A small project using the information gap to solve the needs of humanity earned 20,000 dollars in 7 days!


Several old friends were reunited after a long separation.

“Looking back on the bad past and looking forward to a better future” is inevitable during the dinner.

After all, the word “money” is indispensable.

There is another law of human nature:

The worse you get, the less you like what people talk about when there’s a crowd.


Xiao A is almost 30, no car, no house, very

I haven’t even had a girlfriend yet.

Whenever we talked about money, he would scowl and drink in silence,

About the bright future, he always wants to make a joke to change the subject.

In order to save his face,

We changed the topic and discussed “What is a good gift for a close person during the holiday?”

Some people say: dinner dinner

Someone said: bag watch

Someone said: Beauty products

Only little C smiled. Those things are too vulgar.

I know something that can make people cry.

We all have a lot of photos and chats stored on our phones, and there must be a lot of memories with close people.

Have you ever thought about getting your photos and your chat logs

Come out and make it into a book?

When he said this, many people were amused.

What’s the most important thing about gift giving?

Naturally, the person who prepared the gift “used the heart”, and the person who received the gift “understood the heart”.

For that reason, this gift has a lot to offer.

【 Two 】

Where there is demand, there will be business opportunities.

Actually, this one uses a heart

A gift is a project.

As early as last year, I wrote on Quora about the niche and high-end gifts.

There was little agreement, but a lot of interest.

Soon after the article was published, it received a lot of comments and private messages from people asking how to make gifts.

So I will easily push the boat to do a bad information play

Fa, Xiao made more than 20 grand.

Today I would like to share this experience with you:

There is a saying:

Before the car is very slow, life is only enough to love a person.

Although technology has made our lives a lot easier, professional work still needs to be done by professionals.

Street photo studio, studio still exists, shopping malls self – washing photo equipment

And more and more…

It’s all a hint of the potential market: there’s a lot of demand for albums.

And album, book this kind of things, bearing the meaning of something different.

For children, it’s a reminder of growing up,
For husband and wife, it bears the proof of mutual love,

For the family, it bears witness to the family’s happiness.

Here’s another simple example: graduation photos.

Studios around the campus can earn half a year’s income by relying on the graduation season.

Amazon do custom photo album service, every month thousands of single many, the transaction price is basically one hundred



How about this profit,

Just do a little math.

【 Three 】

First, how to make the product?

Make the whole process yourself

If you have experience with album customization, you can do the whole process yourself.

If you have experience in typesetting and picture processing, you can arrange the work yourself and outsource the printing.

In fact, there are a lot of album templates online, you can directly set a key

To use.

If you are in charge of the whole project, find a color printing company (local is the best), negotiate a good price, customers customize a good style after the order, the content can be handled to the color printing company printing.

As for the price of paper, the price of albums, and so on, here’s what I learned:

“Printing cost: 5 cents/sheet (double page)

“, priced at 1.8-3 dollars per page, usually 20 pages minimum order.”

That is to say, printing

Make at least 31-55 per order



The profit is quite impressive.

Of course, the cost of design fees, Courier fees need to be calculated separately, naturally there is room for operation.

Cooperative agent model

If you don’t do any of the above

Yeah, we can outsource everything.

Find a peer to represent him.

For example, Amazon has a lot of businesses, you can go one by one to communicate with customer service:

Whether an agent is needed
How much is a deal
How does the service process go


Or, you can partner with a local brick-and-mortar store.

Door to talk about cooperation, help him cover the local junior high school, high school, university, also can earn a lot.

Or, like me, write some answers and get a bunch of interested people to place orders.

First use the one-click typesetting tool to deal with it, and then go to the Amazon store to order, to make a difference.

Make a hundred a pop


Simple and easy.

It’s all about people.

【 Four 】

And who is the product sold to?

Because of the special nature of the gift, the price is often not the point.

Users are more concerned about:

The quality of the product, and the effect of the presentation.

People interested in the product, there are probably the following types:

Fresh graduates

Junior high school graduation, high school graduation, university graduation, training class graduation…

Family couple


There are many relationships that a block can extend,

Such as baby growth photos, wedding photos, couple photos, family photos, sunset photos and so on.

Give Gifts

A gift from a friend is a unique gesture.

The group set up a memorial

Many small groups are very focused on the evolution of the team,

For example, college clubs, off-campus interest groups (night runs, bike riders, Tours

Etc.), enterprise league building, etc.


Figure out the product, figure out who the customer is, and finally talk about how to find the customer.

Birds of a feather flock together.

What age group are your customers, what are they interested in, and where are they primarily active?

So what do you produce in response, and then find a way to appear in them

Right now.

For example, a few well-worn channels:


You can search keywords to find the relevant group, contact the group master or administrator, negotiate cooperation.


Some excellent cases will be shared in each school’s post bar to attract people to consult.


Turn excellent case into video, it is easy to arouse others


Or open a Amazon store, and then go to the shop window


Number cooperation, promotion and embellishment.


Can like me, in the Q&A platform on the precise topic to share, traffic is very vertical.


When someone posted a group of artistic photos on Moments, many people asked her where she took them.

She said:


X Studio, merchants have activities, share the merchant sample and contact information to the moments of friends, collect 100 likes can get 100 discount



This kind of play is simple and practical. By asking for praise, more people know the studio bubble net income, see its works and contact information, customers recommend customers, and the flow is like a snowball pile

Get up.

In general, the project is not new, there is no threshold, interested people can operate a wave. The market for custom gifts is huge.

Eating only holds memories for one day,
Makeup only holds memories for a certain amount of time.
The phone could be lost, the flash drive could be

It’s gonna break,

In an age of fragmented information, people remember very little over the long term.

Such a beautiful and memorable gift is priceless.


Little A always asks: What is the secret of making money?

I thought about it and gave him an answer:

The secret of making money is: know yourself and study others.

Learn from oneself


No one is born knowing what they are suitable for, it is a need to explore.

Know your problems and know to look for answers.

Know your own character, know to learn from each other.

Know your time and use it wisely.

Know your IQ, know what kind of money to make.

The way to make money in this world

There are many models of success that can be replicated.

But not every path is right for you. Be sure to copy it according to your strengths.

If you don’t have any advantages, use your talents to accumulate some advantages and then replicate them.

Study People

There is nothing new under the sun.

Friends who want to start a business, do not think that what is easy to sell, just

What to do.

Look at those who have survived for a long time, they must have a stable profit model.

What we need to do is to find out the framework, copy the model and optimize the stability.

Starting a business is tough, and the first step should always be:

Not until you live.

After all,

Ordinary people’s life, really can’t lose a few times.

A small project using the information gap to solve the needs of humanity earned 20,000 dollars in 7 days!

A small project using the information gap to solve the needs of humanity earned 20,000 dollars in 7 days!


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