying first and then surpassing, which can be changed according to your situation.

4) Introduction: It can be the same as the title. If you want to make other introductions, you can also. The song list is all the songs in your videoName, all copied.

5) Remember to check Original, which is the basic operation to ensure that the video is profitable.


The first platform should choose at least one platform for heavy storage. Each platform will have various incentive and support policies. Choose a platform that you are familiar with and has advantages, such as you often use YouTubes orSocial networking sites, feelThis platform is suitable for the field and tonality you want to do, so you should re position this platform.

The second choice is that the current major platforms are overweight. Today’s headline videos and excellent Chinese video creators are still scarce. Videos are mainly focused on music and funny life videos, while short videos are not enough for popular science and knowledge, skills and other fields. The layout of the major platforms is still relatively small, and there is much room for growth. Therefore, these corresponding fields can also become the key directions for your development. If you are good at these fields, you should not miss today’s top Chinese videos.

The third one is one thousandth in a small circleIf you can follow the development of the platform and become one thousandth of the circle you belong to, you can enjoy 90% of the income in this circle. Each subdivided field or specific person actually has a small circle. You don’t need to be more powerful than everyone, just more powerful than 1000It’s OK for a colleague to stand out from the crowd. Those who are good at fighting should seek for it in the world, and ordinary people should follow the trend.

If you understand the sharing in this issue and start to act now, it may bring different results to your life.

Conclusion:After reading this episode, one person who can make money is worth it. Let’s draw inferences from one instance. If you can’t make money, you can earn experience.

senseThanks for reading.

Simple and rude, quick to take effect. Today’s headline music account earns 200 a day+


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