Share a phone fee to make money project, earn 500 a day, long-term income


Today I will share with you a small project about making money from phone charges. First of all, the project we share today is not slow charge or 91 discount charge.

Because in my opinion, slow phone charge is not a good project, although the phone charge is a high demand, but the limit is too much.

Let’s say low margin, 100

Quick, 200 quick phone charges, commission is only 1 or 2 dollars? And for the average person, a month is not 100 fast, 200 fast so much.

For example, slow charge, 72 hours to the account, phone charges this thing, not real-time to the account, it is not good to promote.

Today I share the project, is also to promote phone charges, but with

Slow charge items vary.

First put the entrance bar, scan code attention can be, very simple.

Talking about how he has several advantages.

1: The phone charge is paid in seconds

2: Unlimited amount, minimum 10


3: It can be charged every month

4: Half the charge, and the commission is higher

5: Long lock commission

Among them, half price charge, high commission is the key


For example, I recommend friend A to charge 20 calls. He only needs 12 to charge 20 calls faster, and we can get 5-6


A commission.

Isn’t that nice?

However, there is also a disadvantage, only limited to Guangdong mobile users can have such a high commission, other regions commission is relatively low.

But this disadvantage

Not a problem in some people’s eyes.

Some time ago, a good friend of mine used the task net to promote this project, with a daily profit of 1000 .

How did he do it?

He did it in three steps.

1: He released a task, Guangdong mobile users, only need to pay attention to, give 20 cents commission, and so on these people

After the mission, he was locked in powder.

2: And then he’s telling them that it can be 12


20 calls.

As for those who do not believe it, that is normal, he is playing with the volume and probability of the matter, there will be people will believe.

Those who believed in it were prostituted by him, but what about those who did not? It’s easy.

He went on a mission

Commission will be given to 2


, said half price charge, let people in need to rush, but the commission is less.

Of course, not every quest network can support this kind of quest. I tested several platforms and only certain kinds of quests worked.

Of course, now it is not so good to put, because of the problem of poor information, the first to put the task can always

Eat big head, the people behind now become his indirect friends, he is now every bubble net earning month can lie to earn thousands of commission.

I also have a few methods that I can recommend to you. ,

For example, more local groups in Guangdong do promotion.

For example, we media in Guangdong can be used as local information accounts. Here

Number main introduce some, or spend some expenses, let him help put, can do accurate coverage of users.

For example, you can do to push, find some local businesses, give them a demonstration of practical operation.

And so on.

It is not difficult to make hundreds of dollars a day with dim sum. The most important thing is to promote it once, and then he will continue to generate revenue


Finally article summary: Guangdong friends recommend half price phone charges, they can take 5


Commission, long-term benefits.

Share a phone fee to make money project, earn 500  a day, long-term income


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