Share a project about the use of poor information to make money – public number orders, low cost part-time sideline!


I have shared a lot of projects about making money by doing part-time jobs at low cost, such as writer sending orders, small game sending orders, 1688 No Supply, Amazon Blue Sea, public account Blue Sea, sheep wool, Amazon card, Apple card merchant and so on. The cost is very low. Today, Bubble Net earnings to share another about

The use of poor information to make money – the public number of orders.

Although the public number is not so crazy as to make money before, but everyone to wechat drainage for cash, the public number is still an indispensable part of the cash, plus now can jump from the YouTube public number, this project can still do.

First, the bottom

The logic:

1. Requirements:

Content party: Now the public number rose more and more difficult, and the open rate is getting lower and lower, the public number master is not better than before. But advertising cash is still a lot of public number demand, need to suck up the product, need to give high price advertisers.

Advertiser: Where there is flow, there will be wide

The accuser wants to convert his clients out of it. For example, in the past, five types of hei advertisements, various training advertisements, and various financial products advertisements were popular. They all had a large amount of advertising budget in their hands. They need good advertising channels, and they need good channels where the ratio of input to output is positive.

2. Solution:

Whether the public number owner, or advertisers, they either have flow, or have a budget, but they do not necessarily have so much energy to find the right one another, there will always be poor information, poor trust. In this case, there needs to be an intermediary (broker) to help connect the two requirements. Advertisers realize advertising

Put, the public number of the main realization of traffic cash.

3. Revenue Composition:

This project is actually a matter of buying and selling, so the profit is the difference in the transaction!

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Find quality advertisers:

Brand advertisers: In general, there will always be brand advertisers with big budgets, they are not very in

The specific transformation only requires a lot of exposure. This kind of brand advertisers, generally exist in the high unit price, high profit industry. For example: jewelry, cars, black technology products, etc., need a lot of precise customer exposure, to give them the whole industrial chain growth.

How to find brand advertisers: In general, this kind

Advertisers are easy to find, but not good access. Because big-name companies always have various requirements for cooperative companies, ordinary individuals are unable to pick up, so they can only find this kind of brand advertising agency, equivalent to the second or third level advertisers to do. Take orders from upstream, and then find the corresponding advertising channels

Row release. To find this kind of agency company, you can go to a variety of advertising industry wechat group, QQ group to find, or go to Google search the relevant website. But the most effective is the introduction between acquaintances, basically introduced over is reliable to cooperate.

High margin advertiser: This type of advertiser is widespread

In hei five categories of industry, black technology industry. In Washington, Los Angeles, NewYork and Shenzhen, there are quite a few such companies, and they have a large budget, as long as the results are good, a large budget. We will not list the specific products, because they are more sensitive.

How to find high margin advertisers: Generally speaking, this kind of advertisers they are not that easy to find

, through QQ group, wechat group to find, or acquaintance introduction, is a more direct form. This kind of advertiser for the channel, but also the size does not refuse, as long as you can bring him volume, how to settle, docking all say. You can also go to Amazon, Pinduoduo, Jingdong and other channels to find such businesses.

2. Find the best

Quality public account owner:

Generally speaking, such as the new list, watermelon data and other data platforms, can search a large number of public number data. Through manual screening, we find a number of public accounts that seem to match our target product population. You can also search through wechat, through the public number of articles, public number name to find

To the relevant account.

After finding these accounts, record all of them, and then prepare N numbers, as well as the language (need to constantly adjust), to add these public number master. Tell them, you are doing advertising orders, there is a high price of advertising in the hand, can add wechat chat Yunyun.

Generally speaking, the public number main have

Quite a lot of public number, do big there are hundreds of, do general also have a few dozens. As long as you can and a few public number master mix familiar, open the situation, slowly behind the customer can introduce customers, so that your side of the plate turned up, bubble net earn in this, deep experience. The clients introduced between acquaintances,

Is often the easiest to close and make an order.

Of course, these public number owners also mixed in the relevant various circles, communities, to find a way to mix in, slowly expand, to do it is not difficult. As long as there are 10 or so in the hands of the number of public main, into tens of thousands of a month is not a problem.

3. Upstream and downstream docking:

Advertiser side: Generally speaking

Advertisers will have a variety of requirements to protect their own interests in this area, with the market is not as good as before, but also more and more requirements of the effect. So it is necessary to sort out a document according to the needs of advertisers, and tell the public number master when doing content, to what extent.

Public account main end: Put

The demand of advertisers, tell the public number master, willing to take orders, naturally will take orders. Then the content comes out, the data comes out, in accordance with the previous settlement agreement, find the advertiser settlement, get settlement, and then give the public number main settlement.

On the separation of upstream and downstream: between channels and advertisers, with the development of the Internet

It’s getting easier and easier to connect. This is convenient for the agency, but also convenient for advertisers. When advertisers find this channel is very good, will not think to pry away this customer? It’s theoretically there. It’s inevitable. So the best way is to sign an agreement with each other. But an agreement is just a piece of paper

It’s also very troublesome. So the best way, or to expand the number of their own channels, the number of advertisers, so as to reduce their own risk. And from the model, try to find some do not need to report the channel advertisers. Such as drainage to personal wechat, advertisers only see the effect.

