Alternative short video profiteering projects, zero foundation is simple and easy to use


As one of the most popular media channels at present, short video has also experienced a great development. From text “we media” at the very beginning to the current field of short video, this kind of short video is very popular, many young people spend hours on it.

When we watch the video every day, we also found a lot of fun

Methods and opportunities, like the original film and television clips, car music USB flash drive, book list number, and so on, these are the extension of the short video field in the new play.

So ordinary people want to make money in the field of short video or to quickly attract fans, they need to think about the subdivision of the field, just like recently saw a lot of people selling feelings

Sell the feelings of the post-80, post-90 videos, these I think you must brush.

For example, when we were young, we enjoyed the video under some rural trees, or our parents were busy collecting crops on rainy days. The farm work video, in the short video field really caused a lot of onlookers, because they can make this video

Get moving.

As long as you can use the video clips, you can make such videos by throwing these materials into the video clips. Moreover, there are night, rainy day, strong wind, a group of children playing in the yard, etc., which is very consistent with our childhood situation, and can arouse the resonance of many post-80s and 90s.

So this project is also in

One of the few video projects in the short video space that can be done by a single person, I’ll show you how to do this in a few steps.

Material acquisition

The most important thing about this project is the material, because we see a lot of things like houses, dark clouds, rain, Windows, lights, chickens, ducklings, children, stools, and so on

Trees and so on are the material.

These materials are actually PNG images one after another. As all the platform designers know, a PNG image is a transparent image, on which we can make certain overlay, so as not to block the previous layer.

Several transparent images of PNG

Superimposed, it only shows what we want it to show, and everything else is transparent, just like lights and smoke, we only want the lamp picture, just want the smoke picture, not the other white background.

Here there are two places to get the material, the first is a treasure, this is the most

Convenient, spend a few dollars more than ten dollars in a treasure above, there are people selling these nostalgic materials, basically is a set.

Another way is to go to some of the big picture sites, such as my picture, map, map, there are very rich material, like we just said the rural theme of the PNG

Also more, the advantage of looking for their own is unique, buy a picture package, the degree of repetition is very high.

Video Production

In terms of production, it is to import these material videos into the clip, and carry out certain reorganization in the clip. Here I suggest that you do not imitate others’ videos, but make your own videos.

It’s very

Many people said that they would not do this kind of video. It is very simple. We find some old photos of ourselves and make them by comparing with some pictures of people standing and scenery or houses.

One of the benefits of this is that the content is unique, everyone copies a video, and it’s almost always a cookie-cutter

The same content, if do so, the video works can hardly resonate, itself we are selling feelings, but the works are the same serious.

I think there is no need to go to this thing to specially sign up for learning, because in my opinion, a treasure above spend a few dollars, those tutorials can teach us, this

Video reengineering projects, like graphic design, are not about how the material is used, but about your personal aesthetic and vision.

The realization stage

We are doing a new field, we need to figure out its vertical fan attributes, like the nostalgic video we did, the fan attributes are the post-80s, post-90s nostalgic friends

So what’s their vertical product?

Is nostalgic snacks, nostalgic toys, I believe you should have seen some nostalgic snack shops in their respective cities, such as the opening of the school, a few classes and so on such decoration, even there are desks, classrooms, like the little bully game machine, Tang Seng meat and so on everything, these

It’s our cash product.

So let’s quickly gather a group of nostalgic fans on short videos, which is also the easiest product to monetize,


Do some of these products in the window and sell them will have a good profit.

In addition to nostalgic snacks and toys, you can also pick up some soft wide, the most

Recently I think you in the video often brush like XX games, XX things, XX city and other advertising, these are also they put in


Traffic on the main advertising, through these ads can also make money.

The last way is to make a batch of numbers, after a certain number of fans, these numbers can be posted to the self-media

As long as you can gather a group of followers in a short time, the account can be sold.

In fact, this project is very simple. It is nothing more than to quickly gather a group of fans through a sentimental event, and then operate these fans for cash. The most important two points of making short videos are traffic acquisition and transfer

Turn into cash.

Alternative short video profiteering projects, zero foundation is simple and easy to use


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