Fission to make money project, the bulk acquisition of university flow


Join a circle, the biggest benefit is to link resources and projects, afraid of no project is afraid of no such circle to do projects, the simplest thing, you see how others do to learn how to do, is absolutely can earn money.

There are two key things that make you money online. The first is flow

Quantity, the second is technology, the word flow we all understand, as long as you have enough powder to do cash, any industry.

Like recently


The last pair of father and son selling fish, two people, a simple scene of cleaning fish, a month sales of more than 10 million, in addition to the dividends brought by the live delivery, we

Another thing to think about is traffic, which is only available in the short video industry.

The second one is technology. I once told you that in the past year, a friend of mine made a set of scripts and sold them. Each script was priced at one or two hundred copies, and more than 2,000 copies were sold in the end

How much.

So I would like to tell you that on the Internet you can either do traffic or learn technology. You can’t do both, but the direction is the same, and it is for us to make money online.

The project I’m going to share with you today is also closely related to traffic. It’s summer vacation. Who

The most leisure, of course, is the university students, such as this kind of university flow, if we can have a way to continue to obtain, then the money will be very easy.

If you want to do a certain type of traffic, first of all, we should have a certain understanding and understanding of the flow. The flow of these universities is very large and unstable every year

Will be replaced with a new batch of traffic.

That since we choose to do such a flow project, we must have a set of stable transformation and realization. In fact, there are many channels for college students to realize cash, such as promotion, part-time commission, job resume, research and postgraduate entrance examination, etc., there are too many back-end for us to realize cash.

That want to

To operate this project well, first of all, we need to find the flow entrance of college students, so that we can quickly obtain these fans in batches. We must make bubble net to personally contact these college students, after all, the university is relatively closed.

Below I will give you a brief introduction to a few can batch obtain student powder

QQ must be the first place, although few people are using QQ now, but there is no denying that so many open QQ groups must be a very good platform.

In the QQ group above, there will be a lot of students to find some part-time tasks, so we can do some keywords interception image

QQ group as a screen to intercept the flow of these college students.

If you can, suggest a few accounts at the same time to do these college student traffic reserve, and then every day to add some new college QQ group.

Here in the search QQ group, the keywords can be universities, college students, outreach and so on and school related

As long as you can search for a relatively concentrated group of people, are our traffic pool.

The other platform is wechat terminal, Wechat terminal in my opinion is relatively not so open, because it does not have a place of aggregation backflow, even if there is not much, wechat group is only 500 people, right?

But micro

The traffic on the letter is very active, in such a platform to find resources is relatively more, and the biggest advantage of wechat is the high conversion rate, that to get fans on such a platform, we will take the initiative to add others, in the late fission activities.

Of course, the long-term existence of wechat group industry

Business is also very much, and there are also specialized in selling college students wechat group, the price is about a few dollars a, of course, the higher value is generally college students practice group, work group.

In addition, tie Bar is also a good platform. Although this platform is relatively old, it still has some traffic and is searching for citation

A weight in the engine is very high, even now, we send a post, a few days later in the search engine, also can have a good ranking, these are due to its high weight.

So we can get a lot of tie in such a platform, such as college students and so on, or more accurate

You can find a lot of places for college students by region plus school.

Of course, here is not only to teach you how to find this platform, for it is a drainage way, I here to give you some advice, for example, a few years ago, there is a drainage for tie bar, is a simple picture, this picture

There are a lot of models’ names and wechat accounts on it, and then it is a certain auto show model statistics, later confirmed that this picture is false, but at that time it attracted a lot of male fans, these fans to do other products cash, it is very appropriate.

So what are we doing with all these college fans

Well, it’s a good choice to promote new projects, except for the fact that we can get enough commission on some part-time task platforms.

These task platforms all have one thing in common: as long as there are enough people, they can make money by constantly distributing tasks. It is difficult for us to accumulate traffic in the early stage, but do it in the later stage

It’s very simple to cash out.

Fission to make money project, the bulk acquisition of university flow


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