3 kinds of super easy to use overseas online earning projects, help you achieve passive income, lying at home to earn dollars!


Do you want to have an “after sleep income” every night when you go to bed?

Many people find it impossible to achieve passive income and choose not to try it, but those who have tried it and stuck with it now have a fantastic life.

A good friend of mine drifts abroad every day. I’ll be in Chiang Mai or Bali

An island vacation and then a trip to the United States to talk digital marketing. People who don’t know him think he is a rich second generation, but in fact it is his passive income, so he can enjoy life while working.

If I hadn’t started a company before, maybe I would have chosen this life. But having a company is like

It’s like having a baby, until it grows up.

If you’re still a worker, there are a few ways to increase your passive income that you might not expect.


So let’s start with what is

Passive income


Passive income is when you get paid in a way that you barely need

Earn money by trying to maintain your way to work every day. What’s so fascinating about it? Everyone wants to earn passive income so they can enjoy life comfortably when they retire. Passive income comes in different types and degrees. Making money while you sleep is just another term for passive income.

If you really want to get there soon

Quality of life, the way to accumulate a variety of passive income is the best way, good passive income takes time to accumulate. Passive income has been broadly defined as money you earn with minimal or no effort. Passive income is often associated with capital gains from dividends, interest, and rent, but in reality they are not

With the development of the Internet, there are also new passive income models.

The new Internet models have lower barriers to entry, and as long as you know English or have a skill, you can generate passive income through these models.

Let’s take a look at some of the Internet passive income models we can start with.


So what’s the difference

What is the model of networking that we can start with? I have looked up the introduction of passive income abroad, and there are a lot of passive income methods, but not all of them are suitable for our current situation. Therefore, I choose three methods that are easy to use to introduce to you.

1) Traffic blog

It means to make a price

The value of the website, this value is mainly reflected in the traffic of the website and SEO data. There are two main channels through which it can be realized:

First, hang Google Adsence advertising, although this income is not high, but as long as your traffic is relatively large, it will continue to produce income for you, on

Like the hang-up worker in your game, he will continue to help you mine gold.

Two, sell links, as long as your website has traffic, weight, then there will be a lot of people looking for money to give you.

For example:

We receive paid link requests every day, the highest day can receive more than 20, the highest

The lowest can pay more than $30, and they provide original articles. We just need to shake our hands and get the money.

Do a traffic is good, DA in about 30 sites, light from the outside chain here can do more than ten thousand income.

As for the Adsence website

Practice, you can choose a more rough method, as long as the article written by others in accordance with our way to write again on the line, we call it “draft washing”. But what we need to do is to make the quality of the articles better than theirs, the reading experience better than theirs, and we can get good flow

The amount.

A phrase often heard these days:

Anything deserves to be redone, and that’s the truth.

More rough is to directly use AI pseudo-original tools to realize the washing and handling of the article, and then cooperate with the old domain name to do, the effect is also very good, I will have the opportunity to broadcast to you about this aspect


2) Affiliate alliances

I am also a Blog, but the Blog’s location is different from Google Adsence’s location. One does flood traffic and the other does vertical traffic.

Affiliate Marketing jobs are available

Similar to the sales guide, when customers come into your store, you want to try to convince them to buy your products, and then you can get a percentage of the sales of this product.

The difference is that the way you convince a client is by writing an article, so as long as the article is well written and the client reads it

I will go straight to the purchase, do not have to do the repetitive work.

In terms of human traffic, we can use advertising or SEO to attract people. Most foreign users are using SEO to attract, because this can achieve the real sense of passive income. Traffic does not need you to promote can come in, and then see

Your article will go to the shop to buy, and then generate commission, this is the most popular way of foreigners at present.

3) Online courses

If you are skilled in your field or hobby, you can make instructional videos for passive income.

The way to record video is simple if you have an iPhone

Brain, you can download an OBS or Screen Flow to achieve the course recording, and then buy a good beauty camera + recording equipment can start production. imoive comes with its own editing tool, which is enough to help you with simple editing tasks.

If you are

Windows operating system, can also use OBS to record, editing can be audio video, even cut can be. I personally recommend the clip, the clip video is really convenient, but for a long video may be the phone card.

In addition, the video does not need to be edited particularly beautifully, because you video

Its core is also to pass on knowledge, not to make movies. A lot of people will put a lot of effort into the editing process, and add a lot of special effects and stuff, but it’s not going to make you any money.

After the course is finished, the course will be distributed. If you do overseas, Undemy is the first choice

Have an independent site and advertise to sell courses, but this is a little more troublesome. If it is for the domestic market, it will be a lot, what NetEase class, Tencent class and so on, if it is a general class on what platform can be put up.

I saw a teacher doing entrepreneurship coaching, he just recorded the course

Produced and distributed to various platforms, the peak passive income was more than 110,000 dollars a day.


Capacity Requirements:

Basic Skills needed to run a traffic blog and Affiliate Affiliate:

Learn how to use keyword research tools to identify opportunity keywords;
Have a good command of English,

Be able to draw on other people’s articles to produce better content;
Learn how to hire and manage a VA (virtual assistant) to help you write articles;
Understand the skills of single page optimization, so that the article meets the requirements of SEO;

Know how to do Outreach, access to high-quality external chain resources;

Traffic blog and Affiliate practice, the threshold is relatively higher, but it is not a problem to have friends engaged in overseas operation in this field, and I can also sign up for some training courses (Taogusi

College) and you can get started.

Basic Skills required for online classes:

Can use video recording software, such as screen flow, obs;
Able to use tools such as film clips and imovie to clip videos.
Have a skill and be able to

Know how to promote your courses;

In fact, it is easier to do online lessons, for example, if you know how to play the guitar, you can teach how to play from 0 to 1, and then make a video tutorial. Promotion can be used in China


In foreign countries can use youtube, by showing their talents

Art attracts fans and people who are interested in guitar will buy your lessons to learn how to play guitar. Of course, you can also be an affiliate, and when customers buy guitars, you can recommend them what kind of guitar they want to buy, and then you can earn a commission through the affiliate link.

These are the three side businesses

Do you get it?

These are 3 kinds of super easy to use overseas online earning projects, help you achieve passive income, lying at home to earn dollars! The entire content of!

3 kinds of super easy to use overseas online earning projects, help you achieve passive income, lying at home to earn dollars!

3 kinds of super easy to use overseas online earning projects, help you achieve passive income, lying at home to earn dollars!


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