Net income project: carrying watermarking course upload platform to achieve income after sleep, I have been operating for five years


I always like to study some projects that can achieve passive benefits. For example, the resource station group project shared in the previous article only needs more than ten minutes to copy and paste the resources of the same line every day. When the content of the website reaches a certain amount, it will be included by the search engine, and the content will be updated by copying and pasting every day to produce quantitative changes

Qualitative change, from a single station mirror multiple stations, so as to achieve a large number of traffic every day to visit my resource station group to pay, so as to achieve passive income every day.

Of course, the profits of such projects cannot be compared with those of short-term windfall profits, but the advantage of such projects to achieve passive profits is that they are stable and the flow of water is long

Many of the so-called profiteer projects can enter thousands of daily, but effective, can do a month is very long, belongs to the category of making fast money, a lot of friends do profiteer projects only a month a year in the project, the other 11 months looking for projects, and I share these projects belong to the regular project, now the Internet

Net is more and more standardized, only formal can long, basically the early tired of a month, the other 11 months or even a few years after can continue to produce passive income.

Therefore, today I would like to share with you the project which is a long-term, regular and stable project that can realize after-sleep income. It is the online course project, and I was the first one to operate it

The first project was in 2016. At that time, I was very fond of learning and often went to the Internet to find some Internet-related video courses. Among them, there was a website called NetEase Cloud Courses, on which I also spent some money to buy and study courses.

A single set of courses sold thousands of thousands of people, because at that time I was also doing the community, I also recorded several sets of video courses, I was wondering if I can also upload my course to sell, I did it, I also posted the video courses I had recorded before.

I didn’t sell a single set of courses very expensive, that is

I bought about 10 to 30 dollars a set, and uploaded 20 to 30 sets of video courses in a month. Later, I calculated that in that year, on average, the platform could receive about 2000 revenue per month. I found that the advantage of this project was that it could be amplified

The advantage is that there is no need to drainage, which belongs to the NetEase platform with its own traffic, and this platform will also do search engine bidding ranking through other people’s search keywords to point to our course, endorsement for his brand, proving that this platform curriculum complete content is sufficient.

So I focused on this term in ’17

Order, because I know the principle is that the more courses you pass, the greater the exposure, the greater the transaction, and the greater the revenue generated, so I specialized to record courses upload these platforms to earn income, in fact, you do not need the quality of the course, of course, there are specialized, I record too many kinds, I do not

I can record a set of 10 video courses in a day, and then the price is 9.9 or 19.9. The price is destined not to be high quality courses. After all, everyone knows that you get what you pay for, but this does not affect it

My course exposure, I use is also I do station group thinking to win, because these online course platform with traffic attributes, I through these courses a lot of keywords pile up, others search to expose out there is always a customer to match this price to buy.

I think this project is really similar to building a group, except

Single station multi transfer resources, there is a lot of station batch operation, similarly, I was wondering if there are other similar courses divided into platforms, after my search found that in addition to NetEase cloud class, there are Tencent class, Amazon education, Google transfer class (now closed), Toutiao paid column, litchi micro class, thousands

All platforms such as chat can make money by uploading courses, so I uploaded the courses of NetEase Cloud courses to the above platforms again. I remember that the monthly income of these platforms reached 2W at the peak at that time.

Maybe I just ran out of ideas and didn’t know what to take, or maybe I just got lazy,

Not so diligent to record the course, thought of opportunistic methods, to carry other people’s courses upload, or explain to you first, these platforms are as long as the original, do not carry, I was thinking about how to identify my platform this course is not carrying it, as long as I carry other people’s courses, the course did not

Watermark, in fact, it is not very good to identify whether it is my original, so do it, I went everywhere to find no watermarking courses to transport, some courses without watermarking, but the author told his contact information at the beginning of the video, I edited out this part of the upload, the results are basically passed, the most funny is a set of me

The handling course sold much more than the one I recorded myself.

Of course, I’ve moved on to other projects and stopped teaching, but I haven’t been teaching for more than two years now, but I’ve continued to generate passive income from my prequel lessons. Above is a recent NetEase Cloud course

The passive income over the last few months, even though it’s not much money, it’s nice to not have to do anything at least to keep getting money, and it’s really kind of a once-and-for-all project.

Some of my friends may think that this project is too old, that it was five or six years ago or something, but I haven’t done anything yet

It can also continue to generate profits, which is enough to prove that this is a long-term, regular, stable and sustainable operation project. If I still insist on teaching courses, the profits will be even greater. Therefore, this project can be done

“, I said these platforms all register again lecturer, and then go to find no watermarking video course upload, if you can’t find their own record, may be many friends will feel that they don’t have what level, in fact, this is not the case, the so-called lecturers on these platforms in fact many are not what level, if you will not record

You can go to copy others, the so-called copy is to read other people’s courses, in their own voice narrative record again can, these courses are basically recorded computer desktop operation, do not need their own reality, their own good draft to record on the line, but the early recording a little trouble to spend time outside, once recorded

Easy to upload. It’s basically just lying for profit.

Net income project: carrying watermarking course upload platform to achieve income after sleep, I have been operating for five years


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