What do you do to make money on the side? Wechat 8.0 status, can also earn a thousand dollars a day?


One of the biggest stories in the circle these two days:

Wechat 8.0 update.

The biggest features of this version are two:

1. Expand the number of friends to 10000, marketing is good news.

2. Wechat personal page to add a status bar, more interactive.

Circle of friends,



Social networking Sites

Stories about wechat status are being posted everywhere


Among them, Quora’s popularity rose to the top three and remained high for several consecutive days.

A about “wechat dynamic material” marketing quietly rise.


There is always bad information.

Everyone has limited channels to receive information, and not everyone knows the answer to a question.

If so many people don’t know, there is a camp

The opportunity to sell.

For example, in the case of Quora, there are many people sharing dynamic pictures.

Sent a variety of links, or private messages, fans will be guided to the public number or QQ datuk.

In addition to Quora, Weibo,

Social networking Sites

, YouTube,


Kuaishou are doing similar things.

In fact, this kind of project and the red envelope project is one

A logic.

It’s all about taking advantage of the fan’s desire to fake it.

Today we will talk about the gameplay thinking of this project:

【 Two 】

1. Build an Arsenal of marketing materials.

First of all, we need to know the user’s preferences, which users are interested in, so take out as the bait to achieve the effect of half the effort.

The most

The easy way is to look at peers naturally.

Quora, Weibo,



Social networking Sites

And other platforms, those highly popular content is not only the answer to user interest, but also a source of our material library.

Use some video downloaders, or follow their instructions, to collect this footage and file it.


Create marketing Works

We put these materials, one by one, into the wechat feed, video recording, and then with marketing copy.

For example, in the picture above, I was very hidden, so I implanted personal wechat in the copy.

Of course, if necessary, wechat name can also be directly changed into advertising information.

In this way, not only the inside is realized

Let the purpose of creation, but also to achieve the effect of advertising.

【 Three 】

More than 3.


The liquidation operation

When you put a video out there, and you put it out there, people are going to be interested in asking for it.

Demand is the opportunity to create wealth.

You have a lot of ways to cash it out.

Make a lot of pan powder groups

Later, open the Amazon robot,

Cash out of mass operation.

Selling virtual Materials

At this point, you can give 1-3 for free as a bonus, if you want more, you can charge.

The price is not too high, 6.6-19.9


That’s fine. Small profits, big returns.

And the reason is simple:

The material is hard to collect, so not all free share, want to

All 9.9 red envelopes can be sent.

Sell drainage tutorials or sell fans

Traffic is the foundation of all projects.

How to continuously obtain traffic is a requirement of many Internet players.

Teach yourself how to get traffic, or sell your monetized followers.

These are all ways to get cash.

Be of value

Account transactions of

Refer to the movie number, wallpaper number, and tool number.

It is relatively easy to increase the number of fans in your chosen field.

The market value of an account with followers is still good.

【 Four 】

Marketing, there is never a single answer.

Many people work on projects and like to question themselves.

It’s hard for me to operate when so many people know

Will the degree be too big.

There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people.

This kind of big traffic hot topic, information is overwhelming.

It’s just going to be whoever promotes more makes more money, who’s efficient makes more money.

Instead of questioning how to make money.

Let’s go back to the “red envelope project” I wrote on Bubble Net.

Half a

Months ago, only a few hundred people read the public account, now the article is more than 100,000.

The number of followers has risen by hundreds of thousands, at least, and the value of the account has climbed.

This kind of hot marketing project, the flow is very large.

The gameplay is also eight immortals across the sea, each show their powers.

Basically, you learn one, and the next time the wind hits, it’s quick


For example, the keywords of the public number name interception:

Rub the flow rise powder, this is the most relaxed, also the most simple way.

If you want to make money out of this,

Then bubble net earn I suggest, you can go to the “red envelope cover project” shared before.

Monthly into one hundred thousand wechat red envelope project, you send red envelopes at the same time, others in

Make a fortune under the table

Follow the steps, step by step to operate.


Peers are the best teachers!

Let me share with you another excellent one


The marketing case,

1. Collect materials and upload them in large quantities


2. Open unattended live streaming,

The livestreaming interface created an AD in word to direct users to the home page.

3. Stay on the homepage

The marketing tail.

He directly put the QQ group QR code in the video, simple and rough.

There is, of course, the danger of a title.

If you are afraid to leave drainage information in the personal signature, the efficiency will be low.

Someone like this must have done a matrix, using a lot of


Number to operate, sealed it doesn’t matter.

4. Matrix operation

Into the

Group later found that this is actually a Amoy group.

A search of its group name keywords revealed a large number of 2,000 people, apparently professional gamers.

A group of 2000 Amoy customers, the average daily output of 200


It’s not hard.

And similar groups, their team at least ten, a thousand a day is certain.


The rapid fission of more than one thousand full group, also shows a problem:

The flood traffic of any hotspot is huge.

The melon of showbiz,

The lonely frog of Tanabata,

Wechat red envelope cover,

The latest action picture of wechat,

Any headline that gets a lot of attention, there’s money to be made.

And the basis for seizing opportunities, all come from

Our sense of opportunity.

People to what kind of realm, will see what kind of world.

Your goal is to make 100 a day


All the projects you see are making 100 a day.

Your goal is to make 1,000 a day, and all the projects you see are making 1,000 a day.

Making money is not about making 10 a day


The beginning, Yong

Ever since you started trying.

And that’s it for today.

What do you do to make money on the side? Wechat 8.0 status, can also earn a thousand dollars a day?

What do you do to make money on the side? Wechat 8.0 status, can also earn a thousand dollars a day?


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