Through the public number matrix to make money, half a year of kung fu, there are more than one hundred thousand net income every month!


Through the public number matrix to make money, half a year of kung fu, there are more than one hundred thousand net income every month!

Today’s project is about how to make money through the matrix of public accounts.

Different from the usual sharing of “we media”, this does not require you to write original articles every day, but can be sustained every day by copying and pasting

Cut off income.

If you are good at drainage, you can play through free drainage, but the speed is slow and tiring, so play this project, directly through the paid mode to play.

The initial capital is tens of thousands of dollars, the current industry test, quickly two or three months can be paid back, and the money spent is purchased

Virtual assets that come in, basically don’t depreciate.

In other words, even if you don’t want to play with your money, you can sell the asset and get your money back quickly, without much risk.

This is the same as buying a house, as long as the choice of location is no problem, the house is OK, on the one hand to buy every month to lie down to earn rent, on the other

When they don’t want to collect the rent, they can resell the house.

Of course, the premise of paid gameplay is that you must have a company, if there is no company, to register a, at most spend a few hundred dollars can also be done.

So this project, more suitable for a company, willing to invest tens of thousands of dollars of brothers to play.

One person is enough in the early stages

Play the public number matrix, a person can operate ten accounts at the same time no problem, income and the number of accounts multiplied.

A friend of mine, who was playing snowball, got a taste of the program and started paying for it early on. Within the first month, it started to pay off big.

And now I’m playing it myself, already

That’s a hell of a report.

And then put the money into the project, because the return is very fast, even within half a year, the monthly net income of more than one hundred thousand.

At present, few people come out to train this project, and many are making money in silence. I am also starting to run this project myself.

Someone in the market

On the training program, the fees amounted to several thousand dollars. Without further ado, go straight to the valuable:

Although many people think that the public account is declining due to the rapid development of short video live broadcast, in fact, the public account is still the best tool for ordinary people to make money.

A lot of people who are playing public accounts are also secretly making money behind their backs,

Unlike short video live every day false data, do not know the people, still think it is a great leap forward movement.

Previously, I talked about a simple public number traffic realization project. The front end makes traffic through various channels every day, and the back end realizes all kinds of advertising.

You don’t have to write your own articles. You can make money by copying and pasting.

Continue today

Share under the public number matrix project how to play, if a public number can bring you ten thousand advertising costs per month, then 10 public number can let you into one hundred thousand per month.

I know a friend, just two people together to operate 20 public accounts, the monthly income is close to 300,000 dollars, without a word directly on valuable.

The first

First, the public number positioning, in order to make the public number valuable, must do the vertical field of we media. And the field is

Just need, large flow, such as commercial money making class public account, emotional consultation class public account, parent-child education class public account, red envelope coupons class public account

And so on.

Below we take the business to make money class public number as an example, how to proceed

Matrix operation to maximize monthly benefits:

1. Positioning of public accounts

When we do the matrix, we can do two types of public accounts: the first is not with a strong personal color, mainly to provide business consultation.

The second is a strong personal color, to create a personal brand.


When the two types of do, with your strong personal brand, daily content are their own original, personal life experience and business wisdom together, generally run 1-2 can.

And the other is the infinite number of public number, specializing in providing business information, this kind of public number

It is mainly to screen out high-quality commercial information for the public and then publish it through the public account.

Provide commercial information of the public number, can be mass operation, and do a good job of handling work, do not need to be original. These two types of commercial public accounts, the realization of the model is very different, to provide commercial information, the realization of the main

Is advertising, product realization, because the characteristics are large flow, fan adhesion is weak.

If the personal brand is mainly used, the realization is mainly based on training, consulting and development channels, with high fan adhesion and high value.

In the matrix, between the two types of public accounts, can also guide each other, mutual benefit and win-win. Business Information

The name of the public account is based on business keywords, such as business wisdom, boss wisdom, financial information, business think tank, etc. Personal money class public accounts, personal name as the core, such as: xxx, xxx entrepreneurship, xxx said money, etc.

2. After the public account is positioned well, the next step is to carry out traffic operation.

It’s the fans that make it worthwhile.

In the early rise of powder, if we want to take a shortcut, the fastest way is to directly buy the commercial class with fans of the public number, and then the public number migration to their own public number above.

Buy public account platform recommendation:

New list: https://services.

Claw fish net:

a5 Entrepreneurship website:

Buy a public number here the water is very deep, must find the quality

Account, buy to cost-effective, some parallel goods public number, bought a huge loss. So here to buy a public number, my suggestion is: first of all, it is best to pass the platform, for guaranteed transactions.

Judge the quality of the public number, the first is vertical, the second is in line with their familiar field, the third public number cost performance.

In this case

How to judge the cost performance of the public number? I buy the principle of the public number is: looking for a large number of fans, the reading rate is low to 1-3% of the number, the name with commercial keywords, information class mainly. Reading rate is low, the number of large number of fans, the general price is relatively low, and after buying, through rationalization of operation, can activate the fans

And great prospects for development. Buy a public number is the fastest way, because it comes with a large number of fans, after a month of content operation at most, the second month can start to receive advertising profit.

