Short video money-making project: A no-cost, simple operation on TikTok makes tens of thousands a month in 5 minutes a day, and anyone can copy it


Now I want to


Making money is already a red sea, and it is a close call for an individual to enter the market. Unlike the previous two years, individuals still have a great chance. Now it is a team operation

When they appear less and not easy to be detected, it will make people feel difficult to find the opportunity!

Below the stationmaster to share this is relatively less and not easy to be perceived. This is me painting


When inadvertently found, in the professional habit of the reason, always curious to see where the profit point of this kind of account.

This shake

The first time I saw the sound number, I wanted to jump directly over it, but I was very curious, his video content is very simple dialogue, you can go to see it in person, really simple enough to only take a few minutes to make, just go to some treasure some more to buy a wechat business all-powerful software can do things, but so simple

The single video still only posted 13 works and had 50,000 followers.

I wonder what he did


What’s the point of a number? play


There are only two kinds of people, either to make money or really boring people. Apparently a company registered it


It won’t be boring. At his signature we

The secret was discovered.

I followed the homophonic word store name directly found a treasure his shop.

I went further to see what products he was selling.

The cheapest is 15


Look at the product classification originally is to sell virtual girlfriend series, but also adds the blind box mode, is to see what kind of virtual girlfriend you draw, indeed

It’s right up your alley.

It’s by buying a blind box and prescribing a virtual, cheapest 15


, the most expensive more than 300, of course the price is not the same as the quality of the other girl may not be the same, look at the above brothers are estimated to buy the general, goddess nature is general, is the virtual girlfriend to accompany talk bubble net earn regulations

In time. Look at his profits. He’s making tens of thousands a month. Don’t drive, don’t paint, just


The flow of traffic to a treasure transaction. It’s essentially zero cost.

Okay, so we know his revenue model and his revenue points, so can we replicate that? The stationmaster himself could have answered. I

Let’s go through the process first.

Step 1

First open a treasure shop, now the threshold is lower a lot of do not need a deposit can be directly opened up, with tools directly copy the whole shop, change the picture for another style is their own. Completely copy each other, it is a very simple shop, we can also optimize on the basis of it,

The product is rich, as for what rich products we play.

Step 2

The shop is open, then it is done


The number is up,


The setting of the number can refer to the other party completely. Find a few friends want want to imitate chat, a one-time production of dozens of pictures, in the form of composite with silhouette directly uploaded



Silhouette we Google, not much to say.

Step 3

In fact, it can be carried out at the same time with the second step, which is to go to a lot of student groups, part-time groups to find the right girls to cooperate with, talk about the share, depending on their sincerity, there will always be someone to cooperate with you.

Finally, repeat it every day


All the way to the order.

Approximate flow

The process is so many, the number of words is less, at least the idea is clear, the specific details of this will be you in the process of doing the automatic filling pit.

So the simplest success is to directly find the results of the people to copy and imitate optimization, simple things to repeat.

Short video money-making project: A no-cost, simple operation on TikTok makes tens of thousands a month in 5 minutes a day, and anyone can copy it


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