Bao Ma money making project: mother and child anchor, how to online monthly income of 100,000 ? Let’s think about the realization


I have a lot of friends, I always give up on projects,

I couldn’t hold on to it,

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon,

In this fickle society, if you don’t see an immediate effect,

Most people really can’t stick to a project,

Insist not by perseverance, but by interests!

Only profit is eternal!

Make one

Before a project, ask yourself:

How does this make money? How much money will you earn in the future if you continue to scale up the project? How to start making money with the shortest path?

Only if you know how to make money, will you be motivated to study it, and if you study more, you will do well, right

Money to earn, will have perseverance, to drive more and more

Enough, the flow will accumulate more and more,

A lot of people think it’s hard to channel people, it’s hard to write articles, it’s hard to shoot videos,

It’s because it’s not profitable,

If you can make money on a project, you will find a way to overcome it,

And in the process of constantly overcoming difficulties, enjoy the fun of making money!

As long as it can be monetized quickly, with

You get positive feedback, you feel better,

No longer impatient, can always stick to it!

Today I will introduce you to a money making idea:

Look at a treasure mom anchor, how to monthly 100000 !

The treasure mother in the picture has been up to now since the beginning of 2020, with a monthly income of more than 100,000 USD in just one year. How did she do it

What about the arrival?

Analyze her idea of making money, very interesting, for the realization of the double, hope to see this article can let the partners understand.

1. Popular videos attract fans, live forwarding and bringing goods

The easiest way to make money on the Internet right now is to

Grassroots Tiktok bloggers bring goods this way,

Suck on video

Powder plus live with goods, is a relatively easy way to go.

If you want to attract fans by video, you can get popular videos. The popular videos on platforms like TikTok must have fast rhythm, grounded knowledge and complete setup, so that the completion rate can be high and the flow rate can be good.

As soon as it reaches 1,000 users, it will be available for purchase

The goods truck, and then the real people live to bring the goods, which can better improve the trust, effectively promote the order.

When the video into the flow recommendation, when the explosion is the best time to live, there will be a lot of people brush to the video, easily into the broadcast room, these attracted fans, high probability will be converted into you

Pay users, to the last fixed time broadcast, let fans develop consumption habits.

2. Start pushing the product directly

There are a lot of anchors at the beginning, the light out of the content does not push the product, always harm bashful half-cover, want to please fans, for fear of advertising at the beginning to scare away fans.

But the result of doing so is often late

When you push the product to advertise, the fans will say that you have changed, I took off, so at the beginning to push the product, so that the remaining fans will be vertical fans.

Little friends must understand a truth:

More fans do not necessarily make money, money does not necessarily have more fans,

500 fans in demand, that’s more than good

2,000 pan powders.

3. Disassemble the standard and copy the explosive

The best way to make an explosion is to take apart the standard and copy the explosion. In fact, even if you do this can not guarantee 100% can explode, so we don’t talk about what martial arts, you 10% can explode also line, others out of a you ten content, finally added in a blast

The probability is still 100%.

In particular, novice friends can work hard, at least 5 or 6 videos a day, more, more burst will be more, more traffic. If you don’t have a bubble network and no traffic, you can yell in the studio and no one will watch.

4. Create your own IP person


If your video only emphasizes the knowledge of valuable, then people can go directly to Google Baike, why watch you? There’s a personal problem here, your preferences, your presentation of objects, your language habits can all be called your personal problem,

It’s all about people.

Even if you just talk about it

In ordinary life, get along with the mother-in-law, are more useful than serious valuable, with the joys and sorrows is personal, if the light dogma and valuable, that is no soul, lost personal charm.

5, true is not fake

As a mother-and-baby anchor, you don’t have to be an expert, you don’t have to be a hot mom, and

Being an experienced person who can help other mothers, just like a neighbor aunt, authenticity and intimacy are important



Your parenting experience, your relationship with your children… More important than your degree, do the content must have details, as long as the details reflected, the sense of reality

When it comes out, the trust of the fans comes out.


Account cash is not a day’s work, there is a brutal competition in any industry, only stick to the people can see the dawn of victory. There were a lot of new friends who registered TikTok every day. After three months, half of them were left, and after six months, only 2 were left

0%, so those who can persist in creating for half a year will be able to beat more than 80% of people. If you want to succeed, you must persist, persist, persist.

That’s all for this article

Bao Ma money making project: mother and child anchor, how to online monthly income of 100,000  ? Let’s think about the realization


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