Monthly into one hundred thousand wechat red envelope project, you send red envelopes at the same time, others secretly rich


Red envelope cover marketing drainage, recently made quite fierce.

One is to sell the red envelope cover to make money, the production cost of one dollars, selling 20 or 30.

One is to take the red envelope cover drainage, free everywhere.

Amazon last month sold more than ten thousand, thousands of a lot, a month into more than one hundred thousand.

Second hand goods trading platform is also a pile, and the price difference is quite big, a few dollars

Have, dozens of dollars also have to sell.

Most of them are second-rate dealers, sourcing goods at low prices, channeling them through these platforms, and then reselling them at high prices to make a profit.

To sell on wechat, from Quora and other channels drainage, as well as public number, YouTube a large number of interception.

This YouTube interception is very cattle, every day mobile terminal search for people special

Many, we can find from the Sogou index.

Tens of thousands of people search on mobile every day, and the main channel for mobile search is wechat.

I have shared about wechat blocking before. For those who don’t understand, please find out more:

Practical operation of wechat public number interception, ten or twenty passive flow every day

Use the keyword name to intercept the public

Number, YouTube fans.

A few days ago the interception is very severe, these two days wechat official began to suppress, many direct interception of the public number was sealed.

But there are still a lot of public accounts in the skirmish.

A newly registered public number soon, by automatic rise powder, reading has been six or seven thousand.

This year’s Spring Festival, the red envelope

The cover is gonna be a hit.

Many large enterprises are in the layout of red envelope cover marketing.

What they want is the amount of exposure, and some people directly insert their personal wechat public number into the cover to realize automatic transmission and drainage.

Their own production is very troublesome, to buy their own use, or two traffickers to make money, more is the best wholesale channel. flowers

Wholesale money. It’s usually a pretty cover with no ads.

There is a special big enterprise brand, or big stars, in order to make publicity, and customized advertising cover.

This is generally free, through free channels, can be obtained: directly in wechat search “red envelope cover”, many people in order to drainage,

And free to share these corporate brand exposure red envelope cover.

These cover with advertising, is originally free to receive, they through the free red envelope cover information is poor, to their public number free drainage.

Then you want these free cover words, directly through this channel search, will be related to the small program, see

Frequency number, public number are concerned again, you can get a lot of free red envelope cover channels.

During the New Year, the most lively, of course, is between friends and relatives to send blessings to each other, give each other red envelopes.

That year, wechat was through the Spring Festival red envelope marketing, and the Spring Festival Gala overnight hit.

In addition to the above two dealer channels, we have a good

Interesting, you can also apply for the red envelope production channel, their own production sales.

Or is used to do brand exposure drainage, is also very good, after all, a red envelope production cost is only one dollars.

Red envelope production channels:

Application website: https://cover.weixin.qq.


Their own application threshold is higher, the audit is relatively slow, try to know, anyway, do not register money.

This program, at least until around the Spring Festival, will be a good program.

Whether it’s to make money, or simply to attract fans, or to do the company brand exposure, it’s a great opportunity.

Monthly into one hundred thousand wechat red envelope project, you send red envelopes at the same time, others secretly rich


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