Side project: Handling funny videos can also earn more than 300 a day


Those of you who regularly watch TikTok and Kuaishou must have watched funny videos. You will find that they are basically some clips and then combined into a video. This kind of video is very simple, you can find the material to put together, anyone can do it. So here’s how to monetize these kinds of videos.

Do the main video

Want to be able to attract user attention, increase fans cash, so the content of the video needs to be attractive. It then causes user comments, such as a video of a straight man treating his girlfriend, such as a funny video, as shown below:

Watching videos is all about relaxing yourself, and if your video is funny enough then it will definitely get shut down

By the way. This type of video clip is simple and can be realized by hanging the test class applet.

This kind of video can be seen on TikTok. When users click on the small program of test type to test, they will see the advertisement. When users click on the advertisement to watch, the author can get advertising revenue.

You’re gonna make a lot of TikTok videos

Off to give you recommended traffic, especially the kind of topic that can cause user comments.

So how do you do it?

I. Materials

1. Google search for funny GIFs

To search for funny gif can come out a lot of funny, connotation of the material, all gif, take the past combination into video can be, and video

High degree of originality.

2. Comment types of wechat friends and moments

Wechat friends dialogue, the dialogue content is humorous, with two wechat signals, after sending each other content, then screenshots can be taken; Moments copy and comments are very funny, and then with music copy can be;

3. Download peer video clips

To shake

The Rappers follow dozens of their peers, download their videos, edit each clip, and put it together. After you have the video material, open the clip for editing. This type of video clip is super simple, basic editing method.

Two, cash

1, hang the test class small program

(1) Test class small program

Method of taking

There are many small app platforms for TikTok, such as Doutuitou. Tiktotiao (Tiktotiao) is a third open platform, and also a cps distribution platform for short video mini programs, mainly focusing on the research and development of short video mini programs.

(2) Binding method

Search the public account Doutuitao on wechat, follow it, and click to enter the platform


Authorize TikTok account according to the prompts given by the platform, and then find the mini program you want to promote on the home page. Scan this mini program with TikTok, and you can bring a mini program link when TikTok releases works (there are many kinds of mini programs, and there is a complete operation video tutorial on the platform after joining).

When someone brushes your shake

Sound, will see the small program entrance, users click the small program link to enter, after watching the advertisement evaluation, you can get 80% of the revenue of the commission, commission = 80% of the advertising;

2. We Media platform

The clips are sent to various we-media platforms to earn profits, and now there are many

The platform has no novice period, as long as you can have revenue, attached can earn more.

You can see that the following number is the headline number that started operation in February this year, with about 100,000 plays. Toutiao’s videos are about 5-12 per 10,000 plays


, a video can earn 50-120, a day of editing

Ten of these videos are pretty easy. An account can earn 500-1200, if the multi-account bubble net earn operation earn more, which may burst some videos or some video playback volume is not too high. We can make up more for the number and account number, so we can make 3 dollars per day on TikTok and other major we-media platforms

You can still make $00.

The most important thing to do this project is the quality of the work, and then stick to the post to attract enough fans, like the toutiao platform fans to play, the price is more expensive. Videos can be distributed on multiple platforms at the same time, Tiktok and others can generate revenue, and they can be manipulated with matrices. Pay more attention

Play a high volume of video, and then compare their own video shortcomings, and then adhere to the long-term post.

Side project: Handling funny videos can also earn more than 300 a day


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