Dream westward mobile tour money project, basics can


Today I would like to share with you a small project of moving bricks, many people should have a certain obsession for games to make money, thinking of playing games to make money.

There are also a lot of studios out of some games to make money projects, etc., in fact, the game gold is really more tired, more helpless pain, even with software, a day

A few dozen at most.

They are too busy to do, throw away labor, electricity, and earn almost out of proportion to pay.

It’s too tiring to make money simply by farming gold.

Today, I will tell you about some small skills to make money from fantasy western mobile games. I haven’t played the game for several years. I don’t know what the situation is, in fact, I feel any game

Mobile games make more money than mobile games.

But there is no way, now play mobile games mostly.

My approach, in fact, is suitable for any game. Let’s take the fantasy journey to the West for example. If the method works, it works.

For starters, especially non-monetising civilian players, like Fantasy Westward Journey, most of them are just like any other game,

Do the daily tasks, then the more advanced tasks do nothing.

The whole process is basically hanging up, playing fantasy I feel are equipped with good equipment or team, the other is hanging up to chat.

We can create our own gang, many players are recommended by the system to join the gang, if the gang is not large, every day

You get vitality by doing your daily routine, which is called out to the world, which means the whole district can see your message.

By the way, it’s best to choose female characters when choosing characters. We all know that female characters are more popular in any game, even if they are chatting with others

Find a gang full of women.

This is a method of the gang to pull people, pull people, or in the form of chat can pull them all to the wechat group, what convenient team ah and so on.

And once it’s in the group, here’s a couple of easy ways to do it

The first thing to do is to let people know that you are a multi-player. One man has a lot of numbers because

You can transfer gold coins for this game. Gold coins can buy everything in Fantasy Journey to the West.

More open is to turn gold, every day occasionally send you more open appearance, interested is sure to find you to buy.

As for where the script comes from, there are many studios in the game, often pay attention to the news, or the leaderboard, will see

To some.

Find those studios, you can buy a hang up script, monthly card, annual card and so on, you can buy a monthly card, and then go to a treasure to find someone to develop a software, and then you can sell unlimited.

If you don’t want to find someone to develop, you can earn the middleman price difference. But the profits are definitely not that big.

Such as

If their own customized script can also take some hosting tasks, many of the so-called boss in the game, no time to hang the game, find someone to do daily.

The most basic 300 monthly contract, every day is a simple daily routine, at most 1 hour is finished. If you have a script, you’re basically hanging up the whole time.

Real brick moving

I’m too tired to make money as fast as service.

This is a price of scripts sold by others. Those who want to buy scripts will basically open more scripts, and 5 numbers will be counted as a group of numbers. Even if you buy the lowest monthly card, buying 5 cards will be 190


. And these are super high renewal rates.

Don’t worry about people using it for a month. Play this game

The basic play will be played for a long time, not to play next will not play, not to mention he still bought the script, more obsessed.

A client script alone will provide you with 190 per month


. It’s really easy to get 100 clients. No problem, 10,000 to 20,000 dollars a month. If customers open more numbers, we’ll earn more.

Sell the foot

Ben, sell hosting. It’s the easiest, no-brainer type that doesn’t require any knowledge of the game market. A man can do it.

Is to register the dream westward journey game number to create gangs, pull people is done, the game has many areas, the general new area is more fire, the old area, you can look for which fire. But still push

It is better to recommend the new district.

One is to create a gang to attract people, the other is to make others more trust.

Such as operation for a period of time, familiar with the game, familiar with the game market, can resell the game account, are agreed by both sides, so it is formal.

Can be an intermediary to pour, can be collected to sell, directly earn the difference

Fantasy westward journey this game, there is never a shortage of bosses, tens of thousands of people in the rush, some people do not want to play, or want to change the area, will choose to sell.

Although this game has a treasure store, but some rich or too much trouble will choose to find someone to sell, simple and straightforward.

And then when you are small scale

Like I said, we sell what we make.

A 2,980, nice. Can you make money? Sure. Can I get my money back? Even if you don’t know anything else, you can make money just doing what I say.

The biggest highlight of the project is that as I said at the beginning, a lot of people want to play the game and make money, let alone for

The game of sex.

Playing games at the same time, you can also record the screen upload the major video platform, if you know a little bit about the game, with some explanation, happy.

This game I watched the bubble net to earn related videos, are said that novices choose what school, how to turn gold, such videos to see more.

Video to find peers, imitation on the line

Yeah, he says something, you record it yourself, and then you say something.

No matter in the game drainage or video platform drainage, guide wechat or group said can send gold tips, tips where to come?

All the major video platforms have explanations, if not, they also explain the group or leave wechat, add them to see them

Let’s play the way we play.

Moving bricks is very bitter, intermediary, selling services is very beautiful. Any game feels so, do intermediary selling services is the so-called empty hand to get white Wolf.

If that sounds like a bad idea, let’s use another word: self-made

About fantasy westward journey or other games, doing services to make money is still very

A lot more. Just get started and find out for yourself.

That’s it for today. Let’s see!

Dream westward mobile tour money project, basics can


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