Share 4 YouTube money way, 0 cost 0 risk novice can operate!


From January to now, the YouTube has been launched for nearly one year, and has been updated and iterated, which is enough to show that wechat attaches great importance to the YouTube.

Now the YouTube is still in the savage growth period, many rules are not so strict, which means that early entry can enjoy the dividend of traffic.


I’m almost there

Proven gameplay is worth doing again on the YouTube. Today, bubble net to share 4 YouTube to make money, I hope to give you some inspiration.

One: grass number

The core gameplay is mainly through the form of video to introduce a product’s functions and selling points, and then guide the audience to click the video below the public

Number article link, then jump to their own small program or e-commerce platform to earn CPS revenue.

The operation threshold of this project is very low, and the videos can be directly transported from other short video platforms without any effort to shoot and produce.

So how do you carry it?

1: Collect materials



, fast hand,

Social networking Sites

Search on board

Live tips, good recommendation, good grass and other keywords, you can find a lot of grass videos.

Note: When gathering material, try not to choose videos that are highly rated, because they have probably been carried by many people.

How do you download videos from these platforms?

Mobile: wechat search to watermark, click

Click the applets column, choose any one, the downloaded video is watermarked.


2: Changes the MD5 value

The MD5 value is similar to an ID card, and each MD5 value is unique to the video itself.

By modifying

MD5 value, which can increase the originality of the video and reduce the risk of being identified as carrying by the platform robot.

If you search for MD5 on wechat and click on the small program section, a number of tools for modifying MD5 will appear, most of which are free.

3: Change the video size


Quick Hand full screen video size is 9:16 while viewing

The full screen size of the frequency number is 6:7. If it is carried directly, part of the video will be cut off by the system, so it is necessary to convert the size of the video carried over.

Iphones can download Miaojian, an official APP developed by wechat, which can directly clip videos to fit the size of the video


Android phones don’t yet have a Second cut APP, but other video editing apps, like Meishu, offer 6:7 video sizes.

4: Second clip

The second clip is to add subtitles, special effects, soundtrack, opening and ending operations to the original video, so that the processed video becomes your own

Be original.

Share 4 simple editing techniques.

① Enlarge the video

On the premise of not affecting the viewing degree of the video, the original video image will be pulled beyond a certain range of the frame to achieve the effect of enlargement.

② Add BGM

The original video has no background music, so you can add a suitable background music.

③ Speed adjustment

Change primary view

The frequency speed is accelerated to 1.2-1.5 times, the audience will not feel much change, does not affect the viewing.

④ Add subtitles

The original video already has subtitles. You can crop out the small part of the video with subtitles and add subtitles again. If you don’t already have subtitles, that’s even better. Just add them.

2. Sound

Pleasure no.

Music and our life is inseparable, no matter what age, no matter men and women, no matter your music is elegant or vulgar, there is an audience.

The core game of music number is to attract fans with beautiful music videos, and then to cash in by selling car music U disk.

Pictured above is a 32GB car USB flash drive

98, its cost price is not more than 20


It’s cheap enough to buy directly from Pinduoduo.

Video production is very simple, is to mix a number of movies/TV series /MV/ concert/animation clips, and then match the hit music climax to get it done.

Where to get the video footage?

Iqiyi, Youku, Tencent and other comprehensive

Video platforms and all music apps are full of MV videos and live concert videos.

You can also search Amazon music short video material, a few dollars can buy tens of thousands of G of video material.

As for the music material, the source is more extensive, you can go to NetEase cloud, QQ music, Xiami and other music platform collection bubble

Online, with a focus on the music charts on those platforms.



There have been many peers in the operation, you can more to imitate their high video, high probability will also be on the YouTube fire.

Three, celebrity quotations

Celebrity Quotations number is to clip some famous professor lectures video, and then diversion to personal wechat, pass

Sell related courses and materials for cash.

The above YouTube to sell the course, are collected from the Internet, the price varies from dozens to hundreds, sell a share to earn a share of money.

What these professors say is true nonsense, which is particularly relatable. As long as the clip reaches the point of interest to the user, the work data is

It can’t be much worse.

Where to get lecture video materials?

With a large disk search related celebrity keywords, a search on a lot of out. As for the course materials, I will sort them out by myself.

Four, health care number

Health number is by editing some health

Small knowledge, guide the purchase of health tea to earn commission.

The cost of these health tea is very low. The commission ratio on JD Alliance is as high as 60%, and a single order can earn 53 percent



In fact, if you go to Alibaba stock, earn more, a big box of health tea cost price is six or seven


That’s it.

But I’m also responsible for promoting it

And busy with delivery and after-sales, especially troublesome, it is better to go directly to the Jingdong alliance to earn commission convenient and save trouble.

Where are the health videos coming from?

1: Amazon search health materials, a few dollars can buy tens of thousands of materials.



Fast search health tips, health care, health and other keywords bubble net earn,

There are a lot of videos out there that you can mix with.

How can you get your video seen by more people?

The recommendation mechanism of YouTube is different from


Fast hand, the latter as long as your content is good enough, you have a chance to hit.

And the YouTube is based on social relations and spread, with the help of your wechat friends to spread


As long as your video is liked by one wechat friend, then this video will be pushed to all of that person’s friends.

So after the release of the video, but also desperately sent to your circle of friends, wechat group, let your friends and relatives to help you like, send you hot.

Finally, making a YouTube is a process of running a marathon, no

You’re the one who posts a few videos, and you get paid to lie around.

Quantitative change produces qualitative change, it is normal to send 10 pieces of fire, send 100 pieces, 1,000 pieces, there will always be part of the video will explode.

Share 4 YouTube money way, 0 cost 0 risk novice can operate!

Share 4 YouTube money way, 0 cost 0 risk novice can operate!


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