Share a beauty project, a profiteering project that exploits human weakness and makes 20 times the profit.



I was having a party with my friends these days, and one of my friends’ ways of making money struck me.

Daily manual Posting, comments, diversion to wechat selling goods, a year can earn more than 400,000.

Making money, in his eyes, is a simple matter.

I have a product, I find someone who needs it, I sell it, I make money.

Diversion is also very simple

Single, the Internet is so big, there are a lot of people who need my products, I post on various platforms every day, write comments, people will automatically find me, and then the deal.

Making money is so simple, a simple thing, do it again, do it again, do it again!

Today’s beauty tip is about using people

Sexual weakness to make money: men lustful, women love beauty, the elderly fear death, the sick to health, competition small operation is simple.

Beauty programs belong to the category of women love beauty.

Classification is also very much: double eyelids, bone augmentation, bone grinding, breast enhancement, waist slimming, face slimming, chin pad, elimination of crow’s feet, remove neck wrinkles, eyebrow lifting, eyelid correction, remove

Freckle acne, steaming face massage, acne removal marks, moisturizing, lymphatic detoxification, neck care, scraping cupping……

And so on.

Today take the word acne dispelling marks to tell you about the details of the operation.

Let’s start with brain map 5118 and dig up the long tail words:

Get scar, remove scar, acne, acne, traceless repair

Complex 5 key words.

We are using Google index to check:

The daily search volume for each keyword is several hundred

If you look at the competition on Google,

Want to know the competition degree of industry keywords on Google, you can search the relevant keywords, refer to the number of advertisements Google bid.

The general conventional industry has 4-5 wide

For example, above the search for “acne, acne without trace” keywords, the previous page is bidding advertising.

It shows that there is a great profit in selling products by direct bidding.

According to statistics, there are nearly 10 million cases of burns and scalds in China every year, and hundreds of millions of scars from other causes, such as car accidents, knife wounds and rubbing

Injuries, various surgeries……

For young people, acne has become very common, almost everyone has experienced it.

Look at the selling price of acne products on Amazon: the average price is between 100 and 300.

Now if you look at the purchase price of,

This is the real profiteering business, profit

It’s more than 10 times, 20 times!

Why are beauty programs so lucrative?

Because cosmetic hospitals often cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of surgical costs, the industry price is high, set a high threshold, ordinary people even if there is demand, there is no economic strength, so there are these products, the average price of hundreds of thousands


For the average demander, it is still worth a try.

Details of the project.

1: Paid delivery

Like the AD bidding of Google CIC in the picture above, according to the conversion rate, as long as our profit is greater than the advertising fee, we can put ads without limit, and automatically make money through the transaction.

This kind of play is suitable for having financial strength, having a strong

The back-end of the cash ability.

The purchase price is a few


, priced at 200-300


Do not go to sell dozens


, dozens of


Definitely not hundreds


Sell well, you sell cheap customers do not believe…..

When you watch short videos, you should also brush a variety of advertisements introducing products, which are straight

Pay to put goods, you can automatically make money automatically.

2: Comment drainage

This is completely free, but the effect is not necessarily worse than the paid, like the friend in the beginning, traffic depends on comments, see how he operates?

Social networking Sites

Prepare accounts and materials, make some cases first, and post them in your diary

Bubble net to earn, then prepare a soft article, in the same field screening on the potential of the hot diary, comments, multiple accounts like, batch operation.

A diary of these comments will take you to the top.

3: Go ahead

No matter do the product, do the net earn, or do the project, the flow is necessary. Google post bar as a giant

A large pool of traffic is definitely not a negligible source of traffic.

However, it is extremely difficult to advertise in the post bar, and it is very difficult to raise the number. Once the advertisement is sensitive, the post is deleted and the number is blocked, which leads many people to give up the post bar.

In fact, you can use some skills to find small advertising competition, more relaxed management.

For example, acne removal

This word, then we can go to the following post:

Get rid of acne, burn and scald, remove scars, burn scars, acne, acne.

Some small bar if there is no bar Lord, go to sign for a month, nothing to go up a water mix face familiar, a month later to apply for the bar Lord.

If it’s a post from a bar owner,

Can private message bar master, send a small red envelope what, let him not cut the post, it is best to mix a small bar master Dangdang.

Get the Lord, go to a treasure comment to find some real experience, said he experienced two years of acne, the final perfect elimination, etc., released to the post bar, select, building a scar wechat group, let people add

Wechat answer.

Circle of friends share more every day, dispel acne and remove marks of successful cases, with some words to let customers buy.

And Douban group, the operation is not much different from the post bar, Douban can directly pay the group leader, put the advertisement on the top.

Make a public account as an endorsement

With a stable flow base, it is necessary to build

A public number, the name is called “acne removal marks repair center” from the Internet to find some experts to write articles, popularize the knowledge of acne removal marks.

Establish our own customer wechat group, and forward the popular knowledge of acne removal and dispelling marks to the group every day, so that customers can learn.

Over time, you will have established an expert endorsement that you can consider later

Docking with some plastic surgery hospital, earn commission.

Because of the long-term trust and established expert endorsement, which hospital you recommend to go to and which product you use, you have the final say.

The same can be said for other products.

Share a beauty project, a profiteering project that exploits human weakness and makes 20 times the profit.


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