Three simple ways to monetize resources. Beginners can earn $400 per day


Every technological upgrade and generation heralds a new project, and a simple change in gameplay can make everything you’re doing much easier.

These projects are never a platform to go black, there are coordination between each other, with some script technology or marketing techniques can be realized, the method and principle are understood.

But very few of them can actually make it.

A few days ago, a friend of mine came to the company for a visit. He is known to me by running in the morning. He works as a warehouse manager in a pharmaceutical factory here

Shop specializing in selling these things, want to cooperate with me, I do the operation, he has a source of goods.

Personally, I think it is very difficult to achieve this. It is a very simple thing to find the source, especially for this product. However, the product produced by some local pharmaceutical factories in Hefei is not competitive in brand, that is

The brand is not recognized by the market.

Now the family planning products, we are all educated by the market, I do not know you have to understand now a certain lace including a certain book, 001 thick basically a are in more than 20


Above, I think it is very expensive, but there are still a lot of people are buying, this is the market education


As for sourcing, you can go to a sex fair and make money online. There are a lot of merchants who are cheaper than each other. This is the market, the terminal has changed from retail to wholesale.

Simply rely on a shop, did not do

Method to achieve very good sales, this is certain, the first few brands are in the dilution of customers, so it is difficult to continue to meet our end of the marketing needs.

But has been to the price of high Google bidding is still playing this thing, that the difference has, the profit is enough, put on different platforms, the value is different

, some small brands, if do a good job of Google screen, natural search traffic turnover must be able to hit a treasure store several streets.

In the previous stage, I casually checked the house price of Hainan and the purchase policy of this year and next year on the Internet. It was really just a random check, but several real estate agents found me directly by phone and added me on wechat

This precision is no less accurate than positioning.

As long as the master of a certain screen means, it is basically equivalent to monopolizing the flow of this channel, then if this marketing model coupled with an executable way to cash out is a complete project.

According to the degree of difficulty, we choose QQ group hegemony screen way than

More quickly on the ranking, before I also mentioned in the article QQ group screen method, basically around the group rules.

The difficulty of screen still depends on the difficulty of keywords, and then we should understand the ranking rules of QQ group. Only after we know the ranking rules can we focus on optimizing our own class keywords


Here is a simple for you to mention the following points is to do QQ group screen must understand the point:

1, QQ group custom address, defined into the big city competition must be very fierce, especially in Washington, NewYork and Shenzhen, but the general flow of small cities are very small, everyone has a sense of belonging, are generally willing to enter their own city organization


2, group keywords data label, this combined with the above address to do, the beginning is “city name XXX project name”, the data as unified as possible.

3, group activity check-in, this depends on the frequency of people chatting together, etc., quite lively chat can increase the activity, increase the life

The jump increases the ranking.

These are the important factors that affect our group ranking, as long as the proper setting is basically able to do up bubble net to earn, there is a more important is the group level, the old QQ group weight is relatively high, suitable for doing this kind of ranking.

Simple to understand the QQ group’s top screen ranking

After the skills, we need to combine the actual project to achieve the effect, today take the film and television resources project for example.

General drainage movie fans are basically selling movies this kind of virtual goods, there is another way to play is to pay for the movie group.

For example, you do the ranking QQ group, is the need to pay to go in, then here is a

One of the profit channels, a lot of people buy movie resources is about one or two dollars, then your group can set 6.66 into the group or 9.9 into can indefinitely watch the latest movie.

This kind of VIP group is usually 2000 people, the corresponding setting copy can be combined with the above mentioned points of QQ group hegemony screen

Technically, such as group names with keywords, group resource profiles, etc.

The film industry is a bottomless pit, that is to say, film fans theoretically unlimited bubble net income, to see those film and television clips on the platform more popular just know, and can be extended down to do.

If there are more fans in the group

Can also continue to flow back to wechat, wechat cash is generally a collection, how many war film package 5


Or a collection of 200 funny movies, a collection of 10 powerful American TV shows, etc., this kind of advice always keep under 10 dollars.

If we study further, we can recruit an agent to distribute electricity

Film, such as “the latest movie, New Year movie source, update all the latest release every week, synchronous cinema platform, can save you video members and movie tickets, annual fee XXX, high-definition film and television for free”, this kind of words can be.

There are many channels for the realization of this kind of resources, and there are many ways to realize the realization if it is further refined

What we need to do is to get the first batch of seed fans through the early screen, and then continue to fission and expansion.

Three simple ways to monetize resources. Beginners can earn $400 per day


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