4. Data control:


Advertising, are very concerned about whether the ROI can run. For example, if I put in 1 dollars, is it 50 cents, or 80 cents, or 1.2 dollars? Different products, different industries, have different standards. So how to control ROI, is the operation of the home skills!

Cost control: One example

The owner of the public account tells you that his public account has 1 million fans, the opening rate of the headlines is 3%, and the asking price is 20,000 dollars. So how do we know whether this public account is worth voting for? Let’s do the math: 1 million followers, the headline rate is 3%, so that’s 30,000 followers

Chapter. Jump to reading, based on my own experience estimate of 25 percent, so 7,500 people. Based on my own experience, the payout rate is about 5%, so that’s 375 people. Then it depends on your product, the per capita payment is how much.

Output optimization: Output = visitors * Rate of payment * Orders

Price. In this formula, the core is optimizing the payment rate. Start with the number of followers and work your way up to the actual paying customers.

Brush volume: the flow of trading natural brush volume, this line never lack of some smart people, thought or did the amount of things. It’s like when you buy a bag of rice, put it in

Mix it with other similar-looking rice at a lower price. This requires the operation personnel to have relatively rich experience in prevention and control.

Brush volume prevention and control: Generally speaking, brush volume is through the task volume, machine volume of two forms to brush. With the task or more conscientious, at least all or real people, generally through part-time

Cat, integral wall, Zhu Bajie network and other platforms, the release of tasks in the brush volume, do some effects out. Machine volume is pure machine brush, are all kinds of data. How to prevent and control these is generally through the change of effect, brush volume of the platform, generally do not say that each time there is an algorithm to monitor, uniform look into (

It is true that ASO has already done this in Apple’s list, but for some platforms such as official accounts, few such studios can do it at the moment), so it is basically a matter of suddenly checking in within a period of time, completing the order and then it is done. At this point we can go through this, and the fan’s drawing

Something like that, to see if it’s true or false. There is also, and the number of the master is more familiar, some people will not do this brush amount, so it will reduce the risk. In addition, the water is clear, there is no fish, everyone is in order to make money, as long as the data is beautiful, almost on the line.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1, suitable for people


This project is more suitable for some people who are engaged in Internet business, operation and promotion. Because it is a resource-based sideline, it needs to be connected upstream and downstream, and it needs to have a certain network resource foundation and operation foundation. But novice can also do, just bumpy points, the threshold is not high.

2. Cost:


The project is actually a service industry, an industry that serves both upstream and downstream. Whoever has a good service, a good advertising order or a good channel will make money. Therefore, sometimes in order to improve the quality of service, they may make a payment by themselves, so there will be some capital costs and their own time

The cost.

3. Risk and Control:

This project, like any other mediation type of project, needs to be connected from the top to the bottom. So the most taboo is the upper and lower both ends of the break at the same time, if you have a cushion, it is also very taboo to break the capital chain, resulting in their collapse. So for those of you who have been in advertising for years

Said, the risk is relatively controllable, from the advertiser, the public number of the main two ends of the industry reputation, people, relationship control, as well as their own control of the account period, can also relatively reduce a lot of risk. But for starters, the risks are huge, and sometimes a single payment deadline can overwhelm you.

4. Revenue:

Public account pie

This market alone was very hot in the last few years, with many companies making millions of dollars a year. The usual profit margin is 8% to 30%. If it is some high margin products, it can achieve a higher profit margin, such as 50%. Public number dispatch, a month to run millions of water, is also a normal thing. 100

Ten thousand water, 15% gross profit, is 150,000 profit. The ceiling is relatively high, and you can do as much as you want to control.

5. Project Extension:

Wechat system dispatch order: wechat group dispatch order, YouTube dispatch order, small program dispatch order, etc. People who are good at playing a type of traffic will play this type of traffic for a long time. So when

You are familiar in this line, where the flow goes, where the customer goes, you go on the line.

Orders from other platforms:


The pie list,

Social networking Sites

Pie, quick hand pie, etc., where there is flow, there is soil for survival.

Iv. Conclusion:

The public number order although not so good to do before, so make money, but still can do

. In addition to the public number pie order, small game pie order, mobile game pie order,


Party list, novel party list and so on, can be studied and expanded.

This project is a very long-term project. It can be done in three or five years. As long as we find products or channels with dividend period and control the upstream and downstream and ROI well, we can basically do it

Make money. In cities such as Washington, Los Angeles, NewYork and Shenzhen, there are a large number of such companies to make money through the advertising price difference. A good long-term project for an individual.

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Share a project about the use of poor information to make money – public number orders, low cost part-time sideline!

Share a project about the use of poor information to make money – public number orders, low cost part-time sideline!


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