How does TikTok make money? I found a way for two thieves to make money



That’s how you play it?

Any platform has its own algorithmic mechanism, you want to play a platform well, then you need to read the platform “rules”.

Search engines have search engine rules, Amazon has Amazon rules,


Also have their own rules, rules to read how much varies from person to person, no one

It’s just a matter of who understands more. Just like seo, bubble net earn I play for 5 years, only dare to say a little knowledge.



Algorithm mechanism, there are many rules to read:



It’s the horse racing mechanic:


The recommendation mechanism, using the horse racing mechanism, that is, whether you

Whether there are fans, the video passed the review, will throw your video into the primary traffic pool.

Primary flow pool: about 300-500 flow;

Good performance in the primary traffic pool, after manual review, will be thrown into the secondary traffic pool.

Secondary traffic pool: about 5000 traffic;

Level 3 traffic pool: 1

About 5-20,000 flow;

Level 4 flow pool: about 120,000 to 150,000 flow;

Basically, every level has to be reviewed once, and if there is user feedback, the review will be more strict, even immediately stop recommending, so there are a lot of users feel their videos, obviously

It was playing fine, and then suddenly it stopped playing, and that’s why

Each level of increment based on this is judged by “user experience”! The first thing to understand is that behind the mechanics of a platform is a set of algorithms. Automate the program according to the program Settings.

So the “user experience” of the program’s judgment is

What is it?

Nothing more than likes, comments, completion rate, retweets, followings…

When these parameters are optimal in a certain field, then the video will be recommended. Note here”

In one’s field

“The words.

We all know that


There are a lot of users and a lot of creators, you know

It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd! This reminds me of Amazon keyword ranking optimization, why so many people do blue ocean words? Although the market share of Blue Ocean words is small, the competition is also small. When you stand out among the competitors of Blue Ocean words, you will get the traffic of the platform. There is traffic

After that, you can compete for the next level of words! Bubble net makes my guess


It’s the same thing.

So, if you’re new to it, the account positioning can be a little more vertical, with your name, introduction, and any tags clearly stating your positioning. For example: the word “good thing”, the word “good thing”

A big word, competition is a lot of people, so you can choose to send girlfriend good recommend this word or send parents good recommend, and then in the likes, comments, broadcast rate, forwarding, attention to various factors above to optimize, of course, there are a lot of shortcut people through the shua way to create illusion, like Amazon s

hua single general, antiques have never played this, bubble net earn my idea is to do a good job in the content, content, these data naturally go to….



What type of money to target?


Everyone has something they are good at, you can start with what you are good at

It is nothing more than selling goods, advertising and services. Have a exploring mind, pay attention


In some accounts, I believe you can also find business opportunities, after the discovery, imitate + surpass!

Since doing the Internet, especially in old age, more and more feel the body is always uncomfortable, feel the whole body is sick, heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, before

When I had a physical examination some time ago, the doctor told me that spleen and stomach deficiency and heavy moisture caused poor metabolism, so it was difficult to lose weight. So he asked me to reduce sugar and fat and exercise more.

The need is there. I do it


Brush to

I made a video


Video Play

device I painted it all night


! I found a way for two thieves to make money. mp4

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Download the file:


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Use the up/down arrow keys to raise or lower the volume.


I bought the book for a little more than 50 dollars. I just got the book today, and it feels good.

I think


On the sale of books are thieves to make money, I was attracted to the pain point, I watched a lot of the same video, there is a weight loss comparison chart obvious video, is also a pain point!

Here’s another example of selling books:

I believe we all have one

There was a video about a young mother with two children who met a pet dog on the road, and the pet dog chased the child, and the child screamed in fear. Then the young mother drove the pet dog to protect the child (without kicking the dog), and then the dog owner, Mr. X, angrily criticized the woman.

Asking why he kicked his son…. After a final argument, Mr X struck the young mother….. in front of the child

Such a video firmly captures the eyes of users. Finally, a paragraph about the legal protection of such incidents in the Civil Code appears at the end of the video, and the yellow car (this

Book). Do not know what reason, go back to the number owner has deleted this video. Reference for thinking


Again, a case of curiosity, and I’m sure most of you get it by the end

One of the videos is

What’s going on?!

Video player

ent/uploads/2021/03/ all night


! I found two thieves making money from the routine _2.mp4

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Download the file:


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Use the up/down arrow keys to raise or lower the volume.

I’m not going to read too much into the case, but I’m just going to say a little bit, and I’m going to start at the end showing you how to use A, right

Coupon to save money, this is not Amoy customer promotion?

Finally: In order to do a project well, the first step is to understand the “rules”, the second step is to find “peers”, and the third step is to “hands-on practice”.

How does TikTok make money? I found a way for two thieves to make money

How does TikTok make money? I found a way for two thieves to make money


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