Mobile game cps profiteering gold, easy day to earn tens of thousands of novice projects


I have always thought that cps of we Media is a very good direction to make money without making noise. Basically, it does not require us to do anything, as long as it has a certain platform to operate.

When I talked about this cps with my colleagues in the company last night, everyone basically agreed with its low threshold, as long as I mastered certain methods

It is not impossible to make excessive profits.

There is no need to say how many industries there are on the Internet, such as games and finance. These industries themselves are designed to look good with big data. They advertise on various platforms and are covered with cps commission.

This is not hard to understand, like the game industry, in the past to do physical advertising

Before the business, I also specialized in game model mapping in Mars Era, the top CG training base in China at that time, so I am quite familiar with the industry.

Most of the promotions we see now are for registration, or else those who clamor for absolutely nothing will make money


Bao, You

There is nothing wrong with the copy of the play itself, which can be obtained


Bao, but you just can’t cash it out.

Game companies generally pay high commissions to such cps. Now consider this process in combination with short video “we media” :

From the opening of an account to the operation of the content, a simple understanding is to create a personal IP road, there is

After a certain fan base, I started to spread this advertisement in my work. There will be a break scene in the middle of the video to emphasize to everyone that they should play XXX games or buy things on XXX platform, which is the same reason.

A lot of people are doing this, like the popular big logo and so on. This is the class c of we-media games

ps is the easiest way to cash out.

The principle is very simple, that this project is important to optimize the details, want to make money to understand it to make money mode, just rely on the amount of registration can make money, even up to how many levels can also withdraw, those are just a gimmick, is to attract everyone to register to play.

Actually in the game

There’s an unwritten rule in the industry that it’s generally

A novice

I first started to play a game called Nine Yin Zhen Jing is like this, has not opened the service big guild YY has been full of people, these people are brought from the previous game, all the way to play.


If you want to operate the game cps project, you need to have a clear positioning for this group of people. There are only two kinds of people. The first is those who like to play games.

Here we do not misunderstand, and there is no money has no relationship, even if the poor, will not be poor games, also

There is a more naive, really want to fight monsters to upgrade equipment to make money.

So this group of people is also the easiest to design when we do marketing, because they have a strong dream of making money.

So let’s go along with this line of thinking on the line, take a game with gold hit equipment benefits, straight

Build up the number, spend hundreds of dollars all over the world brush the size of the horn, to attract various heroes, as long as you shout welfare, others see the strength of the horn, generally a separate novice will quickly come to the collection.

Can also find a few more groups, this group of people precipitation in a number of QQ groups, the initial guild is formed in this way, and

Take this group of people to the official welfare, generally for this kind of guild, the game official will give good welfare, such as gift package, and will also give rewards to the guild, of course, the gift package can be distributed to maintain everyone’s enthusiasm.

Casually over a dozen days, and then slowly create the game is not fun experience, imperceptible to

People are brainwashed, the game is too slow to upgrade, the value of the equipment that gets rid of the monsters is too low, etc., and similar spells can be created continuously in the group.

Then a few days later, I will directly chat with the heroes in the private group, for example, “This game has a lot of bugs, now the official is too bad, ready to eat our money, we are going to take you

A new game permanent bully suit, much more fun than this, want to come along “and so on.

Generally have a sense of the guild or used to adhere to the big guild is not bullied this kind of players will immediately take sides, and then in the group a variety of new game to beat the monster dropped equipment, plus how much upgrade can directly withdraw 100 and other similar

Bullshit. So the registrations go straight up.

Finally, gather the players who are willing to follow and then pull them into the new group and drop directly into the new game. Gems or gold in the general game can be cashed out, so the next step is to guide them to recharge the game.

This needs to start from two aspects, the first is each

The real-time dynamic of equipment sales should be updated to the group in time, and there are more similar monsters dropped after recharge to foil the heat and opportunity of the game.

About the game promotion platform, like 91 play is good, everyone is similar, the general game entering is full platform, so about the platform

If so, make good use of one.

In addition, if you bring a lot of people through the game, you can pay a separate game promotion platform, specifically to do this kind of mobile game promotion.

The method I talked about above is the courage to do, want to make a guild, the first time to open the service of the post or trumpet

Advertising costs can not be saved, in short, there are thousands of ways to promote, as long as more research, make clear the industry chain behind the game cps, it will be very easy to earn tens of thousands of dollars a day.

Mobile game cps profiteering gold, easy day to earn tens of thousands of novice projects


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