The second way to quickly increase powder, is to do the direct release, the public number backstage itself has advertisers, can be promoted by paying

Powder, the specific production ratio, according to the advertising copy you put, to determine the conversion rate.

Now generally we like to directly put into the personal micro signal above, because the low reading rate of the public number is a very profound pain point, there is no way to change.

And attracted to the personal number above, can carry out the circle of friends, wechat group, one to one cash,

Can also be guided to the public number above, so the value of personal number fans is much higher than the public number.

The third way to increase powder is through the free way to increase powder, early through the original quality content every day, and then the whole network drainage. If you write articles on Quora,


On short video diversion, Himalaya on voice diversion.

And of course through Weibo, post bar,

Social networking Sites

And other community channels for drainage. Or based on the wechat platform, by adding a large number of vertical industry wechat groups to drainage, previously shared in detail, here is not repeated.

The first step is the hardest, but once you have a few thousand followers, you can take the second step to speed up the growth

Powder speed, that’s pushing each other.

Peer mutual push, different industry alliance, as long as the common fan overlap rate is more than 50%, then the mutual push effect will generally be very good, each time can bring hundreds of thousands of fans.

In addition to the mutual push with others, we do business matrix, focusing on playing their own mutual push role, will their own business

Between the public number, to carry out frequent mutual push.

Can also be in the menu bar, specially set up a business matrix, let the fans to pay attention to, together with their other several numbers are also concerned at the same time.

So after having fans, what are the channels to cash in?

1. Main flow realization

When your official account has more than 500 followers,

You can open the traffic master. Generally read more than a thousand public accounts,

It will automatically bring tens of dollars of traffic revenue every day, and hundreds of thousands of traffic revenue every month.

Traffic main advertising, the impact of fan viscosity is almost zero, so don’t pretend to be arrogant, bold open on the line. For 600 bucks a month, one

That’s $7,200 a year for a decent computer.

2. Advertorial advertisement realization

At present, the price of soft wide in the market is generally 0.8-1


A reading, when you read more than a thousand, there will be a large number of advertisers, come to find you pay to put.

An AD is based on your average number of reads, according to

If the cost of an advertisement is 2000, then five advertisements per month can earn over ten thousand dollars per month.

3. Cash in goods

Products are sold from time to time, especially during holidays. Take the Mid-Autumn Festival as an example, advertisements for mooncakes or hairy crabs can be pushed to make cash. Or according to the fan attributes to recommend products, such as commercial fans, can be uncertain

Period to do book promotion activities, and then in the public number to insert the purchase link, commission to make money.

4. Pay to read

The public number can set a low amount of paid reading, the suggestion is a few pieces, dozens of pieces, users pay to read the highest enthusiasm. The commercial type is mainly to provide very valuable money making information, let the fans after watching, immediately

It can be enlightening and rewarding.

5. Cash in on the novel

To realize the realization of novels, you can directly cooperate with relevant platforms, such as “Weixiaobao public account platform”, where you can directly carry out novel orders. Generally, the commission is more than 50%, and some can reach 90%.

The above five ways to realize the pattern, whether it is information

Class or personal brand class public number are applicable, let’s talk about the next, personal brand class public number and those cash channels.

1. Sell classes

Offer training courses from time to time, and the price is priced according to the purchasing power of fans and the value of the course. 99


For one class, if 100 people sign up, bring them directly

Over ten thousand dollars in income.

2. Sell consulting solutions

Consulting can be done in the beginning of the small number of fans, because it is a one-to-one form, not only the price of customers is high, but also effectively understand the attributes of fans.

Early can start from a few hundred dollars at a low price, and then when your experience is more and more sufficient, the number of fans is more and more, so the customer price

But the higher it is.

3. Circle

Create a paying community that charges between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars a year. Sell consulting and circle, in the later stage must go high route, because the conversion rate of fans is difficult to improve, high customer unit price can cover all costs.

If your annual membership community charges $1,000 a year, then

With more than 300 members, it can bring a net income of more than 300,000 dollars every year.

Finally, no matter how your public account is operated, it belongs to your personal assets. You can buy it from others, and you can also hang it on relevant websites and continue to sell it.

And after you run it, it’s worth more.

Just like

We buy the same house, as long as the house is right, on the one hand, usually keep the monthly rent, on the other hand, the house does not want to collect rent, can be directly sold for cash.

Of course, the rate of return on investment is much higher than the rental and sale ratio of the house. Even if it does not appreciate, one day if you want to sell it, it will waste some processing fees, which is the investment price

It’s higher than super.

And the public number can also be combined with wechat personal number to play, the public number above the fans into your wechat personal number to go above.

In the wechat personal number, if the fan viscosity is good (circle of friends without too much junk advertising), 20,000 wechat fans, followed by a circle of friends advertising is 3000


To get started,

Pick up three or four a month, can be more than ten thousand a month.

Think is a problem, do only have the answer, do any project is like this, look for it to do, only in the process of dry, to understand and make money.

Through the public number matrix to make money, half a year of kung fu, there are more than one hundred thousand net income every month!

Through the public number matrix to make money, half a year of kung fu, there are more than one hundred thousand net income every month!


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