The headline annual revenue of millions of projects, many cost only a few dollars


Many fans read yesterday’s article to talk to me privately, said that this idea is good, worth learning from, the central idea is to download some materials package, sell to people in need, to make money, a lot of products, we in a scene, found that the price can sell N times the original, such as we used to do e-commerce, spell

Duoda goods, Amazon goods, Tmall goods, price level positioning are different, only the e-commerce merchants know, in fact, the source of the channel is a merchant, such things can be seen in many places, but we did not extend to see, did not dig its essence, today we are sharing a very cattle project


Above this kind of virtual products, I believe that everyone is not strange, brush fast


When, must have seen, the content is a project or product case, thinking and so on, such data in the fight more only need a few dollars of cost, are less than ten


If we use the idea of the last article, turn

Can we sell these materials at a high price if they are processed and packaged? If you’re making $100,000 a year in Pinjoduo, that’s a hell of a lot, if you change the scene and move it to headline or


I’m sure we can make a million a year. Let’s see how the headlines sell.

I don’t know if you saw this, but it’s the same thing

There is no difference, just after processing, packaging, change the scene, can be sold at a high price. I’m trying to make more of you


For money you can buy 1000 cases, in the headlines you can buy 199 cases for 99, one case only costs 2


Money. There is no agreement on whether these cases are useful or not

The answer, mainly depends on what people, who understand the value of these things are treasure, don’t understand the people think these things are garbage, must be given to people who need, can understand the people.

There are people who might disagree with me, who don’t even look at these things, who think these things are off the street,


Go through a bunch of who

Will they need it? But now the problem is that some people are making millions of dollars a year from these garbage bubbles. You can check the sales and unit prices of the headline column above and figure out how much you make; A lot of virtual products, not this thing is not valuable, but we have not found its value where? We didn’t let the play really

Value, not the use of things;

My recent research project, the above case is also one of the categories, the idea is to find


The above sales volume is relatively high, the transformation of virtual products is relatively good, after reprocessing, combination and packaging, and then create a virtual product automatic transaction system, similar to the official document project

All right, let’s see if anyone’s paying. We’re not


It is not the headlines, but sales in the wechat scene. Traffic acquisition is also obtained by means of the we-media platform, and then diverted to our content system for transaction.

Let’s see


There are people up there using these cases to film operations

Short video account, and then through the course, community, and other ways to cash out, such a model bubble net income we can also learn from, find the demand of users, and finally achieve the purpose of making money, no matter how small the demand, as long as you can find this group of people, you can make money, any seemingly simple project

Could make you a million a year.

Most of us, including me, have always wanted to do something big and comprehensive, and have ignored the small and fine vertical segments. I am now working on the niche areas, choosing the small needs that ordinary people in life despise or don’t want to work on, and making money with the virtual automation we have developed

Money system quickly build the system to test, failed again for another test, successful amplification operation, a year to develop five or six is enough, the test is successful, let many partners follow to earn a little money, not to say a million a year, let some people into tens of thousands of a month, or through the sideline can add thousands of extra


The income is enough

I hope you can earn money through me. This is what I have always wanted to do. I thank many fans and partners for their support and attention

People who have the ability to have ideas can make money through my sharing!

The headline annual revenue of millions of projects, many cost only a few dollars


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