Side door project share: a new type of express delivery to pay the project, through the delivery fee to make money!


Now companies generally create a brand, by the way, and then register the brand as a trademark, as a kind of protection, because the cost of trademark registration is relatively low, the normal price of a trademark registration will be about 1000 dollars, if only apply for registration, as long as a few hundred dollars can be done


So trademark registration on the Internet is a very large market industry, open Amazon to see the sales of these babies will know.

But today, the project I want to share with you is not to help enterprises register trademarks, but a new type of express delivery after enterprises apply for trademark registration

Pay and make money by charging delivery fees.

This way should be regarded as ZP if we really take it seriously, just because the amount of express fee is too small, maybe ordinary people will be unlucky after signing for it, so it leads to the people doing this project more and more crazy.

There are a lot of students about the payment on delivery fee

I think they’re all familiar, right?

It is more common to directly obtain your company address and personal information, and then forcibly mail products to you, and collect express fees to make profits. The regular express fees may cost around dozens of dollars.

Because in recent years, there are too many people doing this thing, it is estimated that there are quite a few

Everyone has received this kind of express, so people nowadays become more cautious. If they can’t confirm who sent the parcel, they will generally refuse the visa.

But what if this were the case?

Your company did apply for the trademark registration, and then Express registered the trademark with you

Related, it may make you think that the trademark is registered down, and then express to you, and the express fee price is only 20-30 dollars.

I believe that the probability of you signing for this express will be greatly improved.

Recently, a friend in my circle encountered such a situation:

Received one

It’s 28 for a file that’s collected


The Courier fee, the address is: trademark. So the friend thought that his trademark application had been registered, so he signed for it.

After paying for the delivery, I opened the package and found a piece of paper and nothing else.

The guy who delivered the package made at least 2

0 , if it is calculated on the basis of 3000 orders sent a day and 1000 orders received, the profit of signed delivery is more than 20,000 , while the express delivery without signed delivery may lose about 6000-8000 express fee, and it can also net 10,000 , and it is no problem to earn millions annually.

And that’s all for today!

Side door project share: a new type of express delivery to pay the project, through the delivery fee to make money!


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