Information difference money project: group fission freight to pay, earn 1000 a day is very easy


There will always be poor information, cheap people will always exist, today I will tell you a more old-fashioned project, although it is more old-fashioned, but this thing is still making a lot of money. And because it is an old project, I believe you can easily understand it.

Let’s start with the bottom picture, this one

My friend posted two links on wechat moments. I thought she was getting married, but at first glance it was just an invitation.

And when I clicked on it, I realized that it was a fission routine shared with groups and moments.

To here the average person will basically choose to point out, but bubble net earn I think also

I haven’t seen it for a long time. I want to see if there are any changes in their routine.

As shown in the picture, after I clicked “do not share”, I found that some borderline novels began to pop up. The general appearance is that if you want to continue reading, you need to pay attention to the following public account.

Pay attention to the public number after

Cost reading, this is obviously a novel of the public account drainage, then I still did not directly point out, continue to point in which page has been found that as long as you do not click on the side of the X, then you will always push the public account.

In fact, as you can imagine, this is basically no money to cheat attention,

But there are still people who are going to spread this stuff. This is basically all people have a psychological advantage, this let bubble net earn I think of a relatively old game. Is to use group fission freight collect to earn freight.

Today I will tell you the general process:

1. First from some societies

Group inside to send a customer service QR code, said can get free things.

2. After someone adds the customer service, tell him that he needs to send this picture to the moments or three groups, and how long he needs to keep it before he can receive it.

3. After you send it, customer service will tell you that you have reached your order

Please, you can send it for free, but you need to pay the express cost, but this cost will be more expensive, generally in 20~30


Right and left. It doesn’t matter if you feel strange, there are words to deal with.

4, when you think the value of the item should be much higher than the freight, basically will

Place the order, then provide the address and wait for the product to arrive.

5. Cash on delivery.

You probably don’t know why at this point, right? Take YSL lipstick for example, it is normal as we think. Even if the freight is so much, the price itself is not cheap, so many people will buy it even if the freight is high

Single, think he picked up a bargain.

Now there are too many wholesale platforms on the Internet, so let’s go to the most common one, 1688, and look for YSL. You can see that the cost is only 5 dollars. If you go to other platforms, there may even be various certificates and so on

Let’s figure out 25 bucks for a delivery.

Cost: Lipstick 5


Courier fee 5


Labor 4


= 14



I have also added the labor cost above, you can also ask a person to help you do it, and if it is the delivery cost, as long as you are large, you can continue to talk to the Courier station. There you go

The profit is 25 minus 14, which is 11



Because you have a physical object, and it is its own fission effect, so this thing is actually spread very fast, you just need to find a few people to help you pack things and do group fission every day, let them look at whether there is in the share.

And don’t say

No one will go, because the simplest bubble net makes my friend so that nothing can go fission, and this is really giving something away?

Is it a high-end project? It’s not really high-end. Is it fresh? It’s been done for a long time, but there are still people doing it, as long as there are people

Do, then there are profits to be made, so sometimes find a project, don’t just do not want to do, at least you have to die, die before considering whether to change the road.

Information difference money project: group fission   freight to pay, earn 1000  a day is very easy


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