Share a few games to make money projects, you can do at home, also can earn more than ten thousand a month!


Someone asked me if I could make money playing games at home. My reply, can make money, also can make a lot of money. The biggest feeling is “tired”, but some people have made millions a year just by playing video games. Today I’m going to take a look at a few small games to make money. If you are a game enthusiast and don’t have a suitable job, no

Just try it.

01. Try out games to make money

In case you didn’t know, in


On the trial to play games, can also earn more than 10 million a month.

First of all, let’s turn on


app home button, then click the search button in the upper right corner. The input

Game Publisher Plan


Click to enter the game Publisher Plan button.

We can see that there is

People made 30,000 from this game.

We click on this game, there is a game task, directly download the game to play, according to the requirements of the recording of the game video, upload their own


On the account, you’re done.

As long as your video gets played, you get paid.

02, games to play with

Play with the game, is to accompany others

Playing games, taking orders on the platform, a lot of players who need to accompany to play will post tasks on it. Play with the task, complete the order task, gain revenue. Revenue is priced by the hour and divided into games. The current mainstream games are between 30 and 80


Two popular games are PUBG and League of Legends

Play games with games.

As for where to take the order?

At present, the larger game to play websites are: than the heart, Betta fish, tiger teeth, fishing month dog, blade, Pipi and so on.

03, move bricks to sell No

Many games open a lot of service every day, there will be a lot of opening number. If you are lucky, draw a good fighter or equipment

You can sell them for money. You can sell them on trading cats.

For example, one game is Sanguo Zhi Strategy Edition, which can be played on computers and mobile phones. Our main opening number, save enough 1000 gold beads to 5 even lottery, lucky, draw a lot of 5-star military generals, configuration skills are good, you can hang trading cat sell opening number.

Sell a 100-300 can be, bad luck may be a few dollars and a dozen. In the long run this game of bricks will earn you pocket money.

Keep in mind that the Apple app is about three times more expensive than the Android app.

04. Game anchor

The job of game anchor is very simple, as long as you are a swim

Play lovers, you can become a game anchor. There’s no need for a real person to be on the air, so if you’re good at the game and the narration is perfect, all the better.

General anchor income, there are only two major income, one is a gift, one is advertising. According to the popularity of the advertisement, the higher the popularity of the price is more expensive, this kind of advertising

In the medium and small anchors are not, are concentrated in the big anchors.

Other income comes in the form of rewards, such as in


Live on the air, make money from the waves, for now


The percentage of the gift is quite high.

Anchor this industry is still very difficult, the income depends on the popularity, the higher the popularity, the more money, do well, can also take the game public

Division of high signing fees.

05. Open a game studio

This is more profitable, generally by the boss hired employees to operate the establishment of the studio, mainly to pay fees to help ordinary game players, gold, on behalf of training game activities.

This belongs to the gray industry, but also now the game operators hit the object, do small

It’s hard to make it big.

There are many other games that make money, such as renting game accounts, selling game tips and so on.

Above is the way I know how to make money playing games, share with you.

Share a few games to make money projects, you can do at home, also can earn more than ten thousand a month!


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