Short video simple carry day earn 300, easy lying at home earn side project


We all know that short video is the future trend, but even if we know some of the issues, we seem to have no way to start and participate in.

Because now for video quality requirements are relatively high, and if not a few people to do it, it is actually quite difficult.

But never mind, the future of short video creation

As a platform, will make the creation more and more simple, everyone can participate in.

Today I will share with you, I recently do short video simple handling method.

No more talking, straight to the valuable.

1. No matter what we do, we need to have a content orientation. For example, if mine is doing entrepreneurship, I will go


Search for entrepreneurship, side businesses, making money, and financial intelligence.

I copied the link to the article when I found it.

2. Extract the copy in the video, that is, the words and text displayed in the video.

3 After lifting out, open the cut film. This is a


Its editing software. Here’s the picture.

Click on the text to make a picture, just mention

Take out the copy, paste it, and then take a good title, you can directly generate video.

It will automatically help you copy, image, voice, really fool mode.

4. After the video is finished, it can be sent to all revenue-generating we-media platforms. Like Toutiao, watermelon video, Kuaishou,

Quora video, etc.

I used to know a ruthless person who makes videos. After making a video, I posted more than 50 we-media platforms and earned 300 to 500 easily every day.

Behind cooked, still on the Internet, now the house and car are bought.

I mostly sent it to the YouTube myself, and I only sent five or six

“Posted a video that had been viewed 2,250 times just before 10 p.m.

Also, the other days we get at least a few hundred views, which proves that this method of making videos is feasible.

At the same time can help me drainage, open live, hang goods can make money.

The main time is very little, do a few minutes

Use a mobile phone instead of a clock, because many people don’t have a computer, or rarely use a computer, this method is particularly useful.

If you are interested in it, you can make two or three videos every day, and then send them to more than a dozen “we media” platforms. It is not a problem to make two or three hundred dollars a day.

Short video simple carry day earn 300, easy lying at home earn side project


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