Profiteering items: Novice operation game collection, how to earn more than $10,000 a month?


The Internet has a huge population base,

They can be subdivided according to their interests,

These subdivided areas are good places to dig gold!

For those of you who want to make money on the Internet,

As long as we figure out how to find niche industries,

And study it carefully, and naturally, you’ll make money,

And those, every day

People who look for projects online,

Because it can’t settle, it becomes harder and harder to make money,

So to be successful, you have to focus on something.

Today, I’m going to share with you a niche business that makes money,

Mindless console Games Collection,

Operation is very simple, even if the novice

A novice

It can also be mastered easily,


Do what you are told, do it firmly,

I can make over 10,000 a month,

Interested friends read on!

Project Analysis

Directly on Amazon search game collection, you will find, buy game collection is really a lot of people, every industry always has a group of die-hard fans, especially keen on this kind of games, for nostalgic small games always love

Love never forgets.

In this industry, there are more than 10,000 searches every day, which fully proves that the market is indeed huge, especially for some scarce game resources. Many people are willing to pay high prices to buy them, thus forming this profiteering industry.

From a treasure search, the unit price of this industry product is not too high, but buy

The number of people to buy is quite large, a set of single machine game collection sold 16.8, but actually more than 4000 people pay, no problem of 50, 60 thousand dollars a month, can reach this month’s income, or quite good.

Where can I find a console game?

The easiest way to do this is to buy a product when it’s found, and

It is not necessary to update the package, so that there are problems can directly find customer service, the initial basic problems solved, but also save a lot of time.

How to increase sales quickly?

If you want to quickly cut into this market, you can’t use conventional methods. If you want to overtake a car in a corner, you must take the edge of the sword, to users and other merchants’ goods

Conduct the most detailed classification, collect keywords, use keyword mining to start data cleaning, analyze the needs of stand-alone game customers, and segment the market:

1. Small single-player games

2. Chinese version of single-player games

3, mobile version of the stand-alone game

4. Single-player games for children

5, arcade version of the console game

6, puzzle version of the console game

After the subdivision of the categories, we begin to organize the packaging. On the basis of the previous purchase, we continue to organize the products according to the subdivision requirements:

Tidy up after the start of batch packaging, upload to a variety of web disk, in the use of TXT documents, sorting, sorting to mark good, do not mix up, and then start to promote.

How to Promote

Of the product

Promotion is the most troublesome thing, no matter what products do, the requirements for traffic are extremely high, how to obtain traffic is a decisive step to success.

If you want to get traffic, you should first select the acquisition direction, such as short video platform, we media platform, post bar, QQ group ranking, etc. Take TikTok as an example.

For you to analyze:

1, first register a standard account, form the content direction, and the peer is the best teacher, the early stage can first imitate the peer, master the skills, and then catch up.

2, when the content is set, you can put some classic small game screen, and then with deep nostalgia or radical BGM, copywriting according to

Content is written, the topic directly into the classic or nostalgia, which can be a good resonance.

3, video content can directly imitate peers, now there is a simulator, do not need to buy equipment or game card, can be directly produced, more convenient and simple.

How to cash out

1. Open a Amazon store

Open a Amazon store for sales

, according to the subdivision needs, put the keywords on the title, the keywords are higher, the ranking is higher, the easier it is to get others’ attention.

Prepare good words, as long as someone adds wechat, send a single game download link, and tell the customer Amazon price is 10


, wechat Pay 15


This is the client bubble net earning

The sense of trust in you is not strong, generally choose to go to Amazon order, so that the sales in Amazon will slowly grow up, ranking on the top, sales will be better.

2, wechat private domain transaction

First of all, the wechat name will be changed to single machine game wholesale or single machine game merchants, single machine game experts and so on.


After direct to the major forums, such as QQ post bar, direct post to write free send single game places 10. If someone adds you, you will send a set of single machine games for free, and then say that there are a lot of such games here, the price is very cheap, more than ten


You can get a lot of money for your money.

Generally use this way turnover rate ratio

Higher, after all, the price is not expensive, more than ten


You can take several of them, and others will try them if they feel fresh. Because it is a virtual resource, there is almost no cost, and how much can be made every day, the profit is very considerable.

3. Send a gift to the studio

With this method, it’s expensive, but it works

Slowly and the anchor mix familiar, the anchor to give you a play advertising, but remember not to find a big anchor, just find a small anchor can, after all, to find a big anchor the cost is too high, it is likely to earn no money.


In the early stage of this project, I had to sort out the resources and upload the game

Trouble, however, everything is difficult at the beginning, as long as the early pay some energy, lay a good foundation, after the monthly income is still very easy, interested friends, act quickly!

That’s all for this article

Profiteering items: Novice operation game collection, how to earn more than $10,000 a month?


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