Selling PC games can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year


Nowadays people may be under too much pressure, and more people like to play games after work. Maybe he didn’t have enough money in his pocket to go out. So playing games has become a way for many people to spend their leisure time relaxing.

Today in the mining of keywords inadvertently found that the single game market demand is very big, on the needle

Digging into this industry in detail, we can see that there are a lot of people looking for fun console games every day.

Go to a treasure to see the sales are also very good, basically sell out thousands of sales every month. Do a good job can have more than 180,000 sales, the feeling is really profiteering, after all, is a virtual product

What you sell is profit, turnover is profit. 50*3637=181850, of course, this is only on a treasure, not counting other places. So here’s a little more about the project:

1. Obtain the source of goods

Since we choose this project to do, we have to prepare the supply, which is our business

It means the same thing. Except we’re selling a virtual product. The source of goods is very simple and can be obtained in the following two ways:

(1) to find their own free online game package, the major game website can go to download, download and organize to their own network disk, the disadvantage of this way is more time-consuming.


2) Go to a treasure to buy the game collection pack. As we can see from the picture above, the price is not very expensive. You can get thousands of game packs for no more than 50 dollars. It’s very cost-effective. For us to do the project, the time mainly needs to be spent on the drainage.

2. Cash out

Liquidity is probably the biggest concern,

After all, the main purpose of doing a project is to make money, so let’s look at several ways to cash out:

(1) Sell game resource packs directly

It’s not a big deal.

(2) Use the public account and website to build a cash system to collect members

Build their own cash system to collect members I saw on a treasure this is the operation. This is also done in conjunction with the current gameplay of virtual resources.

It may be difficult for some people to set up such a system

But it has to be done for the long term. Drainage to the public number, to create their own private domain traffic, the following reasons:

(1) Cash out of the public account

Every day, the public account will share the gameplay introduction of a certain game, and the video or narration of the game we played, and leave the website game pack download chain at the end of every article

Pick up, not only can earn the flow of the main revenue, and can pick up the game advertising, game advertising prices are relatively expensive. At the same time, you can also reverse the flow of the public number, in a short time you can start a number of public, whether it is to sell the number or the front several, the cash will be increased several times.

(2) The website accepts members

Public account number

The menu links to the website, charge members to see the download link, the price should not be set too expensive, do not exceed 50


All right. The content of the public number synchronization to the website, your public number how many fans, you can immediately have a same ip station. If the site has a certain ranking, the site can accept ads, or sell them

Drop it. Tens of thousands of ips sell for hundreds of thousands.

(3) We media realization

As I said yesterday, as long as it is an original article or video of playing games, there will be revenue when it is sent to the We-media platform. The videos and article introductions that we release every day can earn revenue for us. At the same time in the article, you can join their own website brand

Words to increase traffic to the site.

3. Flow Rate

Don’t look at the above complex, in fact, the operation of 2 or 3 days can be built, later you can not use how to manage, will not build suggestions in a treasure to find someone to do it, also invest not much money, put the main energy on the flow.



Now let’s do the term

Aim, basically


Is a must do, to play this game video clip to the distribution


“, the game has a lot of play.



The official account and wechat were left on the account. I looked it up


On the game drainage to the public number is very few, are directly to a wechat, pick up advertising, of course, these we can also do


(2) Quora

Quora not only has its own traffic on the platform, but also has cooperation with Google, which makes it easy to enjoy the shade by leaning on the tree. Can be diverted to the public or website, need to pay attention to the method, do not go up on the issue of advertising. The same article can also be posted on Quora.

Other platforms are not many, as long as there is energy and method can be sent, the more

The more the better.

Do this project mainly lies in the drainage, do a video every day, in the original record game play introduction can be. Pseudo original article can go to 5118, or Google search Google Translate, translated into bubble net to earn other countries did not translate back, remember to change, afraid of the sentence is not smooth. Do skillful every

It should take about two or three hours a day. If you can do the public number has ten thousand fans, a year to cash in hundreds of thousands is not difficult. The most important thing is that this is a process of accumulation. The longer you do it, the more powder you have in the later period, the easier it will be to cash out.

Selling PC games can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year


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