Advertising alliance to make money projects, passive promotion fast cash


Some money-making projects on the Internet are still mysterious before they are exposed. For example, we only know that net pan can make money, and we only know that making a movie program can also make money, but there seems to be no correlation between them.

In fact, there is a great connection between the middle, there are some projects if multi-platform cooperation

It may have a very good effect, just like the project I’m going to talk about today with you about the use of CPA advertising share.

Of course, this project is an old project, long-term can do, principle, here we want to use some natural search traffic, mainly in order to rub the search traffic of the new movie, guide

To our shared web disk, users download and install the software, and we get a marketing commission for the software.

In my previous article, I wrote two installations on how to use software binding to earn revenue from CPA sharing. When it comes to CPA, we all know that there is a very common promotion settlement in advertising alliances

Method, it is based on each effective action to account for.

Here the alliance, I will not recommend, Google search, there are a lot of platforms, choose an old platform, advertising alliance is actually a long-term promotion channel for webmasters, so some may need us to provide a

Go to your own website.

Of course, building a website is a very simple thing for us, and the threshold of building a website is very low now. As long as we learn how to use WordPress and the related knowledge of pagoda, we can set up a website. If we don’t want to do it, we can buy one from a treasure

Just to get through the AD alliance registration, and the project is not much of a relationship.

There is a treasure above Hong Kong space, of course, here the bubble net to earn space is not need to record, very cheap, we can use this, if you do not intend to operate this website, this is no problem, then if

If you want to run the site properly, it is better to use more space.

Ok, so let’s assume that we have this website, because we’re going to rely on this website to get our ads, so let’s go to the advertising alliance and get some CPA ads, which is software ads.

On the platform we

You can get a video player, which is also available when you receive CPA advertisement, that is, an installation package of exe. This is similar to what you should know. Next, we will bundle this player software.

I’m going to put the compressed folder of this video player on my web disk, right here

We’d better have a fancy name because that’s how we’re going to get a search volume, and I’m sure you’ve seen this pattern.

For example, I promoted a typing software, but I gave the compressed package of this typing software a name, called the campus imprisonment series XX. HD1

080P and so on such a name, obviously a look at this is a video content, maybe the kind of movie video, right, often found when downloading the file occupies a very small space, and then open a look and the title is completely inconsistent.

Of course, we use this kind of video to get a search engine

Our player, for example, calls it “Kind Sister-in-law HD1080P HD Mandarin double.rmvb” and saves it to a web disk.

You should know, this name is a color name, so if we do more realistic

“, with all the additional advertising information, and so on.

Then in the network disk we put the compressed file to share out, like this kind of its own keywords content is shared out, it is easy to attract others to download, sister-in-law itself is a very hot keywords, we only

To share out on the line, although the web disk said low weight, there is no a good ranking, but the search engine will come to our web disk to grab a share of our content.

So here our early passive work has been completed, just need to use the network disk to share, the software we need to promote to share

Just go out and download whoever wants to.

When users are attracted by our title to download, they will find that they want to get the content they want, need to install this exe program, in screening out a part of the people, there will always be people to download and install, because the Internet traffic is very large, we do not need to worry

The heart is not installed, so as long as there is a installation, we can get a revenue.

In fact, the advertising alliance over the years, the operation method is very much, the purpose is nothing more than how to find a good platform to do traffic, as long as the flow can be done, it is very easy to make money, to promote themselves, far less than to find a can

To give us free channels for passive drainage.

The web disk is a good platform, as long as we use search engines or share download links by keyword ranking platform channels, just simply put we want to promote the file packaging more attractive some can be.

Advertising alliance to make money projects, passive promotion fast cash


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