How to operate the trading platform project? Newbie operation trading platform project can also earn 300 a day


Today I would like to share with you a project of Second hand goods trading platform. Second hand goods trading platform is really a magical place, and some of the things sold are also strange. And today I would like to talk about (imitation antique) art items such as: vases from various dynasties, pen holders, copper coins, and calligraphy and painting by famous artists and other ancient items, such as Second hand goods trading platform

Lots of things that look good (old, well kept, collectible). Just now in the Second hand goods trading platform search, found that there are a lot of people want.

I feel very interesting. Some things are really beautiful. I want to buy some to play with.

1. Sales Volume

Look through a few, see today’s are there

Sales, screenshots of a few can see.

The funniest thing is, as you can see, they sold two identical ones, and I don’t know what these guys would think.

It sells several pieces a day, paintings, jars, Buddhas, and so on. The main thing is that this kind of stuff is not low profit, such as the “craft” price and sell

The price has been doubled several times. Now let’s look at the supply

2. Supply of goods

Now such a source, usually go to a treasure or a certain night search, can find a lot of. Most of them cost more than ten dollars and look very beautiful. I have to admire the wisdom of the ancients.

3. Profit

And as we can see up here, these go into

The price of the goods is more than ten dollars, turn to the Second hand goods trading platform to sell, sell 40 to 50, a single profit of 30 to 40, or even more. A month down an account can also earn four or five thousand, if more than one account to operate, monthly income is still able to do it. In fact, this kind of item due to its own scarce attributes, non-reference, encounter

Like, the high price will be someone will buy.

4. Methods and skills

If you are careful, you will find that many products are marked with some keywords: “go to the countryside to buy large families”, “ancestral house demolition”, “I do not know whether it is true or not” and so on.

The goal is to increase the conversion rate and avoid risk

. Because in everyone’s subconscious want to pick up, and the countryside, old house and other places, encounter old antiques is not strange. So attaching these keywords may increase the conversion rate.

They also write “not sure if it’s true” in the introduction just in case there’s any trouble. I don’t know if it’s true. After all now

In the bubble net to earn a lot of professional fake, fake a pay three, if not so written, it is estimated that the last have to pay dead. Also remember to write down the size of the item, maybe they will use that as a reference. So when uploading products, refer to the peers who sell well, and see what their titles and product descriptions say


There are two reasons for this

1: To avoid risks, to prevent the buyer from making trouble behind, all said that I do not know whether it is true or not (so even if it is false, it is not my fault)

2: Increase credibility

If it’s a real antique, it’s a few dozen or two hundred bucks? Usually people with a little brain, will have this question. But if you add”

I don’t know whether it’s true or not, so I only dare to sell one or two hundred. That makes sense (most people have a mental journey). Some people may think that the seller is a fool, but they picked up the bargain and bought it. After all, now people are estimated to be a pick up the heart, even if not, as long as they like

, dozens of dollars to buy play is also very good. Holding a hobby will not care about dozens of dollars.

This is a very simple project, novice

A novice

Can also operate, do not stock up, do a porter on the line, there is a single to shoot. Get 3 or 4 accounts to operate, can also earn 300-400 a day, a month next

That’s more than a lot of people make. The most important is that a lot of work touch fish friends, but also when the sideline to operate.

How to operate the trading platform project? Newbie operation trading platform project can also earn 300 a day


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