In Pinjuoduo do virtual products, early to move bricks later lying to earn, easy monthly income 2w


Today I’m going to share with you a virtual project

For many new people, the low threshold of the project is the easiest to get started, because the project itself is relatively simple, plus traffic can make money

Flow channel to find a large platform to do support can be realized, such as Amazon or Second hand goods trading platform e-commerce platform, because these platforms

Own the flow, so that we will solve a key problem, the late sit and wait for cash

Due to the increased control of Internet e-commerce platforms, virtual products on many platforms are forced to be removed from the shelves. As long as they are reported, they will be removed within seconds. Under such circumstances, many people turn to Pinduoduo

I’m going to talk to you about this term today

How should I do it, in other words, can a novice still do it

One: Screening products

Virtual products are very much, how to choose which industry? Of course, follow the trend is the best, what is good to sell what, you can observe the virtual products above Second hand goods trading platform, which kind of high sales, you can start to sell the same virtual

Product, or you have your own virtual product

For example, the 65-page PPT of the Female Sea King, which has become quite popular recently, has been sold by a large number of people on the Internet, and even thousands of pieces have been sold on Pin-Duo, which shows the degree of popularity

Two: Product sources

Positioning is selected, the product will of course come from the store, what does he sell, you

You don’t need to spend a lot of time to organize the materials. You can directly rush a vip in his shop, which is about 19.9 or 29.9, and then carry it out and sell it by yourself. It is OK to replace others’ advertising information with your own

Three: Open the store

Products from

Leisure fish selected, and then start to fight more shop, here is some basic preparation, relevant and margin

In addition, for the virtual products we are selling, we also need to prepare some materials in the early stage. For example, if we want to sell some exam materials or study questions, we need to have a business license.

This information is not allowed to be uploaded without a business license

In addition, the average deposit for Pinduoduo stores is 2000 for individuals and 1000 for enterprises. Different deposits will be charged for Pinduoduo stores according to different categories. After consulting the authorities for details, the deposit can be refunded, so there is no need to pay it


Four: Lay the store group

After all, the profits of virtual products are relatively small. If you want to maximize the benefits, you must have more stores, ten, twenty or even more. Of course, the more the better

Do matrix mode after you get up, because then you have experience to operate other stores faster. It is better to do other stores by one store and one product positioning

Five: Automatic product delivery

Here we can connect with automatic shipping software, general virtual goods are after we buy can send download link, so

Can realize 24 hours online business, without the need for manual management

There is a certain platform flow support for the new store to put the baby on the shelves. That is to say, in the early stage, we should seize such a wave of traffic and make good use of the flow given by this wave of platform to do good reviews. At this time, we can give cash back or gift directly

Give the whole store members, unlimited free orders, etc., appropriate to do such promotional activities

Points to note:

The platform is also very strict on the assessment of stores, such as the response rate, response speed and so on, which can directly lead to the inspection of our stores, so we need to set up a good background reply technique

And some of them are just empty

The gameplay of the product should pay attention to some matters, such as illegal products can not be above the rack, will lead to a reduction in store flow and so on, after all, virtual goods are basically equal to zero cost, sell is equal to net profit, some illegal problems, we still want to avoid

As for the detail page and main image, try to imitate the peers, but

Do not copy directly, because the platform will detect, in addition, the peer will find a report to us, here we will design some, can imitate the peer, if you really can’t get, with a treasure picture uploaded to Pinduoduo can also be separated, the two platforms of the map

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In Pinjuoduo do virtual products, early to move bricks later lying to earn, easy monthly income 2w


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