Share 3 new, low-cost, zero-threshold TikTok projects to earn part-time money online


As the Chinese New Year is coming, many friends may have nothing to do when they go home. So today, I would like to share with my friends that I am in


Found 3 more suitable for novice operation, 0 threshold, low cost


Net earn part-time small projects.

No more nonsense, straight on the valuable.

1. Magic

Simply buy magic items

, first learn by yourself, generally after buying items will send you a tutorial.

Once you learn it, you can film and edit it and release it.

Cash channels: yellow truck with goods, merchandise window with goods, drainage of private number (generally with goods in the video demonstration of props)

2, king game to play with

Friends who like to play games, spend two hours a day,

Record your video, clip it, and post it to



The advice is to pair with a nice girl (you know), with style, humorous language, it will help you more quickly. (It is recommended to watch 10 peer videos first, then you will know how to do it)

Once you have the fans, you can do it

Cash out with play. There are game generation cash, etc.

3. Pay for knowledge

Things like Photoshop, video clips, photography tutorials, interior design, ui design, art, software development, architectural design, etc., are very popular.

Find an industry you’re interested in, then go download quality tutorial videos and go through the secondary clip

The album is posted to


On, monetize by selling tutorials.

Suitable for: college students majoring in related fields, or those who are skilled in this field.

Why recommend it to someone who knows better?

Because the video platform is very exploitative, if we release the video we don’t understand, we will soon suffer from others

Doubt, and your trust level will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, the type of knowledge payment video, I suggest you to have some understanding of it before you do it, the best way is to start from your industry.

Share 3 new, low-cost, zero-threshold TikTok projects to earn part-time money online


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