Tuyere money project, someone has done monthly income 1W , with these 4 tricks


Today I would like to share with you a hot project recently.

It’s a group buy.

Its model, not new, has been around for a long time, is Amoy, future market, peanut diary and other similar models.

But there seems to be another pattern of escalation.

At present, group buy becomes a small tuyere project.

The barrier to entry is very low, almost anyone can

In order to do.

The important thing is that it is almost zero cost, zero risk, no need to own stock, delivery.

A lot of people are already very well positioned to grab a lot of the market.

That’s speed.

But there are still opportunities for newbies.

Because a lot of people still don’t know group-buying, and a lot of people don’t know how to do group-buying.

Can I take

Let’s take a look at the more commonly used promotion methods.

First, personal micro signal, circle of friends

This is the most commonly used, when you do the Internet project, the first time, is to use their own micro signal, the circle of friends.

But a lot of people on wechat, do not have many friends.

So we usually start with relatives and friends

Friends began to introduce, promote.

Pull them in, become your seed, and then let them share.

But the effect is also the most direct.

Two, APP drainage

We used our personal wechat account to push at the beginning, but after pulling all the relatives and friends around us, we found that there was no extra

It’s growing.

It’s up to us to go outside and bring people in, so we can keep expanding Qunmaimai’s business.

The main battleground is still our personal wechat.

To the outside drainage is also to drain to the personal wechat.

Let’s say we go to

Social networking Sites

, TikTok, Quora, such a platform to drainage.

It take

Social networking Sites

For example, the top is big

Most of them are girls.

We can find some virtual resources that girls like, to attract.

For example, I give them virtual resources on parenting.

How to give it?

Search for parenting videos, graphic works, and then in the comments section, comments, there is no parenting encyclopedia video complete, kick me, free points


A lot of people see it, and they send it to you.

But you reply in the private letter, wechat, you can.

Add to wechat, come, send her resources to download the address.

The other person has to thank you, so you can tell her later, the group buy buy, talk about the advantages of the group buy buy, save money, and get commission, when

Start a side business to make money.

This is generally good for others to say, at least not very disgusted, after all, before sending her what she wants, do not do, will also politely refuse, and then let her quiet bubble net earn static lying in the circle of friends, also line.

Maybe, in the future can also transform, or buy the business you share in the circle of friends

Product, also earned a commission.

There is a small percentage, will be accepted, and will be promoted.

In fact, other apps such as TikTok can also operate in this way.

There are Second hand goods trading platform, I remember, I was doing wechat group Amazon customer, I used Second hand goods trading platform to drainage.

You just post something and say it’s free.

And at that time no

Strict, you can write wechat signals in the baby’s introduction.

In the introduction, before shooting, add wechat, ask if the thing is still there.

This can not add a lot of treasure mother powder, because the release of goods, are baby class.

Later in the introduction, it is not allowed to add micro signal, it is said that the first thing to consult before shooting is not in.

A lot of people do

I want to ask?

When we chat privately, we will guide to add wechat.

Now the Second hand goods trading platform can still be diverted.

You can try to find a more effective method.

Three, offline push.

In addition to online APP drainage, we can do offline ground push.

The ground push is actually done, the effect is very good


When we do the floor push, we can make ourselves look professional.

For example, go to Amazon to buy a group to buy a special vest.

Two or three people go out in a group to “set up a stall”, all wearing group-buying clothes.

Make some group buy buy posters, it looks very professional.

Then prepare chairs, tables, mineral water, eggs and so on

A gift.

The cost is about 1000, which can be added to 500 people a day, and almost 100 people anyway.

To the gate of the community, the learning gate, the square dance ground, the business district, the timeout gate and so on.

This is actually great for people who don’t have a lot of resources online, but if you’re thin-skinned,

I’d rather not do it.

This is relatively low cost, quick results.

And then you take those seeds, you split them, you get better results.

Four, paid promotion.

If you have a budget, don’t want to manually divert APP, don’t want to push, or idle these are very slow.

Then paid promotion, may be a good choice for you.

In fact, when the group buy just came out, there were big players, tens of millions to hit, crazy occupy the market.

For example, bidding advertising, information flow, public number and so on.

These are all rich promotion methods, the least is thousands of a day, the big day tens of thousands of advertising fees.

Of course, they’re definitely making money,

No one can do that without making money.

Some do paid promotion, directly to buy powder, these treasure mother powder, shopping powder, there is a special studio drainage, they do not transform, do not do projects.

They’re just in the business of buying fans, which means buying traffic.

Conditions, can also go to buy powder to transform.

It depends on you

The ability to transform.

If you’re good at transforming, you don’t need to drain at all.

You know, straight to the momma fan, shopping fan, like 5-7


Add one to wechat.

Ok, that’s all for today.

Tuyere money project, someone has done monthly income 1W , with these 4 tricks


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