Share a real and reliable money-making project, batch operation, make thousands of daily no problem


Today, we share a branch of e-commerce – the big brand of masturbation

Amazon,…. There are a lot of big brands, in order to increase store sales

We will hold activities all year round to put on the shelves some high-value brand samples, which can be bought for free or at a very low price, but the store has restrictions, one account can only be purchased in the store


Because these commodity samples are very valuable,

But the price is very low, so a lot of people want these demos,

Recycle them for personal use, or buy them and resell them for a profit.

For example

Marumi’s flagship store, for example, has a small sample of a cosmetic product that is on the market for 96


Right and left,

But what if

It is purchased by a new member of the store, and only needs to pay 8.9 postage to buy it. However, since a user can only join the membership once, they can only buy it once.


In order to attract customers to join the membership, the store will give out such high-value samples at a very low price.

But because of one man

You can only buy them once, so a lot of people buy them in bulk.


Because they don’t have so many accounts to buy, they can only ask people with accounts to buy and then resell to him.

If you look at the picture below, there are a lot of people taking samples of this kind of fish.

The essence of market profitability is to buy low and sell high

You can see it from up here

To, the original purchase of a cosmetic sample 8.9, in the Second hand goods trading platform actually someone to 13


So the difference between the prices is going to be 4



In other words,

We sell these demos to these buyers, and we make $4 each


The difference in price.

Of course, this is just one of many products

The demo,

Now there are too many merchants doing activities on the platform, and the prices are different. In my personal long-term experience, I generally sell a sample, and the intermediate profit is between 3 and 10


Right and left.

So let’s just do the math here,

A big shop to buy a profit of 3 ~ 10


, ten stores profit

If you have 30 to 100,100 stores, you can make 300 to 1,000.

So, what if we have 10 accounts, 100 accounts?

How much profit there is, you can imagine, too fucking profiteering!


That’s a concern for a lot of people

Here’s what I’m going to share

The preparatory work

The preparation is actually very simple, because this project is relatively low threshold, suitable for anyone to operate, as long as you are an adult, then this project is absolutely suitable for you.

Preparations are as follows:

① 1 personal Amazon account

② Sesame credit score ≥450 and complete real-name authentication of salty fish account

1 (there are no violations and other bad records).

③ You know how to use mobile phones to buy things online

How does the project scale up?

① How to operate the project?

The operation of this project is very simple and can be roughly divided into the following three steps:

Step 1: Find a store.

So you find the stores that do the activities, and then you look

Go to them to do activity goods, understand the purchase price, have a general impression in mind, convenient to find buyers later to calculate the profit. Because I have been doing it for a long time, I have also compiled a list of some big brands of shops doing activities, which is very convenient to do. Now I am proficient and can easily find it without looking at the list.

Step 2: Shop


Which is to find buyers for these samples on Second hand goods trading platform, find customers based on their profit margins,

Then determine whether the customer is still receiving, how much, as well as the delivery address phone number and other information,

Then post the goods to Xianyu. Customers receive a few, we put how many price links to customers, and waiting for customers

It pays, like this.

Step 3: Buy the product and ship it.

After the customer has paid for the goods, we will buy samples for the customer and send them to the designated address.

Then we fill in the delivery information on the salted fish to complete the delivery.

After the buyer receives the goods, we can get the payment, the whole money is held in escrow by Xianyu,

Special security, no risk at all!!

If you want to do it yourself,

Now you can directly use your own account and follow the above method.

The benefits are immediate. But if you’re not satisfied with a single number and want to make more money by enlarging, then move on.

How to enlarge the project?

Whatever you do

In any Internet project, you have to have matrix, batch thinking,

A person farming harvest is limited, but a group of people farming, the yield can definitely be several times dozens of times.

So, you know,

If you want a project to make more money, it must be based on volume.

It’s easy to see the ceiling on an account, so

How do you increase profits?

That is to bulk account, bulk sale.

But to do it in bulk, we need to solve the following two problems:

1. A large number of accounts. This is the first necessity. Batch means a lot of heap numbers.

2. Keep a steady mix.

Because to batch, we can not be a mobile phone above only landing

One account. That would be too low.

Must be able to register multiple numbers on a single device Amazon, and to be relatively stable.

As long as the above two problems are solved, the benefits of doing this can be amplified infinitely

I’ve been in the online business for a long time,

Nature is exposed to many of these channels, and therefore accumulated

I’ve exhausted a lot of contacts in my circle. Finally, the above two problems were solved by finding a channel through human resources, as well as more than a month of personal research and continuous pit testing


Not only solved the problem of batch account channels, but also solved the problem of the stability of multiple open branches, immediately began to batch operation

Make it.

Each mobile phone can login up to hundreds of accounts, five mobile phones to do this, almost every day can be stable four figures, is still further amplification ~

4. What are the precautions for operation?

In fact, there are many points to pay attention to when doing this project. Based on my personal experience, I think there are mainly the following

Three things need to be noted.

1. If you use multiple accounts to operate, do not use the same wifi, use the mobile phone data for the whole process, otherwise there will be platform detection, some accounts will not be able to purchase.

2. Be sure to find the customer first and then we can place the order.

Why is that?

Due to the

For some stores, there is a time limit on buying. If you join a member for more than two hours, you can’t buy at a lower price. Therefore, you must find a buyer before you buy something.

This is the safest, otherwise it will be a waste of a qualification, not worth it.

3. Be sure to follow the platform rules.

That’s when we put the product on the salted fish

Don’t post anything that violates the rules. When chatting with customers, don’t mention information sensitive to platform rules such as adding friends.

There is nothing to say that platforms that violate the rules are bound to be restricted. In salty fish above the release of goods, it is best to look at the rules of the bubble network to earn platform, platform prohibited in the platform

External transactions, otherwise will be blocked or frozen account funds, this we must pay attention to.

5. Future development prospects of the project

With more and more merchants on the platform,

Competition will also become more and more fierce, in order to compete for the market, businesses will certainly do regular activities from time to time, in order to circle fans and increase store sales


So, you know,

In the future, more and more businesses will do activities, more and more products can be masturbated,

So as long as there are merchants doing activities, they can always be resold,

Now a profit is between 3 and 10


And it must be large-scale mass, the unit price is likely to rise to more than 5.

On the other hand,

So far we know this

There are very few people working on the project, so there are very few people working on it,

However, there are many customers receiving samples at present, that is, supply is less than demand. It is a current situation that customers do more masturbation, the market has not been perfect, it is just in the initial stage, so now as long as you enter to do it, it is not false to say that you are picking up money!

And finally,

Just to give you an idea, the following is part of my revenue chart for this project. Wrong direction, efforts in vain! The way is right, earning Q is actually the same as playing, so simple ~

In my opinion, there are only two reasons why I can’t earn Q,

First, you do a bad project.

The second, encounter reliable projects do not know how to seize


Therefore, only a small number of people can really earn Q.

Sometimes success or failure is in a thought, meet the opportunity, we must seize, do not try how to know whether they have the opportunity to overturn.

Share a real and reliable money-making project, batch operation, make thousands of daily no problem

Share a real and reliable money-making project, batch operation, make thousands of daily no problem


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