Online to play with alternative money making projects, novice actual combat day into 300


Some time ago, I wrote an article about new offline projects, such as Kuaishou speed edition and Toutiao Speed edition. When we get a new user, we can get a certain reward. Generally, it is more than ten dollars per person, which is a basic online sideline.

As long as you have enough people, you can still make a lot of money

In the previous article, I talked about how to do this kind of marketing around university towns or how to do it by myself. Third – and fourth-tier cities are our main source of customers.

So what I’m going to talk to you about today is another way of playing, which has just been developed online, which is using

Online play business to do such a pull new project for us.

That do online play to do pull new, as the name implies is to pull those who chat with us or play games with the little sister, we go to let these play objects to help us do such a pull new, then we all know here, play with is the need to spend money.

Find girls to accompany us to play games or chat, in such a process to let them register a new platform of our pull, now I will tell you how to do it.

First of all, we need to find the platform. We need to register a new platform for all kinds of new platforms, such as the current young people familiar with the new platform, than

Now Ritoutiao or Kuaishou, which can be pulled new basically have been registered successfully, then we have to change the platform to pull new, one APP can not change to another, the channel must be more, so as not to waste traffic.

So when we find such a platform, the next thing is to find traffic, traffic in

A lot in our daily life, not necessarily to find those who play with the little sister, or you themselves work in the factory, the number of people is very suitable to do the new project, we will let others to a little kindness to help us pull new smoothly.

Then take the playing platform as an example, let these little sisters help in the process of playing

We do the new task, because there are a lot of apps to play with, so we have a lot of traffic to use.

First of all, we should go to a new platform to find such a little sister. Here, I do not recommend that you go to the top of the list, because this kind of play has been developed basically

What kind of pull Xin have done, then we find a few ranking is not the first to play with.

Then enter a specific plate, it may be a game plate, to order such a playing task, so that there will be a little sister to find us, then smoothly enter the game.


In fact, a simple game like this generally will not have too high a price, the general game is only a few dollars, we can pay a few dollars to let the girl find our game area to play a game with us, in the use of the middle of the game time to transform.

Of course, here I also give you a speech design

For example, we can start with a request for her to help us register something, and then follow up by saying, we can give her a five-star review if we like.

We all know that generally do this kind of service business, praise and reputation is very important, can directly improve her a good faith

Degree, this is also conducive to her future orders, of course, this is based on the premise that she did not know that pull Xin has such a profit.

So here we have to write an operation manual in advance on the basis of pulling new ones, and every time after this step, the operation manual is directly thrown to these online players, so that she

They to step by step operation on the line, generally pull Xin are very simple, there will not be too many steps, it is easy to finish in a few minutes.

On such a basis, as long as we do a good job of unilateral communication, we can pull such a new line of business online, let these little sister to play to help

Help us complete, mainly in the communication above to be more detailed.

In the early stage of this project, we have already paid a few dollars of cost when we spent money to find a company to play. After completing a single order, we will have an income of more than ten dollars, and there will be a profit of about ten dollars when we go out.

Of course there are new ones

The project is the need to register after browsing, we must make it clear, don’t just let the registration, then we are not rewarded, there is no threshold to pull the new money project, as long as you can find people, you can go to register to make money.

Then follow the path we talked about above to play with pull Xin

The only thing we have to do is find as many people as possible, and as long as more people are recruited, the more money we make.

Online play is just one of the many traffic, we can also use short video, broadcast room and so on to do a new pull, not the line to pull the new project must be done, only

I just need to be able to get people.

Of course, another way to quickly help us do new projects is the reward platform, using the release of tasks this way, other people part-time to do the task, we can also make money, this kind of play is unlimited, of course, it is not difficult.

In short, we have only one purpose, is to rely on traffic to generate new revenue

Money, so as far as possible to expand the user is our primary concern, those who do third – and fourth-tier cities, mobile phones do not install so much software, pull the new revenue will be relatively higher.

Online to play with alternative money making projects, novice actual combat day into 300


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