This side business makes money, the novice a single profit of dozens of dollars


There are many kinds of online sideline money-making projects, and there are many categories. Part-time tasks, no-brainless hanging up or we media, e-commerce and so on are all regarded as sideline businesses. Theoretically, a long-term accessible product, coupled with a drainage channel for cash, is a project.

In this way, we can almost unearth most of the Internet

The number of side projects, just like selling products, product tangible, marketing intangible, what kind of product does not matter, depends on how you do the corresponding marketing planning.

Below I will give you a specific product to explain the whole marketing process, to help you quickly find their own positioning in the confusion, can continue to land the project

Go down.

For example, we normally build a website, generally need the source code of this auxiliary product, then the demand of the source code in the market, we know that it is a demand degree is very high through the search index check.

So like source this commodity, in the circle of website construction is currency, access to sources

Code selling source code is the process of the whole project.

Now that we have chosen the source code product, our next step should be to find the more popular, more high-quality source code.

Get the source code

1, a variety of source websites

Google search source website, there are all kinds of sell source code, we have to do is to find some hot

The source code and download it.

Here is a ranking problem, basically a source code trading station, high quality hot source code are basically in the front, you can choose to put the heat of the source code are downloaded.

Another approach is the source code shopping area, where people will want to buy a variety of source code, if a source

Code was purchased much, also means the source code of the heat.

2, source two vendors

Like some source code platforms have such a hand, some people buy others’ source code in bulk to sell on their own shops or privately in the circle of friends sales, the price is much cheaper than the source code platform, we can take over in bulk.

There are

Some source two vendors often wander in a variety of groups, such as QQ group or wechat group, we open the QQ group search, we will find that the source sales group is very much.

3. E-commerce

There are too many categories, we only take good sales, sales represent the market.

Through the above channels, basically can get around 60% of the popular source code on the market, so that we can go to sales, here to give you a reminder, do not touch the free source code, here is not to say that free source is bad, but because

Is unknown.

Converted into cash

In fact, the way to monetize the source code is very simple, is to sell the source code to make money, but how to sell, what marketing copy, in which platform, is a matter worth pondering.

Here are two good sales channels, and if you are willing to spend some time, you can set up a long one

Phase of the platform.

1, build their own source sales website

In fact, the site is not so difficult to imagine, a server to build a space environment, the analysis of the domain name, a theme is a website outline, then if you will build the site, you can build a own source station.

There are also a lot of tutorials online, do not understand

Words can find to learn, build a station time is only one or two hours can be done, find a source sales source code, transmitted to the server website file, the source code sales station is done.

Then screen some relatively high quality source code, with the source code and the actual function, this does not need to go to the whole

Reason, directly take other people’s sales copy to the line, which is why I advocate that you organize the paid resources.

These popular source code can be uploaded to the website, write one or two original articles every day to lay out the keywords, over a period of time will be able to obtain the natural flow of search engines.

2. Mutual station

Online sales

Mutual website itself is a platform, using this platform we can buy source code can also sell source code, and this station resell source code is particularly many, also gave rise to the hot market of this platform.

The traffic of mutual site is still very high now, and the weight of Google search engine is still very high,

The source products we publish also get some keyword search traffic.

On mutual site, we can set up automatic delivery of virtual products, as long as it is slightly cheaper than most sellers on the platform, maintain a little competitiveness, make a difference on the line.

3. Group marketing on social platforms

Like QQ group or micro

Letter group such retail gathering place, if you can promote it, do a good job of promotion, but I always feel that the bubble network to earn I should do projects to get passive flow, active promotion is only temporary.

So we can combine wechat keyword SEO techniques and QQ group screen to do the marketing of the social group.

Never mind the past

We talk about any project or virtual goods source sales system, should learn more, more imitation peers, now any line of the Internet, there are a lot of people doing, and a lot of people do very well.

Other no matter who said is unreliable, want to earn money, we must learn to refer to peers, so as to more

Get into the project quickly and grow.

This side business makes money, the novice a single profit of dozens of dollars


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