3 – step recovery this easy to understand money – making project, novice January 6000


Every year at the end of the year, I will go online to buy some crystal orange, I personally think it is very delicious, very sweet. I didn’t go into the agricultural products store in Mayang this morning. I searched it on the Internet and found that there were part of the bidding ads. Is there such a big profit for this crystal orange?

I went into this homepage and found that it was a

People web page, randomly click open search, many columns are no content, and the national hotline is not a landline, the so-called Qianyang and the famous Mayang, the difference is just a word, it seems that this method is also used.

A simple agricultural cooperative, or maybe not even a cooperative, is just an e-commerce business

An office in the support industry base can generate profits as long as it gets customers on the bidding sheet.

We should know that bidding goods are generally several times the profit, otherwise the money earned is not enough for the cost of bidding, then if the way to use the screen to present the single page of this ice orange, what will be the unexpected effect


As we all know, the product information under the big data will be accurately pushed to the users who have the demand. For example, if you want to lose weight, the products pushed to you must be related to weight loss. If you have been understanding the information of acne whitening, there will be a stream of such information has been presented

All the merchant information is a person, this is the screen.

In fact, the principle is very simple, is through some operations, so that you in a specific environment, the business and contact information presented are all a person, and even the first few pages are, not only to shield other business information, and your advertisement in

Large search traffic before wanton display, this is not particularly profiteering.

Take the ice orange that I was going to buy a little Mayang just now as an example. Everyone knows that this kind of ice orange is super small, but very sweet. Then what I see on some e-commerce platforms is small orange, and if I search the content of ice orange online, I will see it

The size of Qianyang crystal orange is relatively large. In the complex information, I think I may also place an order for a large one. This is the transformation of demand decision into transaction.

Search engine bully screen for bidding friends have extraordinary significance, below I will talk in detail with you about how to do the bully screen, and this bully screen earn

How the money is realized.

1. Understanding and application of key words

Keywords are the most important point to do the screen project, if you do not understand the role of keywords, then the back will not play, so how to operate for keywords, of course, is to do this word ranking.

Some of the larger categories of keywords do not have to test

Worry, basically behind the team in operation, such as weight loss, skin care, decoration and so on this kind of big keywords, and according to the single page of these words a lot, can do home page possibility is almost zero, then we need to find some easy to optimize the short and long tail keywords.

For example, is Mayang iced orange delicious?

How to adjust the anger exuberant, Hefei winter where to eat hot pot and so on this kind of easy to optimize the keywords, and this kind of keywords to the natural search flow is relatively accurate.

This kind of keywords are easy to find, if in some webmaster analysis platform can not find more accurate words, we can through the search box under

Look in the pull column, for example, under the extension of Mayang ice orange:

There is the search engine related search, which is relatively accurate.

2. Platform selection of promotion copy

Here we want to be clear about one thing, is that your advertising copy or text soft text must be put into the platform for search engines to grab

Content, then where our article release, directly affects the exposure of this copy.

For example, you know that some platforms are more popular with search engines, the first Google department of its own platform, post bar, know, experience and so on, we put their own advertising copy in these platforms, a period of time will be included

After participating in the ranking, will give priority to the user, and like Quora, Jane book, Sina blog and so on are also very good, relatively high weight.

If I need a Tang suit here, search the Tang suit in Google, and at this time you know the Tang suit keywords in Google will appear, in Quora about the Tang suit introduction copy

Will show, users see these high-quality accurate content and the following attached to your advertising, what is this kind of experience, automatic customer turnover rate will be greater.

3, screening high-quality easy to include the article template

If there is no operation of link by link, it is almost impossible to realize the hegemon screen. Keywords can be found.

The platform also has, but the article is not included, so our promotion copy will not have exposure.

High quality easy to include the article is a prerequisite for the search engine included, then what articles can be called high quality?

The answer is that users like the content, in fact, users, we, the platform these three ways symbiosis

If we produce quality content to help the platform retain users, the platform will have traffic and make money. If users meet their needs on the platform, they will make money by consuming bubble online on the platform, and the platform will give us part of the dividend.

We have to pay more than others to get that precise traffic

Time, do a good job of content production.

To be specific, the title of the copy should have the appropriate keywords, observe the position and method of peers to leave advertising, do not go up directly leave wechat contact number, generally this kind of backflow will be suppressed by the platform, learn peer copy, if necessary, directly wash the manuscript, of course, can also be

With multiple platforms and multiple accounts, mainly seek to win from the quantity.

In fact, from the current point of view, as for the operation techniques of screen hegemony, it does not belong to the category of SEO, and our understanding of SEO requires a little more technical.

In fact, the screen is more inclined to content marketing, online someone to do the screen for others, but the fee is generally relatively high

, and there is not much technology to speak of, it is all the content of the pile, interested friends can try, while the Chinese New Year this period of time, do some and “Chinese New Year” related to the short and long tail keywords, can also be a short wave of small rich.

3 – step recovery this easy to understand money – making project, novice January 6000


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